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Victorious Success Of 120 City Tour In Nepal

Ek Nath Dhakal
December 1, 2006

To: Dr. Christopher Kim, Dr. Mrs. Julia Kim, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Kittel, Mr. Jack Corley, Mr. Jim Flynn
From : Ek Nath Dhakal, National Leader of Nepal.
Sub: Victoriously completed 120 city tour in Nepal

Dear Respected Top Leaders,

Greetings from Nepal.

Thank you very much for your all supports and prayers. This is my honor to report you all that 120 city tour is successfully completed in Nepal. Actually we conducted 123 events nationwide. Through this event great revolution has came in Nepal and that revolution will lead our nation to build continuous foundation for CIG. In spite of few difficulties (encountered and debate with Maoist in some remote cities ) overall program was conducted according to given schedule with high level participants. I am also grateful to the Home Ministry, government of Nepal because of their official letter to all 75 district chief district officer mentioned the purpose of the event and their cooperation for the success. We did not gather people in easy way but we truly invited the leaders from local government, religion, politics, media, NGOs and civic society . Therefore most of the places our participants were not just simple people but leaders who represented thousands of people in their communities. Another important point is, all of our newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace are very capable and influential leaders in the society. We fully cooperate with local government to select the awardees.

We mobilized dozens of Nepalese Ambassadors for Peace and send them various cities in Nepal. With full confident and alignment they declared the peace message on behalf of TP. During the stay of US Ambassadors of Peace in Nepal, we conducted about 15 event with them. All of them truly poured their whole heart and testified True Parents with out any reservation in their heart. Nepalese members who were mobilized through out the nation could build confident and over come different challenge in their life. Now their faith is stronger than before and their ability is becoming better. Yes, it is not easy to mobilize resources in the country like Nepal, but by the hard work of all leaders and members we make it possible. Now we build the foundation every corner in Nepal. Whenever we visit somebody there to welcome. We now started to know the meaning of the peace tour initiated and pioneered by our beloved True Parents and True Family.

We are ready to take any responsibility in the providence.

About 4 Million population country Nepal with about 2000 Ambassadors for Peace and hundreds of young dynamic unification members have great hope in the God's providence. She will fulfill her role and will give joy and beauty to God and True Parents.

Details report will be follow soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Ek Nath Dhakal
National Leader

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