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We overcame Father's Seunghwa because of True Mother

Young Shik An
September 7, 2013
European Leaders' Meeting
Opening remarks
Unofficial Notes

I am so happy to see you all.

As we hear True Mother's speech given at the Cosmic Seonghwa Ceremony for True Father in 2012 it carries all the words needed to heal our hearts. As True Mother expressed the Ascension of True Father was an unprecedented and most important providential event. Then six months later we had the Foundation Day.

At the 1st anniversary what was your thinking about the meaning of this 1st year? For me I felt released after so much tension- why? Because the 1st year after the Seonghwa was so critical for the whole providence and the whole future of humankind and even for God.

All the providence had been led directly by True Father – we had totally depended on him and received direction from him almost on a daily basis and we never expected that one day he would be gone, so there was so much potential for uncertainty. Historically many religions disintegrated within the first year after the Founder's death. In Korea the 6th most populous religion (Daesun Jinrihoe) almost disintegrated in the year following the death of its founder. My relative is Chairman of the Board of that Foundation – he said that members had no inspiration after the loss of their charismatic leader and all donations decreased. They have many colleges and some of the best high schools. They lost all integration (unity) as well as money – the schools were asking the HQ for money, but the HQ could not give any support, so all the schools and branches began to act independently with no effective central control. The whole system of training and recruitment by central authority was lost.

Many people used to ask us – 'What will happen when Rev. Moon dies?' True Father is so charismatic and at the center of all the providence, so there was potential for great confusion on his passing. He had always held final authority and there was a danger that we lose the substantial standard he established.

Historically most religions experienced a crisis after the loss of the founder. Islam split into Shia and Sunni and after Jesus' crucifixion his followers dispersed and went to their homes. However because of the Holy Ghost (Pentecost) they came together and started to invest at the risk of their lives.

Even after Christianity was recognized by Emperor Constantine there was still much theological confusion about key issues such as the divinity of Christ.

In the last year did our Movement disappear? At the Foundation Day ceremony the press and Korean nation were so surprised – seeing members coming from all over the world and so many VIPs and dignitaries coming to celebrate. Comparative to other historical religions we could maintain strong integration after the Founder's passing – we could go over the first great peak of the first year. Surely we did not do all perfectly – but at least we managed to a meaningful level in this very confusing time of loss – the most dangerous time.

How did we overcome? Because of True Mother – we can understand this by reading her speech (the Hoon Dok Hae speech read – the Speech given at the Seonghwa Ceremony for True Father). Imagine the intensity of True Mother's life after True Father went to hospital – so much tension and stress – she almost could not sleep and faced so many other difficulties at the same time. Who could survive such an intense and stressful time? After True Father passed all the providence, the destiny of our movement and even the destiny of the people of the world was on her shoulders.

True Mother stood strongly. She invested all her heart to explain the meaning of the Seonghwa and to give testimony about True Father's life – nobody knows True Father more than her. True Mother testified to True Father and also clearly explained how we must go forward – we have to be united with the culture of heart – not be divided like Christianity or Islam. She asked that we should never forget True Parents' tradition – and that we continue the providence based on complete unanimity.

Christianity has so many denominations –there was so much conflict and shedding of blood in religious wars – they lost the center and became horizontal – lost Christ as the common base and center – the tradition of Jesus -- he indicated I am the Way the Truth and the Life. We know that Jesus was the Son of God and 2nd Adam – for Christians it is so difficult to resolve theological issues – the theology of Trinity. Without the clarity of Divine Principle there was so much debate.

True Mother expressed that now is the time in which we cannot stop – she marched forward without stopping and took the front line position to lead the providence. She could not sleep but showed the model of living with life or death resolution towards Foundation Day.

I saw you all working so hard for Foundation Day with a lot of desperation and unity. We know the importance and that it will be seen in the future as the origin and that we are destined to be regarded as the people who laid that Foundation.

We met here in March after Foundation Day – True Mother's direction was Vision 2020 – coming from the will of God and Principle of Creation – the purpose of creation. True Father taught us about the Fall and the history of restoration – that we must be one with God based on God's word (truth) and then unite mind and body – then ideal family – then take responsibility as tribal messiahs. Next we must restore the nation – a crucial big step – not just by blood but by structure and law. So True Father was so determined to restore at least one nation, however small – that is why True Father was so excited when the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands came to attend True Parents at Cheon Jung Gung.

So True Mother is so clear – in her speech she expressed her two determinations – end the history of restoration through indemnity and realize the ideal world of creation – so determined to do that and work to restore the nation – that is Vision 2020.

All must originate from God and True Parents and down from there – we do not need to discuss what is the will of God it is clear. We did not need to debate what we should be doing when we were under True Father's leadership – e.g. True Father's direction to fight communism – True Father did not ask us to debate or consider – it would have led us to not start because it was so difficult – so True Father did not ask us to debate – just told us what was God's will.

We have to understand the background to Vision 2020 and how to achieve – not to debate or argue about the way – no, that is not the way of the Divine Principle – True Mother clearly explained. First understand and absolutely value the tradition of True Parents and pass to our descendants – culture of heart and Hoon Dok Hae tradition etc. Establish order based on complete unanimity based on True Parents and the Abel figure.

You can criticize me based on whether or not I am in line with True Parents tradition and direction – that must be bequeathed down from leader to leader. Other than that we must unite in unanimity. True Father asked us to declare the end of communism – did we debate? No we had absolute faith love and obedience.

We could see division in our movement – of course all our brothers and sisters have their own view – we could become like Sunni and Shia. How many followed Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak [Hyun Jin Moon] – some, but in time it becomes more clear – Abel is hit and then with time truth comes out and all becomes clear – I do not think that the 'Kwak group' can continue for long.

Now in the courts it starts to become clear –the judge sees clearly – e.g. the Yoido case – the contract was just an internal one between same person acting as Chair of the Foundation and of the Y22 project. Did the money belong to Rev. Kwak – no it was all donated for True Parents and the providence.

If we just are an NGO and have no spiritual root and foundation we would not be able to continue and have spiritual power – we need faith and our religious and spiritual foundation. The [Hyun Jin Moon's] UCI group has no root in True Father's words and is not following True Father's direction (to return all to True Parents).

We have survived!

At the last moment Judas betrayed – John the Baptist was such a great man, but finally he betrayed Jesus – these were great people who became confused and went wrong at the end.

I do not think anybody is any more in danger to go to that group – so now I feel 'phew!' – It is not the end – but we went over the first crucial year.

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation to True Mother – without her we would not be here. If she was not there we would be divided – True Mother is so strong and so absolutely public minded. She never gave up and never compromised.

In a short speech True Mother expressed: you are so lucky because you have True Mother – if we did not have we would be so lost and in such a scary place not knowing what to do.

It does not mean we did such a great job – how much result did we make – I did not push you or have many conference calls –I was just looking for you to do by your own will.

I am struggling because my job is to receive True Parents direction and to lead, should I push you to achieve these responsibilities?

Tribal Messiahship is God's and True Parents direction to all of us – would we have done what we did for the providence if True Father had not pushed us? Were we self-motivated or pushed by True Father?

When I was a Regional Leader in USA we came to True Father every month and it was scary to be in front of True Father – such huge Blessing goals etc. – True Father was merciless.

We have to see our reality – see the numbers – the reality – repent and become so serious – if we become one with True Parents there is nothing that is impossible. Spirit world is working so hard – True Father is watching us – he did not leave from us – he is with True Mother – we must believe it.

In Europe also we had a very serious court case. Peter had not told me about it till it was resolved, but he could have gone to prison. Recently I had thought how we would be able to manage without Peter's support! The very person handling the case from the prosecutor's side retired and the case was given to a new person just three days before the court took place. Looking at the case with new eyes the new prosecutor said, "There is no case here!" The spirit world helped. The case was completely dismissed.

We tend to want to see Spirit World working in some miraculous way – but if we invest we will see Spirit World working so much. If we are united Satan cannot attack.

True Father and Spirit World are with us and miracles are and can happen every moment when we are absolutely united with True Parents.

We did not do 100% but you have been doing a great job – True Mother said we did not do enough but because of you loyal members we came to this point and could have Foundation Day to start the eternal kingdom.

Let us inherit True Parents' heart and direction. At this meeting let us discuss how we can work for and achieve the goals for the Vision 2020. When you go back to your nations please bring to your community leaders and members what you have learned and received during this meeting. 

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