The Words of the Black Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni]

From Haran to Canaan

August 1988

(Black) Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni] Jin Nim's remarks to the brothers and sisters participating in this recent 21-day conference have significant meaning for all of us since we are each embarked on our own journey from Haran to Canaan.

(Black) Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni] prays:

Our most beloved Heavenly Father, man is now living within a realm surrounded by Your truth, love, and beauty. Therefore I pray, especially now, that this 21-day conference may bear fruit throughout this whole area of the world. May this conference represent the shortest course from Egypt to Israel, which was the original plan of Moses, and may this 21- day conference totally reflect Jacob's victorious course.

I pray that these second selves and chosen ones, who have joined this 21-Day Jacob's Course Conference, can truly understand Your heart and the heart of True Parents. I pray that they can grasp whatever they hear in the Divine Principle with their hearts and with their original minds, and relate to it in a more substantial way. Heavenly Father, let the Word be seen within them, and let them be the Word.

The Word that has been given to these second selves and chosen ones is all they need to reach perfection, if that is truly their desire. Therefore, it is also all they need to establish the Kingdom of Heaven within their hearts and within their original minds as ideal individuals. From that point, they can come up to the family level and have dominion over all things.

After these second selves and chosen ones have returned to their own countries, may this day and this 21-day conference live forever in their original hearts and minds.

I Heung Jin, offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents.


Opening Talk at a 21-day Jacob's Course Conference

You are now embarking on a 21-day course like Jacob's. Do you know where you are coming from and where you are headed? Jacob had to go from Haran to Canaan. For you, Canaan is your original mind and original heart.

Do you think you have already arrived in Canaan in your heart? If you take the Word that True Parents have given you and apply yourself in this 21-day conference, you will shorten your course of restoration here on earth. Can you do that? Can you promise that and commit yourself?

You should try to shorten the time needed to educate yourselves. I always tell people that they don't need to go through lengthy training programs. The Word of God has been here on earth for a long time. So on that foundation, it is just a matter of a person taking the Word and living it. In no time at all, you can grow from the formation stage through the growth and completion stages until you become an ideal person. There is no need for you to search for greater truth. Ideal human values from God are already in man, despite man's fallen state.

Why wasn't Moses able to lead the chosen people on the short, 21-day route from Egypt to Israel? It was because the Israelites had no idea of their value. They did not know themselves. They were far away from God, so God told Moses they would have to take the long way. They were not qualified to take the short way.

If you have the qualification to take the short route towards your perfection, then you can become perfect quickly. To take the short route, you have to understand God and see yourself in God. The Word of God has to be deeply rooted in you; then you can grow through the three stages quickly and go v here God wants you to go.

The Outcome Depends on You

So I want all of you, in these next 21 days, to take the short route. If you take the long route, it will be based on your decision. Even though God has allowed you to follow this 21-day course, the outcome will depend on your decision -- on how much you are responsible and how much you will be able to understand God within yourselves. That is your portion of responsibility.

When God originally told Moses to take the people on the 21-day course to Canaan, God had already accomplished 100 percent of His own portion of responsibility. He was merely anticipating the fulfillment of the Israelites' portion of responsibility. Thus we can say that God's portion of responsibility, declaring the start of the 21-day course, plus the Israelites' portion of responsibility, uniting with Moses, equals the fulfillment of God's will.

Up until now, few people have ever come close to understanding the meaning of the True Parents' 21-year course. Most people did not understand at all. But to understand this course, I asked Moses what the meaning of the Israelites' 21- day course was from the viewpoint of the spiritual world. That is why I can explain it to you. No one had previously been able to explain the meaning of Moses' 21-day course. But I understand it now, and you also have to understand.

You have committed yourselves to these 21 days. You know the meaning of this course; therefore, you have to be responsible to keep your commitment. You agreed to go the whole course. So are you going to live up to your commitment or will we find you "doing your own thing"? If you never seriously commit yourselves, you will become irresponsible and lose your value. How can you hope to become perfect if you cannot demonstrate the commitment and responsibility God is looking for in these 21 days?

When God's portion of responsibility is added to your own portion of responsibility, the result is the fulfillment of God's will in yourself. Then what value would you have? You would have God's value. You just have to understand yourself in a very simple way during these 21 days -- to see yourself in God and to see God in yourself.

Conquer the Evil Mind

Moses had to lead the people on the long wilderness route. Do you want to go that way? Do you want to., be constantly burned by the desert sun? Surely, when God told the Israelites that the Promised Land was flowing with milk and honey, He meant that the 21-day journey was a short course. Did they find milk and honey when they became irresponsible? No. They complained to Moses about the food, so Moses had to give them manna and quail. At what point did the Israelites deviate? When did they lose their qualification to follow the 21-day course? It was when they began to complain that they disobeyed God and deviated.

From the time of their deviation, Moses was leading the Israelites through hell. At the same time, he was also leading them out of hell, which was Satan's dominion in Egypt. Truly, the wilderness was hell. The Israelites built the golden calf because they wanted to escape the hardships of the wilderness and return to Egypt. But God had led them there only because He wanted them to see their own value from His viewpoint. He wanted them to see themselves as children of God. Sometimes it is necessary for man to know this wilderness type of hell in order to become good; otherwise he would not be fit to carry out God's plan.

Would Moses have needed to stop and get the Commandments on the way if they had taken the 21- day course? No. According to God's original plan, the Israelites should have settled in Canaan as soon as possible. Then Moses would have come with the Ten Commandments, and they would have obeyed them. They would have seen themselves as responsible for the accomplishment of God's will in the land God had given them. However, because they did not feel responsible, Moses had to bring them the Ten Commandments while they were still in hell.

Do you want to stay in hell? You say you want to be in heaven, but do you realize what that involves? In order to go to heaven, you have to die first. You have to die many times over, because heaven is a place for those who have conquered death many times. Can you do that? Can you conquer your evil mind many times? Can you overcome when you want to complain about not having a decent pair of socks or a nice shirt? Can you conquer little difficulties such as the color of the person next to you or the way he looks? Can you overcome the feeling of disliking one another? These are just small difficulties, but this is what I mean when I say you have to die many times. You have to sacrifice and give yourself.

God Has Given You All You Need

During these 21 days, give yourself completely and start a new life centering on what you learn and accomplish here. You can cut off the past and completely forget it. God is giving you new life. Whether you accept it or not is up to you. Whenever you are called by God, whether or not you go is up to you; whether or not you do the will of God is up to you; and whether you succeed or fail is also up to you. God has given you all you need to understand yourself and see that He is in you. That is the reason why you are here. God has surrounded you with the complete truth.

It was because of the Israelites' disbelief that Moses struck the rock twice. If the Israelites had accepted and united with the will of God, Moses never would have been in the situation that led him to strike the rock twice. This means that they were in hell. Moses tried to speak to them, but they could not understand. If they had followed the 21-day course, would Moses have had to fast for 40 days? That fast was a declaration that the Israelites had failed and lost the qualification to follow the 21-day course. So the 40-day fast was the condition to separate Moses and the Israelites from Satan. However, even though Moses laid that condition, the Israelites continued to deviate.

Within the 21 days, there were three seven-day periods of completion. What did the number seven represent? It was the number of perfection in each stage. It was simple. During this time they could have entered God's direct dominion. This is the Principle.

Even after the Israelites reached the Promised Land, they fell. A new generation centering on Joshua and Caleb carried on in their place, but they also fell. They failed to establish any conditions representing man's portion of responsibility that would bring about the total fulfillment of God's Will. God's directives, and the substantial foundation of His portion of responsibility were always there, even after Moses died. That is how Joshua and Caleb could carry on the mission of Moses. But one thing was missing: man's own fulfillment of his portion of responsibility. That was what brought all of the chosen people into hell.

In the beginning, God gave Moses 21 days because that number represented Jacob's successful course. Jacob was the first person to succeed in subjugating Satan because, through a 21-year period, he substantially restored the completion levels of the three stages of growth. There are different degrees of perfection. The completion level of each stage represents perfection within that stage. After completing the 21-year condition, Jacob attained the perfection level of a certain stage, even though his spiritual and intellectual levels were not necessarily the highest. At the top of the completion stage, Jacob subjugated his brother Esau. He united with his brother who represented Cain. Therefore, God could at last say there was a substantial victory. From that time on, there was a foundation for God to work on a higher level.

Responsibility, the Essence of the Principle

Your 21-day course is a foundation for you to work on a higher level. Who must be responsible to create the higher level? It is you. Do not think that when you return to your countries, your national representatives will create this higher level for you. You must take responsibility to create a higher spiritual and intellectual level yourself. You are lucky, because within just a few minutes, I have been able to teach you how you should be. The Principle should become yours. You have to make it a part of you and live it.

This is how I read the Divine Principle. Consider what the essence of the Divine Principle is. It is responsibility. In the Principle of Creation, give and take action is nothing more than a responsible attitude between subject and object. The fall of man was man's violation of his responsibility in his give and take action with God, humankind, and creation. What man lost was simply the proper give and take action needed to build an ideal world. This is very simple. Since I know the essence of this book, I can go through it from the Principle of Creation to the end in a second, and I can teach the essence of this book in five minutes. Within that time, you can receive what you need to grow.

This is like a 21-day conference in five minutes. But in 21 days you actually have 30,240 minutes. With so much time, you have the best opportunity to learn. These 21 days are all for you. This is God's grace and blessing. Therefore, I expect a lot from you.

Do you think that the reason why I understand the Divine Principle is simply because I am in the lineage of the True Parents? No. I made my own effort 24 hours a day to understand it and to live it. Therefore, I do not need to speak all day to teach you the essence of the Divine Principle. I can teach you what is vital for your growth in just five minutes. I can even do this in seconds. In the same way, you have to have the Divine Principle in your heart and mind and live it every second of your life. Then you will be living a true life.

These 21 days have great significance. They are part of the timetable for the restoration of this part of the world, and they will establish the condition for this region to reach the perfection level of each of the three stages of growth. This 21-day course will bring total victory for this area, and it will be multiplied onto a worldwide level. That is how I see these 21 days. My prayer every day is that this spiritual victory may be spread out to touch the whole world.

Spiritual Growth is in Your Hands

However, victory or defeat depends on what you do in this conference. If one person here is willing and determined to take responsibility for the dispensation in this region, and grows to the highest level of the completion stage within these 21 days, that one person will be able to influence this whole area. Should someone come from somewhere else to do this, or are you going to be responsible? On the national level, spiritual growth and development is solely in your hands. It depends on your heart and mind. Your arms, your legs, your eyes, your ears, and all of your five senses will carry out this task.

You have to understand that even though your schedule here seems to be very tough, it is set according to a heavenly standard and has providential significance. Even though you may not be able to demonstrate the highest standard every day when you are back in your own countries, maintaining this standard here for just 21 days will surely be a victory for God and True Parents. That victory will benefit all mankind.

It is just a question of whether you want to experience that victory and be a part of it or only be a spectator and have nothing to do with it. That victory will remain forever in the heart of God, and it will surely be inherited. Nothing will be lost. The victory is here for you; you just have to take it. Even if some of you were to fall away in the future, the victory would surely be inherited by another person of God's choice.

Now that you understand the meaning of these 21 days, you can become a saint within this period. Ha? The answer is very clear and simple. God called Paul, who was even murdering Jesus' disciples, and in only three days, with Jesus' guidance, Paul could understand and devote himself totally to God. Paul told me, "Heung Jin Nim, I did my best, just as I still need to do my best. In just three days, I was able to understand God." I asked him, "What did you do that caused you to influence mankind so deeply?" He replied, "I gave myself absolutely to God for three days, and that became the foundation for Christianity."

Paul had only three days' training, but you have 21. So who has the greater potential to change the world, you or Paul? What a blessing these 21 days represent for you!

Be Able to Say You Have Grown

Jesus' own disciples did not prepare any record of their teacher's words, so Paul had to write what later became scripture himself, based on his experience during those three days. So what about you? Is there any reason why you would not also be able to understand God in three days? You have been given Heaven's viewpoint to help you understand God, and you even live with Him every day.

Paul was in possession of a certificate authorizing him to go and murder people. He already had a troop of soldiers with him. But from that extremely evil position, he came around completely to God's side. So you have absolutely no excuse for not changing. You are surrounded by heavenly evidence, so you also can change in less than three days. Even in three seconds or even in half a second you can change and become able to follow God's will. You have to be a perfect man. There is enough clear evidence for me to say that. If any one of you disagrees with that, you should come and see me and I will give you so much evidence that you will fall over backwards under the weight of it. However, it is up to you whether or not you will change.

Do not waste time. Use your time wisely. Your days on earth are surely numbered. Do you want to stay at the same level for the rest of your life? A lot of people waste their time because they do not understand God and they do not want to live according to God's standard. But you should not waste even a second. Use every second you have. When that second has ticked by, you have to be able to say you have grown a bit more.

If you do not grow, you will die with nothing because your original mind and heart will be empty. In that case you would become an evil spiritual being; you would hardly be able to change at all. Your relationship with men here on earth would be extremely difficult. You would not have the Principle foundation to even relate to people on earth. Even Satan and evil spirits can only influence the world when they apply the Principle.

Among those in the spirit world, who can create a correlative base with a Principle- centered person on earth so that he can become ideal? Only a person who has the Principle already within him. Only those who understand the principle of ideal give and take can influence people on earth. Jesus has that influence. Paul has that influence. Today, all the saints have that influence because, despite their differences in intellectual and spiritual growth levels on earth, they all lived their lives according to the highest values they knew and demonstrated them before God.

God Has Called You

During this conference you will have a very tight schedule. But you will have incredible spiritual support because the Word is going to be given to you every day. After the conference, if you do not center on that incredible spiritual support throughout the rest of your life, you will be like a lost goat, wandering in the streets. Have you ever seen a goat? It just bleats and bleats and wanders aimlessly, destroying things. But truly God is giving you everything you need, just as He did for the chosen people. Now you are the chosen people. Each one of you must decide for yourself whether or not you will take what has been given to you. It is your decision.

God is found in everything. He exists inside you. Even though fallen man has an evil mind, he also has an original mind centered on God. That original mind contains ideal concepts and the concept of God, despite all the evil concepts of the evil mind through which Satan occupies man. Indeed, God is in man. So you do not have any excuse at all. There is no escape.

I could have tried to escape when I was faced with death, as I was in many different ways, but there was no way out except to go God's way.

Continue with your intense schedule. Kick your evil mind with this schedule. Hit it very hard! This is the first 21-day conference in this region to have such an intense schedule.

You must realize that you have been called by God. God is in you, so He can call you. He knows you because He is within you. God calls and predestines; then you have to fulfill your portion of responsibility. If you do that, God will justify and glorify you, and truly you will become a man of God.

Please take these 21 days and make them yours. Put them in your heart and mind and just go with them -- they are yours. Later, when you go back to your different countries, please do well.

Let us pray.

(Black) Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni] prays:

Our most beloved Heavenly Father, we see that indeed You have always existed within everything, despite the more than 40,000 years of tragic human history upon which we are standing today. Therefore, we pray that this 21-day conference will be a total victory, representing the perfection of the formation, growth, and completion stages.

We are dashing into the direct dominion as we fulfill our portion of responsibility. You have called these second selves and chosen ones here because You are a living God who exists within them, despite their ignorance, which brings destruction and death.

Heavenly Father, we cannot look for You anywhere else because You exist for man and within man. We only have to see the substantial reality that exists within us. I pray that truly, within these 21 days, these second selves and chosen ones can look into their hearts and realize their commitment to Your Word. May they demonstrate their honesty and sincerity and their sense of justice, because where there is a will, there is a way. You have told us that man must fulfill his responsibility. Therefore, we have to strive twice as hard as we have been in order to fulfill our portion of responsibility and thereby fulfill Your will. This means man must establish himself, creating an ideal individual and an ideal family having dominion over all things.

I pray on this day for total hope, even if the fulfillment of Your ideal in these second selves and chosen ones is not completely visible now. They will surely recognize the reality within themselves, and they will surely know that they are surrounded by truth. There is no door to escape truth at all; not even for one day or one second.

Man is surrounded by complete truth now. Therefore, I pray that we can truly be second selves of Your heart.

We pledge to go forward and be responsible. Despite the difficulties, I will never retreat. Difficulties are even a source of hope for me, for the True Parents, and for the True Children. It is also a source of hope for You to establish the ideal world, the ideal Kingdom here on earth. There has already been a declaration of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. But man has to see it and live it in a realistic and substantial form.

Each individual must find in himself his own ideal spirit and his own ideal body. Therefore, we pray that man can strive twice as hard as before to realize this goal on earth.

Heavenly Father, this world is Yours. Everything is Yours. We will surely bring everything back to You. Please do not worry; go ahead and relax and we will do our absolute best. We know that Your will exists within us, so we will make our very best effort to live up to Your expectations.

I dedicate this prayer to all mankind throughout the whole world and to everything You have created.

I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents.


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