The Words of the Burt Family

Foundation Day Holy Wine Testimony: A Pastors Journey

Peter Martin Burt
February 18, 2013

Wow, Jean-François has given us the sacred Foundation Day Holy wine to multiply and give to all our families! That was at a meeting and blessing ceremony we did in Vannes city center. There were two couples to receive the blessing, in the city from where so much persecution had come in France. So we had a small breakthrough! Also for the Brittany Community it was the first time ever that such an event occurred.

Multiplying the wine we carefully chose a good Bordeaux wine, and mixed 4:1 in volume. So, where to? Brittany has its members scattered around an area bigger than many small countries. We went first to a family some 50 minutes' drive via expressway. To represent True Parents and give the Holy Wine was so special!

Then to see the family M, who lived some 4 hours' drive away. There several families had gathered for the ceremony. One family was not there and had asked us to come to them, the father had recently had a heart attack. So we drove for another 2 hours to see that family. The next day off again back home some 300 kms.

We were planning a meeting in the home of the family D with all the other members, but the day before, one mother phoned us to ask us to come to their home in Fougeres. I thought such a long way, over 280 kms of so. She wanted her children to receive the Holy Wine, he would not come to the meeting that weekend but was ready to take it at his home. In fact 2 of her children took the wine. To save one person, if he be ready, needs sometimes a lot of sacrifice and effort.

The next day we drove from the North to the South of. Brittany, some 200 kms to Grand Champ for the family B. The father wanted for us to give the wine to his daughters, and much to his surprise they came to the ceremony. Then in the afternoon we drove to Nantes to see an older blessed wife, but we were unable to give her the wine then. Thanks to the GPS, we got back from Nantes that evening to stay with Hilde in Vannes.

When the sun rose the next morning everything was covered by a thick white frost. Fortunately Sarzeau was only about 40 minutes past Vannes to the sea. All the other families came together there and we had a beautiful little ceremony. While looking at one of the members I felt an almost overwhelming joy burst through me. We stayed together for the rest of the day in harmony and love, dispersing slowly to our home as evening approached. So another 270 kms to go home.

There are still one or two couples and members who have not had the wine. So far 2 couples have rejected the offer. But there are others that somehow in the scant days ahead we have to find a solution. 

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