The Words of the An Family

The Era after the Foundation Day

Young Shik An
April 7, 2013
Unofficial notes: Peter Zoehrer

Dear brothers and sisters,

Rev. Young Shik An, European Continental Director just gave the Sunday sermon in Vienna, Austria. The topic: "The Era after the Foundation Day"

Yesterday he met with Dr. Hanna, Dr. Dieter Schmidt and Christian Hausmann and the Staff of the European Youth Department.

In the morning Rev. An visited the Family Church in Graz.

In his sermon Rev. An emphasized that the basis for miracles in this particular time is our unity in heart and longing. We must have determination or we will despair.

This is now not so much the time for large events or rallies. It is the time for the success of tribal messiahs and the restoration of the nation of Cheon Il Guk by 2020.

It is also the time for our 2nd gen to take on much more responsibility.

At noon, Rev. An will meet with leaders.


Peter Zoehrer 

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