The Words of the An Family

Dress code for Foundation Day

Kwon Sang An
February 14, 2013

Dear Leaders,

Please note that this dress code refers only to the Foundation Day Blessing taking place in Korea.

Locally women can wear also a white of beige colored formal dress.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
European Office

To all Nations and Cities/Communities

Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony for Blessed Families


We would like to remind each region about the dress code for Foundation Day.

To all the blessed couples (without exception) who will be attending foundation day MUST wear white wedding gown for the women, and black suit and red (shades of red) tie for men.

We would also like to remind that all children will be observing foundation day outside the Peace World Center at Chung Pyung.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Foundation Day are for sale for about 250,000 Won, on the ground floor at the CBG. Attached are a few photos and the contact details in Achasan (+ACM- 545) where they are made.


Kwon Sang An
International Headquarters
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 

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