The Words of the ChungTo Family

A Presidential Approach

Jessica ChungTo
June 2011
President of WFWP-Mauritius

Mrs. ChungTo arranged for the president of Singapore to meet expatriate Singaporeans in Mauritius. Her husband Marc is standing fourth from the right.

Three weeks before his arrival, I read in the papers that the Mauritian government had invited the president of Singapore to visit Mauritius. Being a Singaporean married to a Mauritian and having lived here for the past twenty years, I deeply felt that I had to meet President Sellapan Ramanathan Nathan and give him Father's autobiography. How was I to do this, though, bearing in mind his tight schedule?

Would it be possible or not? I had many thoughts, both hopeful and fearful ones, that it might be possible. I did not get much sleep.... I was making spiritual conditions. What our international president, Rev. Hyung-jin Moon, said about sincerity had touched my heart, and my desire to give this precious book to the president gave me faith and also courage to take action.

The president had made no plans to meet the Singaporeans living in Mauritius, who are very few in number. Yet recognizing how important his position is and his importance to the Singapore providence, I wanted to meet him.

Monsignor Maurice Piat heads the Catholic Church in Mauritius, 23 percent of whose 1.3 million people are Roman Catholic.

Knowing also that a Singaporean had recently become CEO of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Mauritius, I prayed for courage to meet her at her office, taking with me a copy of True Father's book. Her secretary arranged a date and I met the CEO on behalf of the Women's Federation for World Peace a week before the president was to arrive. I asked her if members of the Singaporean community could meet the president when he comes, even just to welcome him with a handshake at his hotel or at the airport.

She said she would check with Singapore, but that it might not be possible as he would be very busy. I offered her the book and left, not knowing how she would react to True Father's autobiography. I think we should always grab whatever opportunity we have to reach out, because there may not be the chance to meet again. I say to myself, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done; Que sera sera.

For a week no communication came from her. Then, the day before the president was to arrive (June 4) I received a call from her in the late afternoon asking me to contact everyone in the Singaporean community because the president would be inviting us all to lunch on the last day of his visit, June 7.

That day, we collectively offered him a model ship as a gift, and I took the opportunity to offer him the precious autobiography. He accepted the book gladly.

I always pray that all those who receive True Father's book will read it sincerely and deeply understand Father's ideas and vision and work hand in hand to make Cheon Il Guk a reality in every family, society and nation. 

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