The Words of the Claasen Family

True Mother Saves Me

Wilhelmina Claasen
September 1987
South Africa

I dreamed that the police came to my home one night and took me away to prison. I was surprised, shocked, and horrified. When I asked on what grounds they were arresting me and what the charge was, they said I'd find out later. Before I could believe what was happening, I was locked up in a small, barren, barred cell. I was desperate to be released, and after a few days that seemed like centuries, I was taken up to the court for my trial.

As I stood in the dock [the place where a prisoner stands during trial], I saw lots of people on my left yelling that I was an adulteress. I was very upset at this and began crying, because I couldn't understand why they were accusing me like that. There was no witness to defend me and so my case was adjourned to a later date. While the courtroom was emptying, a policeman suddenly came in from the right, shouting, "Stop! Hold it! A witness has come who says that she is Wilhelmina Claasen's mother"

I felt so surprised to hear that, and as I looked I saw True Mother enter from the right, all dressed in white with a veil over her face. She went and stood in the witness box. She said that I was her daughter, that she knew me very well, even since before I was born, and that I wasn't an adulteress at all.

I was so amazed by her testimony. I cried and cried while Mother defended me and vindicated me before the court and all my accusers.

Then I left the court with True Mother, still crying, while she held and supported me. I was overwhelmed. Through her concern and love I was freed from death and the darkness of prison and was able to enter into the light outside to begin a new life, freed from guilt and Satan's accusations.

I had this dream soon after I accepted and believed in True Parents in 1976. I began to understand my dream only when I realized that we are all fallen Eves and Adams, and that since we are descended from these original parents, we are all, in essence, adulterers and guilty of sin.

I deeply realized that we could be freed from original sin only by being recognized as True Parents' child and experiencing rebirth through their love. 

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