The Words of the Baisui Family

Faith and Selling Ginseng

Gabriella Baisui
February 1988

I would like to share about my experience selling ginseng to store owners in Italy in 1975. I had only a few products to begin with: ginseng extract, instant ginseng tea, and tea bags.

When I started out, I felt everything was spiritually okay. There was very good unity between my leader and myself. I was doing a prayer condition on my own, working hard, and praying before entering each shop, but nothing was happening. After almost a week, I had no result at all!

I was going out with faith every day, hoping and waiting for something, but the comment I got at every store was, "We never heard of ginseng," or "We don't believe in it."

By the end of the week, I became very frustrated and went to sit on a park bench to talk with Heavenly Father. "Heavenly Father, why? I don't understand You. All the right conditions have been made, and I'm here burning with desire to get some result -- for You, not for me! -- and You don't show up. Why? Please come and help me. When we go together to the next pharmacy, I really want to sell my ginseng extract. It's so good for people..."

"Good morning. My name is -- " The pharmacist interrupted me. "Please talk to my brother." I introduced ginseng briefly to his brother, who was also a pharmacist. Just then, a man came into the shop and asked the pharmacist if he had any ginseng. The pharmacist and I both were very surprised. He whispered to me, "Can I have your sample to sell to the customer?" I answered, "Yes, if you order 12 packages, because you are going to have many more requests for it." He said, "Isn't that too much to begin with?" I said, "No!" So he said, "Okay, make an order for me.

Then an old lady who was in the shop came over and said, "I heard that ginseng keeps you forever young. I'd like to buy some The pharmacist, very embarrassed, again whispered to me, "Can I have your sample?" "Yes, of course. Can I make out an order for another 12 of a different kind?" He said, "Okay, okay."

More situations happened with other customers in the store wanting ginseng. In that pharmacy I sold out all my samples and finally left with a big order for all kinds of ginseng products. Today an order for 12 packages of ginseng is nothing, but at that time it was truly a miracle!

Coming out of the shop, I felt I was walking on water, like Peter. I knew my Heavenly Father had played the major role in that experience. But I wasn't finished yet!

I was feeling so excited that, with only a ginseng booklet, I visited a few other pharmacies. I got four new customers!!

Heavenly Father and I were so happy for the victorious day. That experience made me understand more about man's portion of responsibility and the Bible verse: "Knock and it will be opened."

Answers To Questions

Question: If you had the opportunity to say anything to True Parents or to ask them a question, what would it be?

First I'd say to Father that words aren't enough to express my gratitude on behalf of all the world. Then I'd ask him, "Why is my restoration so heavy? What did I do wrong? What did my ancestors do wrong?"

Question: Why are you following True Parents?

Because they are the light, hope, and love.

Question: What has helped you to develop vertical relationships and overcome Satan?

Faith mostly, and prayer.

Question: How are you trying to inherit Father's standard, tradition, and victory?

By trying to love more and love more fully.

Question: How do you experience or recognize true love?

I experienced this only once. I recognized it because I received what I needed most. Being given to by someone with unselfish love makes me feel there is no expectation that I must give back. The love is totally given freely for me.

Question: How do you try to maintain/attain purity and freshness?

By prayer.

Question: What enables you to feel you are being resurrected? How can you see you are different from before?

Mainly the Blessing. People around me say that since the Blessing I've changed a lot. I also feel I'm a different person.

Question: Who/what has helped you grow the most?

A brother who is now a state leader in Europe. From the time he first met me, he treated me like a daughter of God. I was so shocked by that. In the beginning in a man/ woman relationship, many times there may be a fallen feeling. I never felt this from him, and this surprised me. He loved me in such a pure way. He understood me completely, through God's guidance, I'm sure.

Question: What is some of the best advice you have ever given or received?

"Knock and it will be opened'."

Question: Observing your daily life and your internal heart, what do you find you are the most serious about?

The Blessing.

Question: Who, in addition to True Parents, are real heroes, standards, or models for you, and why?

From the past, Tamar and Mary Magdalene, because they helped God's dispensation in a way very different from the secular way of thinking. Mrs. Corazon Aquino because she is standing with dignity and heart, taking her husband's responsibility. My physical sister because even though she doesn't know the Principle, she is a woman of love and good actions centered on others.

Question: What does it mean to you to center on God and True Parents?

Center on the most holy love. a life of indemnity?

Pay back your ancestors' sins and your own sins. faithful?

No matter what, believe in God. 

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