The Words of the Black Heung Jin Nim [Cleophas / Cleopas Kundioni]

One-Day Conference for Second Self Wives

Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Clophas (Black Heung Jin)
April 30, 1988

Session I: The Role of Women from the Viewpoint of God

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father.

Today is the 30th and last day of this fourth month of 1988. We truly come before You and our True Parents with a hears full of Your love and the love of our True Parents. We pray, in opening this Conference of the Second Self wives, that it may become a fruitful day forever in their lives and a cherished memory in their hearts and original minds, wherever they may go and whatever they may do. May they find your heart and Your love, and go forward with that blessing and grace.

Therefore, Heavenly Father, may I ask You to accept this day as a day of absolute, unconditional and willing dedication to You. Even though we know there are so many problems and difficulties in this world as a consequence of evil, they just give us all the more hope, Heavenly Father, because they will enable us to grow. Truly, when You created Adam and Eve, You expected them to be responsible. You expected Eve to be the center of love and to demonstrate greater responsibility by herself, which would have been inherited by all her descendants. Heavenly Father, despite all the consequences of the fall, You have always continued the work of restoration from Your heart and Will and with 100 percent of Your own effort. We, the True Children, Second Selves and Chosen Ones, absolutely connect our hearts with You and True Parents so that today's conference may bear abundant fruit.

I pray this in humility and gratitude, in the name of our most beloved True Parents, Amen.

Today I want to talk mainly on the role of women from God's viewpoint and how much He expects of you. If there had been no fall, this world would have become an ideal world centered on God's ideal plan and Will. God created all things, including the angelic world, yet it was not enough. Then God created Adam out of His own masculinity, yet it was not enough. God had to project His femininity into this world to complement Adam. I Therefore, the woman's role is a very important and strategic one. When God created Adam, He said, "It is not good that the man should be alone." So God created Eve. He poured all His heart and all His love into Eve because she was the final creation of God. In fact, God culminated the expression of His heart and love in the creation of Eve. That is why Eve became the model and center of love.

God expected Eve to absolutely, unconditionally and willingly fulfill her responsibility with the realization that she was the last and therefore most important creation of God. He consummated everything in Eve, thus making her the Omega of creation. For this reason, everyone is born out of a woman's womb. A child grows for nine months in the mother's womb and after that, the child is loved and nursed by the mother. So Eve was the most strategic element for God's work of creation and that is why God created her last of all.

Lucifer's Target: Eve

As the center of God's love, Eve was so attractive to Lucifer. But even before that, he had recognized Eve's strategic position and that is why he targeted her. Lucifer could have attacked the creation or even Adam, but he took away the Omega of God and destroyed it. Lucifer knew that he was created by God but that he had become irresponsible on the Alpha side. So, he too the Omega to his own side and united his Alpha with Eve's Omega, thus making the beginning and the end centering on himself.

From God's viewpoint, if there had been no fall, Eve would have become absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible. She would have shown absolute love toward Adam. Eve, being the focus of God's love and heart, was to attract Adam. I want you to understand that God's heart was always focusing on Eve because it was through Eve's womb that ideal children would have come about. It was through Eve's fulfillment of responsibility centering on God that this world would have become centered on God. Then, the children of Eve, coming from her womb, would have had no sin. They would have absolutely centered on God and inherited God's precious love. From where does the child inherit heart and love? From the mother's womb. Your womb is dispensationally very important. Therefore, you must be absolutely, unconditionally and willingly centered on God. Your womb can only be purified through this process. Then ideal children can be born.

Even though your husband makes a lot of effort, if you yourself do not do your part, then you block everything. Remember that before Adam sinned, Eve had already fallen into the realm of absolute evil. She had become useless to God because she had violated heavenly law. She was full of fear and guilt within her heart and in that state of mind, she seduced Adam. From this we can see that Eve's sin of uniting with Lucifer was greater than Adam's sin of uniting with Eve.

The Value of Virginity

The core of the fall of Eve was the violation of her virginity by Lucifer. God expected Eve to be responsible to preserve her virginity and to grow centering unconditionally on God. Therefore, keeping her virginity was the key point for Eve and has been for all women throughout human history. For example, Sarah demonstrated her faith by keeping her virginity and by unconditionally giving her life to God. Then, Isaac could come. Rebecca demonstrate her faith in the same way as Sarah, and on that foundation, Jacob could come. If we look carefully at the way Jesus came, we see that Mary also had demonstrated her absolute faith and virginity before God. Can you demonstrate that type of heart? Can you teach your children to demonstrate that type of heart? That is the key point.

When every aspect of a person is absolute and found in God, then God can acknowledge him as an ideal person. Even though God allows you to begin your family life at a certain point of your spiritual growth, in fact, He can only permit that when you center on an absolute standard because God is absolute and unchanging. So, if Eve had demonstrated that standard, God would have allowed her to go on to the second blessing. Then, if Eve had realized that absolute standard of God in her second blessing, there would have been no problem because her blessing would naturally have been found within God. Adam and Eve would have resembled God and their four-position foundation would also have been found directly within God. On that foundation, their children, the whole family, society, nation and world would have been found directly within God.

Eve would have naturally felt that God was her Father. She would have even felt that God was her husband. Since Adam would have resembled God's Original Masculinity, Eve would have seen Adam in God. Adam would also have been able to see Eve in God because she would have reflected God's Original Femininity. Then, based on Eve's absolute standard, Adam would have said, "God is my wife." Then, this deep, limitless love would have existed without division. The third blessing of having dominion over all things would naturally have been fulfilled because man would have been within God and God's law. When man's heart and mind are governed by God, he would have naturally exercised dominion over all things without any problem.

Eve as the Omega of God

But who was the key point? Eve was. Do you know that you are in an extremely strategic position for the Will of God, or do you just consider your self a useless person? Once the Omega is destroyed, the Alpha does not have an absolute correlative base. Therefore, even though God Himself remained absolute, His Omega was destroyed. And even though God was the subject (Alpha), His object, (Omega) Eve, was destroyed. So, do you think there was hope? Eve's heart was opened and fear and guilt went in. She violated the absolute give and take between Alpha and Omega.

It is most important not to violate your give and take with God. Your vertical relationship with God is vital for you to understand your value and how important you are. It is not just a matter of being a wife or a woman. No. So today, I want you to realize how much God needs you and what God expects of you. Do not think that God only expects a response from the man's side. No, because man came from the womb, your own womb. Even I came from the womb and you as a woman also came from the womb.

Both husband and wife must be firmly committed to take responsibility. If one side takes responsibility and the other side does not, then there is no balance. There is no give and take and consequently, there is no force of existence, no multiplication, no reproduction and therefore, no development in that type of family. So what kind of woman are you? Are you committed to do your part? You must ask yourself, "What type of a wife am I?" Because of the fall, women have been unable to experience a deep realization of who they were. I am not trying to shift the crime of Eve onto you, but I have to make you realize what your own restoration involves. You now stand in this universe to indemnify the womb of Eve which failed by bringing sinful children into this world. Are you aware of this in your everyday life!

Please understand that if you feel difficulties or small problems, without having the right quality and standard of heart, your blessing will be ruined. It will become like a tree which is rooted in sand and when the wind comes, it will be blown down because the roots are not deep enough. So you have to have enough fruit of your own restoration, enough confidence of what your own restoration as a woman involves. Otherwise, your dream of the restoration of this world cannot be realized.

Understanding the Origin of Your Own Restoration

My first session this morning was on understanding, not just feeling, the origin of your own restoration, and how much you have to restore yourself. What is important for your restoration? Is it enough to just love your husband? Do you think that without a correct understanding you can receive the blessing, become pregnant, give birth and then simply believe that the child is a child of God? It is not enough just to believe in that. You must understand God and have confidence in that. I called you because I understand the importance of a woman, even though I am not a woman. How many of you here realize the importance of restoration from the depth of my explanation? Are you following, are you going ahead, or do you sometimes feel that your face is covered by your past, or do you still feel the doom of Eve's fall within yourself so that you cannot think properly?

True Parents are expecting this country to have its own foundation. Sometimes intentionally, I asked True Parents for help from another country, but they told me. "No. People have to build their own foundation." Then I asked myself, "Why are people unable to understand the importance of creating their own foundation?" Do you need a foundation from somewhere else? Do you need people to come from somewhere else to help this Kingdom? You do not have a deep realization of who you should be. True Parents and even God are not happy about that. Therefore, please know yourself: Know who you are as an expression of the feminine aspect of God. If you know who you are as a feminine object of God, then I do not think there will be this suffering which you see every day.

Discussion Topics

I have been introducing you to God's Heart but now it is up to you to investigate and discover that Heart for yourself. If you do not become ideal, you cannot say that True Parents or I did not teach you or that God did no. love you. No, God loves you, True Parents love you, and True Children love you because God has always continued to love mankind. That is why I am teaching you in this way.

Can you freely talk to each other or do you dislike each other? Now is the best time to look at each other with love. You have to learn how to talk to everybody.

Please use the following points in your discussions: 1. Have you realized who you are and that you originate from God's femininity? Do you realize that you come from the fall and what you need to do? 2. What is your responsibility as a representative of fallen Eve and fallen ancestors in restoring yourself back to God? 3. Have you understood that in order for you to be in God, you have to understand the origin of Eve before the fall, even while you are working to restore Eve's failure? If you do, are you working towards that? 4. How are you working within God to restore what Eve violated? 5. Have you realized that you as a woman are the last being created by God and therefore strategically very important? 6. Have you realized that your virginity is very important and that your womb and menstrual cycle are very important? 7. Have you upgraded your spiritual standard of understanding and living?

Session II

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,

This morning, we come before you once more to give our lives to You and the True Parents absolutely, unconditionally and willingly. Therefore I pray that these Second Self wives will be able to commit themselves to the dispensation of restoration with Your heart and the heart of our True Parents.

I pray that wherever they go, they will unconditionally love their husbands, their families and all mankind. Truly indeed, we pray that we can build a strong kingdom. We pray that throughout the whole world, this can be the beginning of a new foundation for these Second Self wives to totally recognize how important their role is, and for them to understand their own value within their own families.

I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents, Amen.

Without being honest with yourself within the Will of God, you can never go anywhere and you can never be a restored Eve. You have to be honest with yourself in front of God and True Parents. You have to express an original heart and mind toward your purpose in dedicating your life for our Kingdom. This is important for you.

Do not lose your proper position. Do not reverse your dominion over all things. You must become an Eve who cares for all things in order to be able to subjugate Lucifer, since he belongs to all things. Do not be dominated by all things. Now, are you beginning to compare yourself with other families who appear to be in a more favorable situation, or do you complain that you do not have certain things? You should not feel like that.

You must be honest within yourself and develop yourself. Do you feel that you are not valuable or that your blessing is not valuable? Do you feel that your blessing brings only struggle? Do you feel that you cannot go on with your husband or that he is a burden to you, or that you cannot go on with your children? Do you feel confused about who you are? Be honest with yourself. How many are honest with themselves every day? The words "honest" and "absolute" have a similar meaning. Eve was not honest in herself and that is why she fell. So in order for your lineage to be honest to God, you have to be honest. So every day, you yourself should discover more about when you are and where you should be. Do not think that it is enough to attend today's conference or that you joined the Kingdom or that it was enough to be blessed and begin your family life. Do you think like that? Do not forget to be centered on God and True Parents. Do not doubt yourself.

I hear some wives saying, "Is this really my husband?" They feel distant from their husband. Sometimes they are even very distant from their children. Do you feel like leaving the Kingdom? I know every one of you has had that type of feeling at least sometime in your life. If you admit to having these feelings, that is being honest with yourself. Then that feeling should bring you hope. You will know that you have to be more responsible than before. You have to look into yourself and find God and True Parents within and know your position. However, before you can know your position, you must know your value. How many of you blame other people? Eve should have shown the right standard instead of blaming the archangel. Of course, that type of nature comes but as soon as it does you must conquer it and be the best. Be number one! That is the true meaning of indemnifying previous failures.

I know that you still have fallen nature in so many ways, but there is hope for you because of your dedication. For twenty-four hours a day you are dedicating yourself, so there is still hope in the dispensation of your own restoration. So do not look so hopeless. How many of you give the impression that you are merely hopeless women? Although you do not raise your hands, I know that this applies to everyone. You show both hope and hopelessness. Do you know why you do that? Because you are fighting a battle between God and Satan. Therefore, you feel that type of mind sometimes but you must go ahead. Even though you do not have hope just now, you must say to yourself, "I have hope."

Therefore, all these circumstances or difficulties are for you to realize the need for your own restoration. If you did not have all these circumstances, you may think that you are already perfect! Of course, I am talking to your heart and mind according to the level of your own reality, since you are not yet perfect, that you are not yet in the direct dominion of God and that you still need to grow. You can find your own way. You can reach God's heart. Find True Parent's heart in that way.

You are facing a real challenge because the world is not yet perfect and you are living within an imperfect environment with imperfect people.

But that is restoration and you must overcome these circumstances in different, progressive periods. So even when you overcome, you need to create that quality within your original mind which enables you to constantly go forward. Create the original heart needed by God and True Parents so that you can constantly go ahead. Every day you have to create that type of heart and mind. Every day you have to see yourself going forward, because you are indemnifying the fall of 6,000 years. So even though you feel death, you still need to go ahead to restore everything. Even though you hear many things about yourself, you still need to go ahead to restore yourself and your family. That is the restoration of mankind from generation to generation.

Embracing Your Family with a Big Heart

I want you to have the standard of Sarah. When Sarah faced many difficulties, such as the failure of Abraham's offering and his failure with Hagar, and even though she felt as if she would be defeated, she constantly went ahead. Sarah understood God within herself and therefore she did not disappoint God. She understood that she had to live within the standard of God and that she had to restore the failure of Eve. Because Sarah demonstrated absolute heart, willingly and unconditionally, the blessing remained in her family and God was able to bless Abraham again despite his failures.

That is why I say that you are a very strategic being and a key point. Do you think of yourself as a key point? You are the key to enable God's blessing to be found in your family. It is because of Sarah that God could recognize Abraham as a forefather, not because of Abraham's effort. Sarah was able to embrace Abraham and was therefore able to motivate him. Without Sarah, what type of person would Abraham have become? If Sarah had left Abraham with only Hagar, he would have been a failure. Without Sarah's standard and Abraham's family level victory, where would mankind's intellectual and spiritual state be today?

So can you have that kind of heart? You must be able to motivate your husband and your family. Even though your husband stands in the subject position to you, the object needs to motivate the subject. That is the law of give and take. I am not telling you to fight with your husband. No, on the contrary, you are the one who should make everything go smoothly and in an orderly way, so you have to have a big heart. With a big heart, you will be able to embrace your husband and your children with love. Purify yourself to have that understanding mind.

Taking the Initiative with a Responsible Heart

Your heart and your mind must surround your family with God's love and True Parents' love. That is a good mother. Do not think too much of the past. How many of you are embracing your family with a good heart and love? Are you doing that regularly or only once in a while? How many of you wake up with a heart and mind of love, saying, "Good morning" to your husband and your children? When you are at home, do you show the standard of being alive and active or do you feel as if you are dead? You have to create that kind of heart. You have to uplift the standard of that kind of love in your family. Do not have the attitude of expecting your husband to give you that kind of love. Do not expect him to constantly lift you up or that he should have to wake you up when it is time to pray. Do not think that your husband is worthless. You must be found up-to-date with responsibility. Be like a snowball of true understanding which is rolling and expanding within God's heart and within True Parents' heart.

You Second Self wives must like each other. You must love one another. Sometimes you compare yourself with another wife and then begin to have a negative mind. That is not good. I have been aware of this, but I do not want to see this any more. Just say, "This Second Self is also my Second Self and I am a Second Self of her." If you notice that she is not sitting properly or is not dressed so well, can you relate to her in the right way by teaching her to dress well and by taking care of everything because you feel that she is yourself? Do you have that kind of mind or do you judge one another? Do not judge one another; you do not have that right. Even God does not judge man. That is why He is continuing to love man. Despite the negative things you may hear people say around you, you must support the dispensation by activating a positive attitude.

I know the real situation of your families, but that does not matter. You have to raise the standard of your family realistically. Do not go back and sit down on what was there before; just lift up everything. Everything depends on you. Do you think if you do not sweep out your house, someone from some where else will come and sweep it out for you? If you do not lay the right condition, the right standard, do you think someone will enter your heart and lift you up to become somebody? Then you must change. You are the one to change everything. Remember, when Lucifer did not change and when Adam and Eve did not change, God kicked them out.

So, are you still deviating? Please control yourself naturally with your husband. I do not want to have to take you through confession again. Do you want to go back to the time of confessions again? I want to teach you man's portion of responsibility. I want to teach you to find God's heart and True Parents heart existing within yourself. Then you can say, "Heavenly Father! True Parents! I am now doing my very best."

You must be honest with yourself in order to change. I know that often man is not so honest with himself or about what he is doing. Even though I am giving you guidance, I cannot change you; you must change yourself. I just want to say; be honest within yourself, you are the key to change.

Session III: Unconditionally Love Your Husband and Your Family

Part One

Let us pray: Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,

This afternoon we would like to show You our original mind and heart in whatever we do. I pray that each one of these Second Self wives can truly realize how much they are honest to the truth, love and beauty within themselves and within this world. Heavenly Father, we would like to have a true resurrection of-our true selves deep in our hearts.

I pray that these Second Self Wives can demonstrate absolute faith within themselves wherever they go. I also pray for their families and for their children. Heavenly Father, may their blessed children truly inherit the right truth, love and beauty of these parents and the blessing of the True Parents.

I know that these parents are the key point of the generations to come. That is why we are pouring everything into them. May they grow and totally be your sons and daughters who have been recognized as being responsible in the dispensation of restoration. Heavenly Father, may the memory of today dwell forever in their hearts and may they experience an absolute resurrection within themselves. Therefore we truly offer ourselves today and forever as sons and daughters of heaven.

I pray all this in humility and gratitude, in the most beloved name of our True Parents, Amen.

In the beginning, God created everything with His absolute and unconditional Will and love. He even created Lucifer, as well as Adam and Eve, in that way. If Adam and Eve had become perfect, they would have loved each other unconditionally and would have created a higher standard of love. They would have been willing to love one another in an absolute way, centering on the Will of God. This means they would have been responsible to love each other and to love their family.

However, because of the fall, Eve could not love Adam, and Adam could not love Eve in God's way. Consequently, the fall of Lucifer and Eve brought a family which could not unconditionally and willingly sacrifice to love one another. If Cain had loved Abel unconditionally and willingly, he could never have murdered him.

Sacrificial, unconditional love needs both sides, not just one side. So |you have to ensure that you have loved your husband and that you have loved your own family. You can find no better purpose in this world than to totally give yourself to the Will of God and to unconditionally love your husband and family. Then you can establish the standard of a God-centered family.

The Faithlessness of Noah's Wife

So we find that after the fall, we no longer hear about the women's side in Adam's family. We only hear about the men's side. When we look at Noah's family, Noah's wife could not love him unconditionally and willingly centering on the Will of God. She could not create that absoluteness which was needed in her role as Noah's wife. Instead, because she was divided with in herself; she caused division between the children and their father. Noah's wife's division was seen again in her own children. Noah's wife should have devoted herself to her husband because Noah had already sacrificed himself for his wife, his children and for God. Therefore, if Noah's wife had thought of God first, as Noah did, it would have been natural for her to love Noah and her family. Because of the grace and blessing of God, Noah was able to successfully dedicate 120 years of his life to God. On this foundation he was able to go into the ark. Noah's wife saw her husband build the ark. She was even in the ark and could see the greatness of Noah, but she did not follow him unconditionally. Instead, she became even more irresponsible in the ark. Noah had to scold his own children. Do you think that was Noah's responsibility? That was his wife's responsibility. Eve should have protected Adam, so in the ark, Noah's wife should have protected Noah. When Noah was sleeping, who should have protected him? His wife should have protected him. Then the whole condition centering on the ark would have been successful. The ark would have been an ideal ark, but it lost the love of Eve.

Noah's wife did not play the role of indemnifying and restoring Eve's failure. Consequently the ark was lost. So, again we see Eve's failure in Noah's family. As a result, Ham could not receive the love of God from the mother's side. He only received the love of God from the father's side and that was not enough. So do not doubt your husband. Noah's wife doubted her husband. Do you doubt your husband or your family? Do you doubt your blessing? Do you doubt yourself? This type of thinking is irresponsible. You would be putting yourself in hell. Noah's wife cast her children into hell by doubting, and if you think that way, you will sentence your own children to hell.

Do not become a failure in your family. Do not become like Noah's wife. Truly, if Noah's wife had absolutely understood the value of the ark, the children would also have absolutely understood. Therefore, I will know all about you just by looking at your children. So please, build the ark with your husband and your children. Build the ideal family. Whether it is on the foundation, growth or completion level, all that matters is that there is an ideal standard. Even if you die setting up an ideal standard with your husband and your children, then you will become like Noah. He lived and died to set up that standard. Even though God's heart and his own heart were not inherited by his children, still Noah brought victory to God. Can you bring victory to God ? You have to be recognized, as being responsible centering on the Will of God.

Sarah's Commitment to God

Based on Noah's demonstration of that type of heart to God, God was able to bring Abraham out from Terah the idol-maker's home. Even before God brought Abraham out of Terah's home, his wife Sarah was already so absolutely, unconditionally and willingly committed to the dispensation of restoration. Sarah had no hesitation about Abraham's decision and all that they had to discuss was how to go ahead together and accomplish God's Will. Sarah agreed with Abraham that they should leave Terah to fulfill all heavenly conditions and to take everything from Terah's side to God's side.

Sarah herself organized all the good servants for Abraham. And Sarah even set up a foundation for Terah to be able to understand God's Will by demonstrating her unity with Abraham as they left Terah's family. So Sarah even set an example of how to destroy hell. Are you ready and able to destroy hell? What kind of heart did Sarah have? Her heart was always with God. Sarah herself chose Hagar to support her and to serve Abraham. Then what type of heart did Sarah have towards Abraham? She had an unconditional, loving heart. She wanted to see that Abraham was served well and that Abraham could accomplish more even after he failed in the first offering to God. Abraham felt hopelessness invade his heart, and he saw darkness fall upon him. Then who gave him hope? It was Sarah. Even though one side was hopeless, there was another side which had hope

Then, Abraham united with Sarah's heart and once more he was able I to understand God at a higher level. But even after that, Abraham fell with Hagar. Then what did Sarah do? Sarah laid conditions for Abraham to see God in her. She knew he could only change if he saw God in another person. So Sarah demonstrated that heart. Thus, once again Sarah laid conditions for Abraham to come back to God and for Abraham to have hope in the dispensation for restoration. Sarah went to Egypt with Abraham and laid conditions to be able to return again. Her heart was absolutely in God. Despite the fact that the level of her spirituality and intellect was only at the top of the formation stage, God favored her because she was demonstrating an absolute heart.

Then how much more opportunity do you have to win God's favor? Can you show that spirit or do you feel, "Now I have two children to raise, I am defeated." How many more difficulties did Sarah face, being unable to have a child until she was 90 years old? What about you? Are you 90 years old? What is your problem? If you think like that you will never be counted in the dispensation. You will simply be an uprooted tree which will never be recognized. So you have to grow. How can you expect God to consider your l situation, which has advanced to a higher level in the dispensation, when 5,000 years ago there were people in worse situations who lived sacrificially! They demonstrated their faith all their lives centered on God's Will. So you have to live up to your responsibility.

Finally Isaac could be born. However, Isaac had to be sacrificed as a burnt offering. But Sarah accepted God's command. She did not think, "Oh, God is a murderer." Even Abraham would have preferred offering himself to God instead of his beloved son. So, who encouraged them? Abraham? No! It was Sarah. Would you have the heart to answer God, "Yes. We will do what you asked. We will sacrifice our child as a burnt offering." Could you show the same heart as Sarah after waiting 90 years without becoming pregnant? Or would you say, "Well, I don't think this is a good idea. I don't believe this is from God." If God asked you to lay that type of condition now, could you accept it? Could you even accept another condition? Could you accept a pioneering condition?

Surely Sarah lived in God's heart. She understood that she was called by God. She understood that Abraham's family was totally in God and God was in their family. That is why she was willing to die without descendants, because she knew that her son Isaac was in God and God was in Isaac. So God saw that absolute faith and also that absolute, unconditional and willing love between Abraham and Sarah. So when Abraham and Sarah prayed together before taking Isaac to be offered, they did not think about them' selves, they only thought about God. Do you think about God in that way? When you and your husband are told to do something, do you pray and think only about God and His Will? Or do you think, "Oh, I am not qualified. This should not happen to me. Why is this only happening to my family?"

The First Forefather and the First Foremother

When Abraham took Isaac to be offered, it was on the foundation of his faith, together with the foundation of the heart and love of Sarah. Also Isaac absolutely united with his father and his mother. Before arriving at the place of offering, Isaac questioned his father about where they were going and where the offering was. Then he understood that he was to be the offering. So he also united with God's heart. When Isaac was about to be offered, God saw the unconditional love of God in them and He stopped Abraham and provided them with a ram which they could offer instead. Therefore, Abraham's family found their place in God's heart and Abraham became the father of faith. Also, Sarah became the mother of faith.

Isaac truly understood his parents. There was no offering which he would not make. He demonstrated a total and absolute faith in God. Isaac married Rebecca and she gave herself unconditionally to him. He taught her how to resemble his mother and she applied that standard of love.

Can you develop this discerning quality of love, like Rebecca's, to be able to understand who is Abel, who is Cain, what is good and what is evil? Therefore, when Jacob and Esau came, she understood clearly what was good and evil. Can you discern good and evil in your family? Do you understand how to create one ideal family? Or do you want always to be told, "This is good," or, "That is evil." It is your responsibility to understand your own family, your husband and your children and raise them according to the Will of God.

Rebecca supported Jacob unconditionally. She was in the position to indemnify the failure of Noah's wife who could not love Noah. Therefore, there was a division among their children. Noah's wife could not support Ham, so Rebecca stood in the position to support Jacob, who was in the position of restored Ham. Then Isaac's family could restore the lost ark. Can you center your family on restoring the lost ark?

Rachel's Devotion

Jacob went to Haran and was deceived ten times. He accepted Leah unconditionally, which was to restore Hagar. Sarah kicked Hagar out because Abraham had slept with her. Therefore Jacob's generation needed to restore that mistake of Abraham, in order to return back into God's realm. Every failure in the dispensation has to be restored.

Why did Jacob accept Leah? He was in the position to say, "No, I don't want Leah." But he accepted her because he understood Abraham's failure. Then he worked for seven more years to receive Rachel. He wanted Rachel to be a wife and mother like Sarah. He invested his whole heart to restore Sarah. What encouraged Jacob to think this way? It was Rachel's attitude. Rachel kept her own purity and absolutely gave herself in heart to Jacob. Her devotion to him was unconditional even though she had also been deceived, because she was supposed to be given first. But according to Hebrew law that was not allowed. Rachel also understood the dispensation of restoration.

Do you love your husband more than Rachel loved Jacob? Look at Rachel's situation. Could you love your husband in that situation? Could you put yourself in that type of trial of faith and still not leave the Kingdom or would you lose hope? God is expecting you to be even more responsible than the forefathers.

Rachel was even able to embrace Leah. Could you have overcome and loved Leah if you were Rachel? Even though you were told to wait through a separation period, would you have liked to wait through such a long separation period? Did you love that separation period that True Parents gave you, or did you start to have some doubts within yourself? "Why is this happening to me?" Now that you have started your family life and some of you already have your own children, what type of dedication do you have? How have you demonstrated your absoluteness? I do not want to hear people say, "I'm not being loved."

History has taught us enough. It seems that history is actually our own life. So now we take the history of what happened long ago as our own experience. We must develop a more responsible heart than the people of the past. Is Christianity not built on the foundation of the merit of the age of these historic people whom I have mentioned? Even you benefit from their merit. Men what are you doing? Please understand yourself.

Rachel protected Jacob when her Father came after him to recover the stolen idols. Can you protect your husband? Rachel protected her family, including her elder sister. Do you have such a head to protect the dispensation? If you hear some negative rumor from America or Japan, are your own minds negatively influenced and are you spreading it among yourselves? Surely I know more than you about what is really happening. But I am careful with what I know. I always protect the dispensation because that is a way of fighting Satan. I know a lot about you, but I always say to God, "I know, but we will protect them and create that dispensation which you are looking for. Then they will be able to inherit the benefit of our sacrifice." Jesus was able to protect mankind and the dispensation. That is why he was able to work again here on earth.

Do you want to protect the dispensation with all your heart? When you do that, you are absolutely giving yourself to God. That is a true sacrifice. That is true death. Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel all demonstrated true death. Are you willing to die in this way by being a true sacrifice? I am telling you this because I understand the dispensation very well. Are you ready to make an offering of yourself?

Bequeathing Sacrificial Value

Your role and your value are important. Do not look for position, but strive to produce the value of sacrifice. I am never concerned about position. I look for my value through sacrificing for God and True Parents in order to advance the dispensation of restoration. Do you like position? Where can you go with position? How many people have taken their position with them when they died? You must create value, that is all. Then you will have grace and blessing from heaven. So create a family with True Parents' value and God's value. Please have a heart like Rachel's. It is not so easy. You have to die to yourself.

Joseph was a failure because he brought Egyptian blood into the lineage. Who then brought failure into Jacob's family? His own children did. They were not aware of their parents' sacrifice. Even though the parents sacrificed enough, the children did not, and therefore they could not inherit their parents' sacrifice. Despite all of that, God still recognized Jacob as a forefather. Why do we call someone a forefather? It is because they have created the four position foundation centered on God. People who would say 'forefather' in the past somehow understood the four position foundation. So you have to make sure that your sacrifice, whether it is on the formation, grown or completion level, is inherited by your children. You need to develop honesty within yourself and protect the dispensation. Do not cause any damage. When I come back to this country I do not want to hear about your past. So you must grow. Everyone must turn now to support the dispensation.

Part Two

Let us pray: Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father, We see the dispensation of restoration being carried out by our own forefathers and foremothers. They demonstrated a heart of unconditionally loving each other, loving their own families. They lived within You and totally understood Your heart, Heavenly Father. That is why people like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebecca gave themselves to You.

Heavenly Father, we truly understand that Jacob and Rachel demonstrated an absolute standard of faith and we have seen Moses' mother totally supporting him internally and unconditionally. Therefore, may this type of heart be seen within these Second Self wives and their husbands. Heavenly Father, can their children truly indeed understand Your heart from them? I pray for all the blessed wives who could not attend this conference, including those in other countries . Heavenly Father, may Your grace fall upon them and may they truly understand Your heart and the heart of our True Parents in a deeper way.

I pray and offer this prayer in humility and gratitude, in the name of our True Parents, Amen.

Moses Secret Education

Even though Jacob's children failed, Moses came. He also came with his mother's support. Even though he was taken into the palace by Pharaoh's daughter, the family of Moses was still united. Moses' mother nourished him from her own breast. Could you show love and commitment while keeping a certain distance to give the impression that the child is not yours? Could you create that type of unity in such adverse conditions? Surely Moses' mother played an important role. Could you even be like Miriam, who also played an important role? Moses was raised in Pharaoh's palace by his own mother, so that he could understand her internally.

Could you support the dispensation internally with that type of sacrificial giving of yourself if you were in the same situation? Could you humble yourself? Could you be committed to God and True Parents? Could you see God in yourself? Could you be in God and offer Him your child? Moses understood the existence of God in his mother. Can you also show your children the existence of God? Surely Satan is clever and works in many different ways. But Moses' mother blocked Satan by educating Moses internally. Because of this education, Moses denied Pharaoh and withdrew from the palace and went into the wilderness.

What did Moses do in the wilderness? He gave himself to God, and because of his commitment to God, he was protected by his own people. That is, Ishmael's children took care of Moses. Moses was a descendant of Ishmael's brother, Isaac. In accordance with the Principle, Moses was given Zipporah who was from the blood lineage of Abraham from Ishmael's side. God expected Zipporah to indemnify the failure of Joseph who had married an Egyptian. According to God's law Joseph was supposed to keep a pure lineage. Moses understood that he too had to keep his lineage pure. Zipporah united unconditionally with Moses. Based on that condition of indemnifying the failure of Joseph, God called Moses. God can call a person when there are enough conditions.

God told Moses, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," and, "I am who I am." God was teaching Moses and the Israelites that He was the same God who had worked with their forefathers, and that He was now working with Moses and Zipporah. They should inherit the merit of the age by uniting with the foundation of the forefathers.

When Moses went to Zipporah, she absolutely accepted Moses Simply because they were of the same blood lineage. Can you show the same standard as Zipporah? Imagine Moses coming to you and talking to you as he did to Zipporah. Could you have accepted him? Or would you have your own opinion? Do you cling to your own opinion or are you absolutely united with your husband to protect the blessing? Do you live up to the value of the blessing? When your husband comes and talks to you, do you fight or do you show absolute unity before your children! Difficulties will always exist, but please demonstrate a totally sacrificial heart towards your husband with hope. Hope is the key.

Zipporah's Contribution to the Providence

Even though Zipporah faced so many difficulties, she was able to endure them all and continued to support Moses. Because of this condition, the chosen people were able to leave Egypt and go to the land of Canaan, which God had promised them. What type of unconditional sacrifice did Zipporah show? If Zipporah had not united with Moses, then the chosen people would not have been able to go to Canaan.

Do you think that when the people had a complaint, that they would take it to Moses? No. They would complain to Zipporah. Who would be most burdened by these complaints? It is the wife. However, Zipporah had already built a foundation in her heart to protect Moses while they were still in Egypt and she continued supporting him after they left. Who would people expect to demonstrate the most loyalty toward a central figure during his absence? Suppose he is your husband? It is the wife. Where would the people gather and criticize? It would be near the wife. So Zipporah faced a lot of criticism. But despite all that, she supported Moses and gave all her life to him and her family.

The Consequences of Zipporah's Disloyalty

However, she eventually weakened because of the people surrounding her. She could not conquer the evil within the Israelites. Finally they put Zipporah on the cross, because when they accused Moses, they were also accusing her. When Moses was away, laying conditions for the Israelites, the people would focus on the person who had the most give and take with Moses. When they built the golden calf, Zipporah retracted into herself, and slipped backwards instead of pushing forward in her responsibility.

Would you retreat when things become tough and difficult for you? That was the mistake in Zipporah's course. Can you still support God and True Parents in the dispensation? How many of you can have that type of commitment in your heart when facing the same situation as Zipporah? Only a few. I asked Zipporah, so I know her heart very well and that is why I am able to share this with you. Zipporah played a providential role. However, Zipporah's failure was brought about by the people. Consequently, Miriam and Aaron were defeated and finally Moses himself was defeated, because Zipporah did not support him as she had done in the beginning. Even though Moses had been communicating with God directly, he lost hope in his family and was defeated because of Zipporah's negative influence.

No Excuse for Failure

So, you must be careful. That is why I want you to know this history very well. Your history is very important in determining how much you are able to protect yourself as a Second Self wife. Zipporah paid a very great indemnity. However, Zipporah eventually became just like the other Israelites. She had become old and concerned about her health. But Zipporah forgot that although Sarah was old, she had remained faithful and kept hope. Of course, if we compare Sarah with Zipporah, she came on the successful foundation already laid by Sarah, so even though Zipporah was surrounded by so many negative people, that was no excuse for failure. You also come on the successful foundation laid by True Mother, so there is no excuse. Therefore, do not become like Zipporah. I noticed that some of you are beginning to have wrinkles. Does this make you feel defeated already at the age of 39, 40 or 50? Both Sarah and Zipporah had more reason than you to feel like that. They had more wrinkles. So you cannot complain. Your difficulty is nothing. When I see that you have such a small difficulty, I do not take it seriously. I know that it will just blow away like a leaf in the wind. I know this because I have lived with people who had absolute dedication and gave their lives to the dispensation even in the face of defeat.

Unfortunately, Gershom, who was the first son of Zipporah and Moses, also failed through the influence of the Israelites. Therefore, he could not go anywhere. So, if the parents become a failure or if they are defeated, the children will also be influenced by that defeat. Also, if the parents have a defeatist attitude within the dispensation, then the children will receive that type of influence. Therefore, as mothers, you have to constantly keep yourself committed.

The family of Moses ended its role in the providence with the death of Moses when he had struck the rock twice. Surely, if Zipporah had been there, then Moses would have talked over the situation with her, and she would have been able to prevent him from striking the rock twice. This means that Zipporah was not even aware of Moses' action.

Therefore, you need to support your husband in whatever he is doing. You need to carefully observe your husband's situation and support him. Are you going to support your husband when you are in Egypt? It is easy to say "Yes," but in reality it is difficult. You have to support your husband until you die. Even when you see your husband making a mistake, you still have to lift him up and show him the standard. That cannot be done by quarreling, but by living within the standard whereby your husband can see God within you. Your husband must also live within a standard in which you can see God in him. However, even if you do not see God in your husband, do not complain. You, the other side, must always feel responsibility to compensate for his weaknesses.

Elizabeth and Mary -- The Foundation of Christianity

Elizabeth also showed her good heart in the way she supported Zachariah. She knew what happened to Mary and Zachariah, but she absolutely and unconditionally supported them. Elizabeth played a very providential role. Mary also had an extremely important mission. She was able to love and support Joseph and that was a condition for her to be protected by him. Could you remain so supportive if you were in the position of Elizabeth or Mary?

Christian history has been centered on that condition for 2,000 years. Without that condition, Christianity would not exist today. Jesus would not have survived long enough to make such a foundation. Can you demonstrate that type of heart to God? When you are asked by God to do something, it truly means death—death in God with unconditional sacrifice. You cannot be with God without such a serious heart. Because of that condition, Mary is now able to work here on earth from the spiritual world. She demonstrated her faith in God and that kicked Satan out. So, in that way, she protected Jesus. She even went to Egypt with Jesus and later came back with him. If Mary had not given all her heart to Joseph, he would have divorced her and then the people would have accused her of adultery. It would have been very difficult for Jesus.

Therefore, I am revealing this understanding to you because you are important. You just have to give yourself completely to God in your particular circumstances. Do you live within True Parents every day? Or are you just going your own way? Can you lay such conditions by yourself? You have to be in God and True Parents. The main point is for you to support your husband and your family.

Following True Mothers Way as a Second Self Wife

True Mother also went through so many difficulties despite the conditions which Heavenly Father had laid before she came. She completely gave herself to God. She became aware of her role as a daughter of God and as the representative of the femininity within God.

True Mother has been in the dispensation for 43 years. How many years have you been in the dispensation? Who is most familiar with the dispensation? True Mother or you? Think about her first, and then you will not be able to complain. If you are a daughter who is inheriting True Mother's heart, then you have to truly demonstrate a greater sense of responsibility.

True Mother understands Heavenly Father absolutely. When I spoke with True Mother and thanked her for her support, she told me, "No. It is not because of my support, but because of the support of Heavenly Father that the restoration is going so well." In my mind I understood, "Oh, True Mother is absolutely in God." So you have to look carefully to find how much of True Mother's value is within yourself. How much do you follow True Mother's way as a Second Self wife? True Mother does not speak so much, but she is very wise. How about you? You talk so much, but you understand so little. So follow True Mother's example. True Mother completely understands the courses of Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel. You should also learn these courses as well as the lessons from Zipporah's course. True Father has been able to succeed because True Mother understands the dispensation for restoration and totally gives herself to True Father, True Children, and to all Second Selves and Chosen Ones.

Can you also give yourself to the dispensation for restoration at an even higher level? Can you give yourself internally to your husband, your children, and to all Second Selves and Chosen Ones? Then only goodness would exist in this world and the world would be filled with the fragrance of goodness. I can work 24 hours a day because I understand True Parents' heart. You also have to understand True Parents' heart. Today, I brought you here in order to teach you about your value. You have never understood that yourself, have you? Do you still want to act like a man? Wherever you are, you must be just like a second True Mother and your husband must be a second True Father. Together you must be Second Selves of True Parents.

Please purify your womb by being a Second Self of True Mother. If the womb is pure, then good children will come into the world. How many of you can say that you will be a Second Self of True Mother? We will play that role absolutely, unconditionally and willingly. I have to follow both True Father's way and True Mother's way. Your children will also follow their parents' way. All True Children and blessed children have to follow True Parents' way. You also have a very great task. So please understand, you must fight for your own purification as a family. You must create a heart of embracing your husband and children and of constantly creating heavenly order and a heavenly environment.

In conclusion, you have been given a lot of teaching. However, how well you can relate with your husband and how well you raise your children, is entirely up to you. Therefore, you must understand your true role.

Let us pray:

Our most beloved Heavenly Father,

Now we are al the end of this one-day conference. I pray that fro now on these Second Self wives, and also their husbands and children, can bear the fruit of what they have reamed today. I pray that these words, which have entered into their original mind and their original heart, can dwell in them forever and that they can truly be Your ideal sons and daughters. From now on, Heavenly Father, You and True Parents are expecting them to be more responsible than before; that they will put into what they have learned and he victorious in the dispensation for restoration.

We know True Parents are very concerned about the dispensation for restoration. Therefore, this is the time that all of these Second Self wives have to unconditionally inherit and dwell within the True Parents' heart. They must substantialize their heart and their love within your realm. We pray that wherever they may go, the blessing which you promised them and which is already within themselves, may dwell with them forever.

May the grace of heaven and Your Will dwell forever within us. We will be totally responsible. Of course, we know Satan is trying to disturb the dispensation in different ways. But, we will defend the dispensation for restoration. We will defend Your realm. We will defend True Parents' realm.

Therefore leave the responsibility to us, Heavenly Father. Please, take a rest. I know you have been working hard with all these historical central figures and today You are working with these Second Selves and Chosen Ones. Truly indeed, You are alive and You can be seen in everything which exists in this world. Therefore, there is no one who can reject Your existence. There is no one who can run away from Your existence because You exist in each one of us. Therefore, I declare that You exist in the entire spirit world as well as here on earth.

We honor you today and we are absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible centered on Your Will. Therefore we pray that from now on we will be seen as true sons and daughters for You and True Parents. We pray that this purification which 1 have initiated within our kingdom will dwell forever. I pray for the Second Selves and Chosen Ones in the different palaces throughout the world; that whatever they are doing can truly indeed relate to the dispensation for restoration. Therefore, man has to put himself on the straight line of restoration in whatever he is doing, in order for him to be restored again.

I express this prayer, knowing that You exist within this environment. Wherever these Second Self wives go, they go with You and Your Will. They go with Your truth, love and beauty. May the True Parents surround them. May they build the understanding of True Parents within themselves, so that they can be the second True Parents for generations to come. May Your grace be seen within themselves.

I pray this in humility and gratitude in the name of True Parents, Amen.  

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