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2nd Winter Training of University Students

Chang Sung An
December 30, 1970

A professor is lecturing for University Students

December 19 through December 30, 1970 there was' the second winter training of the nation-wide university students in prosperity at the central training hall in Soo Taek-ri, the outskirts of Seoul with the presence of 148 students(male 113, female 35) sponsored by K-CARP (the Korean Collegiate Association for Research of Principles) with the colorful programs including lectures of Divine Principles, critique of Communist theories and particular lectures of invited professors from universities in Seoul as follows:

Delivery of Principal Lecture: An Chang Sung, Educational Director, HSA

Do Soon Im, Yongsan District Leader -- Critique of Communist theories: In Soo Han, Director of GA Bureau, IFEC

Chang Sung An, Director of ideological institute, IFEC

Moon Won Yang, chief, Propagational Section, IFEC

Invited Professors:

Jae Hee Choi, Duk Bae Park, Gi Geun Chang, Chang Gyoo Choi, Geung Seh Lee, (Seoul National University)

Yung Doo Kim, Hang Nyung Lee, Dong Hee Choi (Korea University)

Nam Dong Suh (Yonsei University)

Dae Wi Lee, Dong Wook Shin (Kunkook University)

Kyung Bo Suh, Jong In Lee (Donggook University)

Sang Cho Shin (Kyunghee University)

Sang Ok Lee (Woosuk University)

The above mentioned professors were in charge of general culture, particularly the audience were much impressed by the lecture titled "the discourse of Divine Principles and its modern significance" delivered by Prof. Kim Young-Doo, President of politico-economical College, Korea University. He said, "The discourse of Divine Principles is rational, scientific and even democratic and it is a historical necessity for such a principles to be out of Korea based on Christianity from the viewpoint of political history. I was too much surprised to read up such a discourse as God only knows."

Following the lecture, Dean Nam Dong Suh of Theological College, Yonsei University mentioned the value of the Principles and followed special lectures such as Comparison of Divine Principles with theology of Johakim by Missionary Young Oon_ Kim, `Principal consideration of freedom and its philosophical. significance' by Director Hyung Gwan An of Student Department,. HSA, 'Principal interpretation of the direction of K-CARP' by Director Hyun Soo Hwang of Guidance Department, HSA and lecture of the Principle of Creation by President Young Whi Kim of HSA-UWC.

On Christmas, there were talent-contest by team, play- presented by Saemaeul (New village) and Chang-an (Capital) academic houses and music concours.

The four time group discussion was autonomous and brought- about good harvest.

In the afternoon of December 28, Master made speech for the students on the subject of `attitude of human being' about three hours. He said, "One can and should make sure of basic- attitude of man, capable of overcoming his internal evil in the- middle of good and evil. Now political power and student power come into question, but I'm sure that the day will soon come to us when religious power becomes an issue, and it is urgently required for the university students to insure their basic vision to cope with it".

The subjects of lectures and lecturers are as follows:

Subjects -- Lecturers

Democracy and Patriotism -- Prof. Sang Cho Shin,

Historical consideration of Korean-Japanese Relationship Prof. Sang Ok Lee

Current Situation of Asia and vision of Korean collegiate students -- Prof. Dong Wook Shin

Direction of Korean students -- Prof. Hang Nyung Lee

Korean thoughts and religion -- Prof. Dong Hee Choi

Modern significance of the Discourse of Divine Principles -- Prof. Yung Doo Kim

Korea, historical subject in 1970's -- Prof. Chang Gyoo Choi 

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