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Foundation Day meeting with True Mother and the Vision 2020 project

Young Shik An
March 27, 2013
European Leaders' Meeting Opening Address
Informal notes

Hak Ja Han – December 2011

At Foundation Day I could meet True Mother and hear her words and get many ideas how to connect to and take up the Vision 2020 project - this meeting is the meeting for the top-down direction to meet the bottom up response. We went from the mountain top to the field and now we try to connect the two to make the base for a substantial result over this 7 year period.

We are living in a tribulation era - many memos from HQ but also many informal sources of information - some good news and some worrying news that makes us sad or frustrated or even desperate - but I say we should not worry too much.

When we heard the Hoon Dok Hae this morning we heard about spring and feel hope and something coming up from True Father's love and heart. Lately the weather went back to winter, but we do not go to buy winter clothes because we know spring will come - we know the principle of the universe. If somebody only knows that spring is coming after they actually see the flowers blooming they are not wise - the wise know even in depth of winter that the spring WILL come.

More important than the waves are the hidden currents under the surface of the ocean - the invisible Sung Sang which lies underneath. Things start from our invisible mind - the mind controls not the visible aspect - so we need to be aware of the invisible area. Wise people need to see the invisible providence, not just what is immediately visible. We look at providential history from Adam and Eve to Noah and Abraham and eventually to Jesus - the Messiah. We are in Easter week, the last crucial days of Jesus life -- his last week. Was there anybody who knew the providence at that time? Only Jesus knew that it was spring. At that time what did Jesus do and say - he rode a donkey and came to Jerusalem.

We can compare this with the global foundation that True Parents built- it is so much more. The disciples were scared and frustrated - even Jesus could not say directly 'You must have absolute love, faith and obedience - he could just say 'stay awake' - he could not even ask for life or death resolution. He wanted them to be united with him but they could not make it. Then Jesus went to cross. People were maybe expecting a miracle - but on the cross they just saw a miserable ending - no miracle. They did not know the providence, but just saw Jesus' painful death not understanding Jesus' last words 'It is finished'. Jesus left and resurrected and after 40 days Pentecost came and they received the Holy Spirit - without the Holy Spirit they could not have continued. They repented and went to the cross like Jesus - did the disciples realize at that time that they were kings under the King of Kings - they never really knew their providential value.

After so much persecution finally the Roman Empire accepted Christianity and then Kings really respected Jesus and his disciples were glorified in front of all the people. How many people here are named after a Roman Emperor? How many are named after the disciple, St. Peter? You do not remember the great kings of Chinese history but you all know the names of the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Now we arrived at the point of the Second Coming - but True Father was not accepted and all the prepared foundation was lost and he had to go to the bottom of hell and start from there, indemnifying all the past, and make his own foundation to stand as the Messiah. After making that foundation over 40 years he could finally have the Holy Wedding, such an important holy event - the first time to have True Parents as a victorious couple on the earth. True Father had to rise up by passing the indemnity course to become one with God and at the same time True Mother had to rise up to meet True Father. God is subject to True Father and True Father subject to True Mother (like the sun, earth and moon). At the 2001 Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship, God became King for the first time - True Parents could restore His position. From that point after 12 years they could reach Foundation Day - what is the meaning?

2001 was God's Coronation, Foundation Day was True Parents' coronation. That was the first part of the ceremony at Foundation Day - it was the completion stage coronation, no moment in the providence can be compared with that moment. "Cheon Il Guk Jinseongdeok Hwangje" is the title of True Father (it means "True Emperor of Cheon Il Guk with Holiness and Virtue") - and True Mother proclaimed the name of the nation - and the national Anthem - the eternal Kingdom of God starts there. True Parents are the eternal King and Queen. How can they be eternal - because this kingdom is not just of this physical world, it is a cosmic kingdom - with a spiritual dimension. There is only one Kingdom, the one God originally intended - the cosmic Kingdom. We will need it in the Spirit World when we leave this physical world. True Parents became the King and Queen of the Cosmic Kingdom - which is more than any dynasty in global history - did we feel that when we participated in the coronation ceremony??

The next ceremony was the Registration Blessing by which our names are registered as part of the Cheon Il Guk Kingdom - we are the people of the Cosmic Kingdom - the original ideal kingdom. We know we are not qualified, but due to True Parents' grace we could get that Blessing. Even after that we may not feel this deeply, just as Jesus' disciples failed to really understand. That made True Mother frustrated -the fact that we tend to just see external things -for us it is almost just another day. Maybe we just expect some miracle or dreams or think 'what is the difference anyway'!!

If we had many miracles and dreams it would be a big problem - in Jesus time they could not survive without the Holy Spirit - True Parents came to make the substantial kingdom - True Father did not make miracles - if he had we would be in danger of not making any substantial foundation - we would be just awaiting a miracle. The disciples need to change themselves and build the kingdom and make the heavenly law - we must do that. We may have confusion - 'why did True Father not come in my dream?' - 'Oh True Father please answer'. We would be in danger of becoming reliant on such miracles - that is not the way to build the heavenly kingdom.

Reality is that we do not see the difference - so we may feel loss of faith or confusion but we must remember that True Father proclaimed 'it is all completed, perfected and concluded'. When we read True Father's special speech in which he proclaims the substantial word it is so precious -- True Father's final words which give a complete overview of the providence. This is his most important speech which we should read again and again to catch the meaning of the providential moment in which we find ourselves.

True Father expressed that: last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days -- one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010).The number 3 from 3:25 AM represents the three eras from the saying?Success comes at the third attempt. It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, or the number 25, is a quarter of one hundred. The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God's full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.

Jesus' disciples did not understand that it was finished. We also are in danger of being confused before the phenomena of this time - we must understand that the fundamental paradigm is changed because True Father went to the Spiritual World after finishing all the providence. Now True Mother took over in the central position in the providence.

The world has been changed so much - more in this last 50 years than ever before. We still struggle with money- but in fact in our rich world we are dying because of obesity rather than malnutrition - we are living too convenient a life style - for the first time in history it is like this - we eat what the kings of the past could not eat - we live longer than the kings of the past!! Yet we still complain!!

This period is so materially blessed - the reason is that the Messiah came, that is why this time is so blessed - True Parents advanced the providence so much- that is how the world is so changed. Now True Father went to the Spirit World, but we still have True Mother here on earth with us, such a precious time, but it will not be so forever. This is the most precious time to have True Parents with us - so True Mother is so determined to finish the providence - already she is 70 years old so she is so urgent. Now we understand another reason why True Mother needed to be so much younger than True Father! In this time of confusion, without True Mother who would have authority and provide the central point - nobody else can do that- we are so lucky to have True Mother.

Many people were asking what will happen after True Father goes to Spirit World - but we can stand firm because of True Mother. This phase when we have True Mother is not so long. She is so confident to build CIG (we are not so confident - a bit like Jesus' disciples). We have to finish - the paradigm has changed - in the past there were so many ceremonies and providential events - all were to enable True Parents and Heavenly Parent to achieve ultimate unity - that is CIG, 2 people become one (True Father and True Mother (Adam and Eve) centered on God). That is the ultimate - God and True Parents are one - as a result God became the Heavenly Parent - God became one in his own being - the united God of Night and Day.

If anybody thinks that God and True Parents are different that is wrong - they are one - also as we attend True Mother we attend True Father and God - their words are also one - True Mother's word is True Father's word and that is God's word. True Mother's word is the word spoken by the substantial self. What does that mean - it means that True Parents are the substance of God. The word comes from the substantial being - so True Parents are the source and are more than the word as the word comes from True Parents who are God's substance. Whatever Jesus said was true - Jesus is the spring from which the water of truth flows. Similarly what True Father says is the truth - maybe we will not always understand just as people did not understand at Jesus. Would a Confucian understand when Jesus said you should 'hate your parents' or a Buddhist understands True Father who is hunting and fishing? True Parents have a much higher dimension - we do not understand because we are in a lower dimension of understanding - you cannot understand a higher dimension from a lower one. Therefore we need to realize which dimension True Father is talking from - maybe sometimes he speaks from the perspective of the ideal world - at other times from the perspective of the world of restoration -- e.g. True Father said we do not need indemnity anymore, but that is surely not applicable to my case!! It may seem that his words are contradictory because they come from a different dimension or perspective - but we need to know that all that True Parents say is true. Whatever True Mother does that is the truth.

I do not think we will have big campaigns or proclamations - this is a more practical time of building rather than the 'war time' providential period under True Father when we were like captains or generals - we fought to survive. It was tough to make unity as we all had different national styles etc. - so much sacrifice was required to find a common base. It is amazing that we did that in one generation - we were fighting to destroy the fallen kingdom. Now we must build and make a new large and wonderful house.

It is a different paradigm now - the place to build is not in the HQ but on the front line at Tribal Messiah level. The target for 2020 is witnessing and Tribal Messiahship. Next is restoration of the nation so we can practically implement True Father's teaching. When we restore a nation we can teach Divine Principle and they can understand the need for purity in our moral life and families. Know about God as our parent and about the Fall of Man - then that nation can be changed. Confucius could demonstrate in practice that he could develop and improve a nation and be an excellent ruler - he proved he could make a peaceful nation. We need to find a nation that accepts True Parents and the Divine Principle.

True Mother will not live forever - so the first generation must work so hard and try to finish everything. Many of us are now 60 years old - how long can we live with enough physical strength - not so long - it is surely better not to be a National Leader at 70 years old!! We have a maximum of 7 years more. We have to give a nation or world of peace to the next generation. The goal is witnessing and bequeathing the tradition and kingdom to the next generation.

Do we know who we are or are we like Jesus' disciples, such that we do not realize that we are the people of Cheon Il Guk under the substantial King and Queen. True Father spoke so many times that we are in the time 'after the coming of heaven' - this refers to the dividing point of human history - similar to before and after Jesus. We are in Year 1 of CIG - a totally different age - the start of God's Kingdom.

Here we have many National Leaders - what is your position in this new kingdom? The prior history was like that of a past foreign world. True Parents are the King of Kings so what are you? Who was the first Pope? It was St Peter, but did he know that? Now the Pope is so great, but did Peter ever think he had such a standing. We are humble people but must consider who is the real king? Peter was so humble externally but internally he was the first Pope - the internal thing is substance more than the external thing - the external is just temporary - internal things are invisible but last eternally. One hundred years later who will remember the rulers of this age? Rather we will remember the first king after Foundation Day. We need to be so proud for God and yet so humble! We need to really understand who we are! 

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