The Words of the Daramy Family

Testimony to Heung Jin Moon

Mata Daramy
May 1987

A spontaneous connection of heart between East and West.

After Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa ceremony I began receiving revelations from him. I was fortunate to have a chance to go to Korea in 1984 with the IFVOC. I received revelations throughout 1984 right up to 1986, but it was suggested that I not mention them until a few years had passed, so I would know if they were true or not.

In November 1986 I communicated with Heung Jin Nim frequently and he said he wanted me to go to Korea. So I just left my apartment and all my belongings and went to Korea. I wasn't sure exactly what he wanted me to do, but I knew that he wanted me there.

After being in Korea for a few weeks, Heung Jin Nim led me through a Korean man to an old halmoni, a grandmother who has been in the church for 30 years. She's a very powerful spiritual lady. She already dreamt the night before I met her that I was going to stay at her house, so she was preparing to receive me. As soon as I arrived, we started to do intense prayer conditions like I've never done in my life -- two hours, three hours long.

Whenever she began to pray she would open up to the highest spirit world so Heung Jin Nim could come straight down. There were no barriers. As she was praying I started receiving revelations. After three days of receiving revelations we both realized that Heung Jin Nim really wanted me to stay there. We didn't know for how long, but we knew he didn't want me to leave the room where I was living, because I was not to be influenced by any other spirit world.

Completing Intense Conditions

So from November through January 3, 1987, we made very intense prayer conditions, fasting conditions, and cold shower conditions. And whenever my halmoni and I prayed, we received revelation upon revelation. Heung Jin Nim just couldn't speak enough, he had so many words to say. He said he wanted us to offer the first three years after his Seunghwa ceremony to God, so that Satan could see that the Unification Church members were serious about the offering of Lord Heung Jin Nim.

This meant that the first three years were a conditional offering. We had to offer Lord Heung Jin Nim to the spirit world, to God. His life was an offering -- he gave his life for the sake of the sins of the world, for the sake of the prolongation of the Messiah's mission. Therefore, we had to offer these three years. This was extremely important, but we had not known it. Yet he knew it and Father knew it, so it was our responsibility to find out. That's why Heung Jin Nim desperately wanted me in Korea, so that we could make this special offering.

Eventually the revelations received through the grandmother were given to the leadership, and certain conditions were made. But we still felt that what we did wasn't enough, because Heung Jin Nim actually wanted the whole Unification Church and the world to make conditions. We felt deeply responsible, so we did more conditions on top of that, in order for Heavenly Father and Lord Heung Jin Nim to come down to earth. This was also part of the offering of the three years.

Forty days after Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa ceremony, Father blessed him to Hoon Sook Nim. So we were also to celebrate the three years after his Blessing. We had another special offering prayer for that, and we visited his tomb quite frequently. Because we could complete these conditions successfully, Heung Jin Nim told us that Heavenly Father accepted all the conditions we had made over that period of time. Therefore, he said, the next dispensation could begin, which was his availability to reach the brothers and sisters.

Somehow, it just so happened that the 10th ICC took place upon the completion of all these conditions. And Jesus and Heung Jin Nim were waiting for the ministers. Heung Jin Nim had prepared everybody in the ICC. We just shared a few words with them, talked about a few revelations, and the ministers just carried on. A pentecost took place. It was just amazing.

Heung Jin Nim and Jesus can now walk on the earth concretely. Every- body can have experiences with him -- not just one or two spiritually open people. Anybody, everybody, can have experiences, even non-members.

When I came to America I was worried because I was thinking, "Is Heung Jin Nim going to be here, or am I going to be battling through layers of spirit world trying to reach him?" But he is here completely, in this building [the World Mission Center], working, and allowing for the most incredible rebirth experiences. Some couples have been reconciled, and many unbelievable things have been happening.

Heung Jin Nim's signature received through a medium.

Spiritual dictation received from Heung Jin Nim through Mata Daramy

March 10, 1987, 12:00 a.m.
New York City

Know that many brothers and sisters are waiting for me to come and guide them. I know how sad and difficult their path has been, how long they have yearned for the Parents' love, how long they have wanted to be free from internal pain.

I, Heung Jin Nim, have come as your friend to bring you joy and happiness. I have come to tell you that Heavenly Father has not forgotten the sacrifice you made for True Parents. I have come to tell you that even though you may think, "How can God use me anymore?" God has forgiven you, and He is giving everybody a chance to start again. Satan has already stricken, and so you can get up and go.

I was in America, and I saw what your difficulties were. I wanted so much to share the deep love of the True Parents with you at that time, but your hearts were not ready to receive me. Now you can receive me directly.

I have no barriers to come to you.

May the grace and love of Jesus and myself be with you always.


March 10, 1987, 5:30 a.m.
New York City

True Father has asked of you many things. For years Father has been trying to push you forward to fulfill the great task for God. His tears were so many because he should have been relating such commands to the first generation, his own contemporaries, but he could not. Established Christianity failed to recognize the Messiah in Father, and because of that, the course was extended. So without much explanation, with your own faith you had to take on the responsibilities of your own physical parents.

Now through my own ascension into heaven, I can open a big door of unity -- the unity between the three brothers (Christianity, Judaism, and the Unification Church) that should have taken place before Father was 40 years old. So True Father himself knows your pain. Imagine the burden of disappointment that he was carrying for God! Heavenly Father was so sad because of all the thousands of years of preparation that led up to the birth of the Second Advent had been invaded, because man could not see from God's viewpoint. People could not understand how to change their opinions, and were even afraid to ask God about His True Son, in case it was true that Father was the Messiah.

When you see other ministers now finally beginning to realize the authenticity of the Son of God in True Father, when they publically repent for their misunderstanding and misinformation, then you must be of course grateful to God, but on the other hand, you must know that these very people had been prepared even before your birth, as the first generation to receive the Lord of the Second Advent.

I am now working directly with the ICC, and I want your prayers collectively to support this movement. True Parents want to achieve a great goal before the year is out, and I as their son want to help them. I want to give them all my support and love. That is why I am coming to you with so much desperation.

When the Unification members of this nation realize that they have a close friend in me, someone who is always there for them in whatever situation they may be in, then an enormous revolution of heart will take place once more. A deeper relationship will be ignited with True Parents, and the movement will jump up to a higher level. When they realize that not only I, but Lord Jesus and indeed all the prophets, saints, sages, and righteous people of faith of all the different religions are right behind them, then they, through their five percent responsibility, will receive the greatest energy from Heaven.

Still an important mission of heart is needed from you people. I, as the son of the True Parents' womb, now proclaimed as the Son of God, want to be the bridge between yourselves and my True Brothers and Sisters. Because they belong substantially to another lineage (and you in your daily lives are trying to graft yourself onto them) then it may not be easy for you to understand their hearts. Therefore, through your prayers ask Heavenly Father to show you the hearts of the True Family, so that you may understand them, so that you may support them more.

Why is this important to them? Because they are the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven, and through that perfected lineage, God's generations can be established for the first time in history. God Himself can finally say He is glad He created man!

Do not just look at yourself in an individual way; beyond you are countless billions of spirit men waiting to assist you in this dispensation. It is not important that you see them with your physical eyes, but it is important that you recognize their presence and give them a chance for restoration.

As soon as New York will belong to God, this nation can be easily claimed again by God. All the immense problems that pervade the society will be erased, and many people who never dreamt they would ever lead a religious life will be changed. Their lives will change as drastically as yours did in meeting the Messiah, and your own lives will be transformed.

Seek for such a rebirth! Seek to be cleansed and purified. Seek to be the channel through whom God, True Parents, Jesus, and I can work. You know that Father and Mother love you and want you to receive the love of God directly, but Satan still exists and your lineage is soiled, so therefore you have to make the condition for Heavenly Father to fill Himself within you.

So my brethren, have faith! Let love shine out from your hearts.

God bless you all.


March 13, 1987, 12:40
New York City

America is a country that God is most concerned about. You already have been involved in many activities and projects. My blood that has been shed in this land can already be used to purify the land. But you people, you Unificationists, must now remember that you can claim that victory, you can be cleansed, you can be washed clean from all your sins. And indeed the sin of this nation can be taken away through the blood that was shed. You must, however, believe in me. You know that True Parents have ordained me with a glorious mission. I only want to share the love from both Heavenly Father and True Parents with you all.

Throughout America many brothers and sisters can have their lives transformed. They could be new people. Shed your old skins, throw away your old garments, and put on your armor of truth. Jesus and I are giving you this armor for free, but you are so suspicious of us. I only request that you unite with us, Jesus and myself. We want so much to help you, so that you can support True Parents more, and in so doing you will be bringing the greatest joy to God. Why do you hesitate, why do you doubt? We, Jesus and I, want so much not just to liberate you, but to liberate all of mankind and all of the spirit world. Your brothers and sisters in the spirit world, those who have been following True Parents, want so much for you to make the most of your own life on this earth.

My brethren, let me guide you. I will never deceive or lead you astray. I will never do any- thing to hurt you. I want you, however, to grow and mature and become parents that can also be ignited with the love of God. Americans are behaving like children when they should be taking responsibility for the whole world. You know that God prepared America, a land full of milk and honey. America must grow up spiritually. When you members make that renewed commitment, then the foundation can be laid to reach many people who will be able to respect you much more.

Some of you are afraid to approach those of high social standing, but you don't need to fear, because in the spirit world these people will lose such titles if they do not relate to the King of Kings. So spiritually you have a higher standard; you should feel confident. You are Abel to those people, especially now that Jesus and I are working directly with you.

So, therefore, you people here, let's go! Let's be determined to build the Kingdom of Heaven. You see, America must unite with Korea. It's important. Lucifer must humble himself before Adam. Externally Korea is a poorer nation, but internally very rich. A little bit of America must go to Korea, and a little bit of Korea to America.

Be grateful, you people of America. Father and Mother have invested so much love and time with you. Look at the missionaries. Many have suffered for the sake of God, True Parents, and mankind, and some spent no time at all with True Parents.

Be grateful, and give more energy to such brothers and sisters, some of whom even gave their lives. I will come to those that want to develop a relationship with me.

God bless you. 

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