The Words of the Burt Family

Easy To Judge: The Sign of the Times

Peter Martin Burt
September 16, 2012

This is the Fallen World we live in, and we have inherited generations and generations of what is called Fallen Nature. This all comes from that act made by the first ancestors know as the Original Sin. No one even if they worked for a thousand years can clear it up, but we don't live that long. So we have a big problem, how to be free? God's pain is too overwhelming and our debt too immense.

We need help! We have never seen a true person to have the example of how to live and love, only the archangel education and way of life. So a true human being must come to show us and lay the base to re-create us to become true people. He himself alone cannot do that, he needs a true woman to become his bride and engender us as a new family, removing the Original Sin. The rest is our responsibility and can be cleared up if we lay the conditions of Absolute Love, Absolute Faith and Absolute Obedience, which require our whole effort.

The Messiah came for that: to resolve God's pain and free us. The Messiah's Coming is the one crucial event of history, it is only onetime and never again. It is the time when evil is being overcome. Not by material force, economic power or religious fanaticism. The door, the way and the light is True Love.

Easy to judge you know, we have been taught to do through our archangelic education, peer pressure and fallen inheritance. This is accusation, the same as Lucifer did, is saying You did this and so you are the one responsible, not I!! For this accusation, we are saying that I am not wrong, it is You, You are wrong, You are to blame not I, You made the mistake not I, You transgressed the Law not I. You should be the example of goodness, not I. This attitude of I, I, I, is that which caused the Fall, the Fallen Nature and centuries of cruelty, savagery, oppression, slavery, hatred and murder.

So what did the Messiah say? It is not us who give value to ourselves, but it is others who give us value. It is not the other who is to blame, first look at yourself. It needs courage to do that as we open ourselves to others and what we fear they could do. One real reason to be strong, in faith and in ability. 

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