The Words of the Bliksas Family

Inspiration from Heavenly Father: Give Everything Heavenly Value

Joelle Bliksas
July 22, 1989

My daughter,

There is a detail of spiritual life that you touched a few days ago which is very important: It is to daily, do at least one act of love -- goodness, generosity, pure unselfishness -- for someone else. You must put an absolute value on each act, for it represents an act of pure gold. Every day choose a new person to whom you wish to give an absolute drop of specific love. This act represents the love in you that is growing for all mankind, because each person you choose represents an entire category of individuals.

For example, when you wrote to your mother, this represented a deed of love for the mothers of the whole world throughout history; writing to your friend was like an act of love for all the lonely people who are suffering from depression and desolation. When you photocopied that medical article from the newspaper and mailed it to another friend, you essentially sent it to all people who are suffering from sickness; by calling the person who asked you a question about spiritual life, you helped all the people who are looking for me without having all the right elements, and so on.

Each person is special and has great value both individually and as a representative of all others in similar situations. If you have the right attitude, by saving one, you save them all; by loving one, you love all the people in that same sphere. This is what True Parents did, and this is how you elevate and connect your spirit to all mankind, because obviously you cannot physically take care of the millions of human beings living on earth and in the spiritual world. But, in this way, you can do it symbolically, even linking your act to the liberation of the spiritual world. By doing so, you can save the world even if you are only staying in your house, as mothers with young children must often remain at home. The way you think can impart a higher value to any act and accomplish a greater work than some people who are externally more active. Do you understand? This is an important point in your life of faith, and I want you to practice it seriously.

My daughter, I am with you all the time, and I am happy that you come to me because I also need specific acts of love directed to me. Seek for what you can do for me and me alone, as an act of love from you to me, and offer it to me with all your sincerity. I'll accept it and transform it into a pearl of gold. 

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