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The Church Must Support Tribal Messiahs

Young Shik An
March 28, 2013
European Leaders' Meeting Closing Address
Informal notes

Hak Ja Han – December 2011

President An introduced Rev. Gi Young Shin who has been appointed as True Parents' Special Envoy to Albania and Kosovo, mentioning that Rev. Shin has worked in the USA and is an experienced church leader and can bring a lot of benefit to Albania and Kosovo and all Europe.

Rev Gi Young Shin shortly presented himself as a Blessed member from the 6000 couples Blessing who has 4 children and remarked that he needs our help to learn about Albania and Europe.

President An hoped that we had found this a fruitful meeting – one in which we could understand the new era after Foundation Day and our clear goals: witnessing/Tribal Messiahship, restoration of the nation and raising 2nd generation leadership.

We need to change our thinking – before we were told what to do, but now are asked to decide ourselves – we are heading in that direction. The field is the most important place. The church must support Tribal Messiahs to accomplish. What they cannot do alone must be covered by the church level – Workshops, Sunday Service, 2nd gen education, counseling, etc. Then the European level should provide what the nations cannot do by themselves – e.g. organize European matching candidates for Blessing. All should support the field.

As there will not be so many large events and campaigns we will be able to plan at the national and local level. We can plan, execute and evaluate and feedback and improve constantly – working in a more steady and regular way.

I do not need to direct or give emphasis as regards Tribal Messiahship, because it is the same as your awareness that you need to make money for your living. It is equally fundamental to your life, something we all must do for the sake of our eternal life. When we go to the Spirit World what will we bring with us? Our spiritual children – we need to prepare to meet True Father and have something to show so he can welcome us! You – do not want to meet him with empty hands – so we must all make effort to find spiritual children, just as we make money to live. We are all responsible to make our own plan.

We are all registered as citizens of Cheon Il Guk and national leaders should feel responsible and empowered as 'kings' of Cheon Il Guk. Tribal Messiahs are the Founders of Cheon Il Guk – the Founding Fathers! There needs to be a written history a record – like the Acts of the Apostles. You must take practical steps but it is not just a physical matter – we need to know the logic of the spiritual dimension and to mobilize the Spirit World. Without this help our external skills will not be enough. It is similar to breaking through in fundraising – it is not just a matter of doing our best – we need to set a goal and develop a desperate passionate heart that attracts support from the Spirit World.

Even scientists forget to eat or sleep in search of a breakthrough. We too need a life or death determination and to invest all the power we have even to the last ounce of energy. We must 'put into practice', we must act!!

When we think of the restoration of the nation, then all 194 nations are important and originally, when True Parents proclaimed Foundation Day, the representatives of all the nations should have attended. Anyhow we could bring some Heads of State and Government to Foundation Day, to this coronation of the King of the Eternal Kingdom.

Now True Mother is calling us to make the substantial Cheon Il Guk by 2020. True Father already talked of this, but we must realize that within each level there are three stages – therefore the task is restated as we reach a new stage within each level.

What is the substantial Cheon Il Guk -- the nation where we can practice God's principles – how can we realize this on earth? We must be the decision makers in society. Constantine declared a Christian Empire and decided that Christians do not need to pay tax and that people should believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus never had a position of worldly authority from which to lead and influence – he did not even have a town. However, Confucius had a territory and did a great job – in a few years he reformed the nation – a very low crime rate and a law that was not harsh. He was the parent of the people – his disciples were very moral and sincere. The emphasis was on the practice of virtue – the whole territory he ruled was transformed.

In our restored nation we will create a profound impact by reducing sexual misconduct and raising a society of morality and purity. This problem is the root of all problems and the Divine Principle has great power to help people change for good. We need to change the environment so that it is easier to be good and to do good.

There are two approaches to making an ideal world. Starting with reforming myself and on to family, society, nation and world -- this is the most fundamental way, but it takes a long time. If you change the nation the process can be much quicker. In North Korea at present you may need to steal as, if you do not, you may die of hunger! Most of the nation is on the bread line – what is the difference between North and South Korea -- it is the political ideology. When we restore the nation we can practice the philosophy that guides our lives based on altruism rather than egoism. We need the Divine Principle and True Parents' life example and our membership who manifest lives of sacrifice and can stand as Abel to become Founders of Cheon Il Guk. Sadly we did not have even one nation represented by the President at True Father's Seonghwa ceremony.

Now True Mother chose 20 nations as our strategic focus and Korea, Japan and USA will support – also European nations should support. True Parents sent out special envoys to help.

After WWII which nation should have be divided – Korea or Japan? From the viewpoint of justice it should be Korea, but USA gave up on Korea and saved Japan. It was the powerful nations that decided. Now we know that the situation on the Korean peninsula is being addressed by the six party talks. Such large nations are very influential and in Europe too the five providential nations are very influential towards the other nations. These major nations are not easy to restore but we can seek to encourage them to use their great influence to support positive developments in the strategic nations. Japan has a plan to mobilize 40 sisters to each of the 43 providential and strategic nations. By the end of April they will be assigned and will offer providential support.

We must also elevate our young people to take up the leadership role. This is our other great challenge which must be resolved. Please discuss all these tasks again when you get back to your nations.

The time when True Parents are on earth is the most crucial time – it is truly amazing that we could reach this point of development in True Parents' life time. We are the Founders whose names will be immortalized in the history books. This is reality – what True Father said will eventually be realized. The weather may fluctuate, but the spring will come!!!

We need to be united in mind and heart based on our desperate heart – then miracles happen. We cannot expect anything valuable without pain and effort. So do not complain or be cynical – be serious and manifest the right heart and attitude.

Questions and Answers

Question: Could we would benefit from a European committee to help with different tasks e.g. education?

That is a good point. You do not need to wait for my instruction. However it is better to work near to the front line. The European level is far away. It is best to make provision based on need and make this on the national or community level. If the family level cannot do, go to Community level -- if they can do go up one more step and offer support. HQ staff can come to the front line to help train teachers.

Question: Can we Bless previously married couples throughout the year or must we wait till the next International Cosmic Blessing?

Previously married couples can be Blessed by national leaders and tribal messiahs at any time using the Cosmic Holy Wine.

Question: What about Public Relations and having a European Committee?

Peter Zoehrer can come to your nation and help in response to a request for support, if you pay his air fare. He can also call a seminar or initiate a European panel. I can also pass on your request for global PR strategies.

Question: What about financial matters – raising finance?

We need to work according to our strengths and capacities -- our specialty. I recommend that we do not jump into what is not our specialty. We need to know what we can do and what we cannot do – what we do well and what we are not good at. 

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