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About Foundation Day Blessing

Yong Shik An
February 4, 2013
European Continental leader of Europe


Foundation Day Blessing is not like receiving the "Blessing". It is an upgrade to the Blessing, so therefore you have to already have received the Blessing in order to get the upgrade. So, Foundation Day Blessing is for couples and single members who have received the Blessing. (Single means -- widowed, divorced, separated, or a member of a couple in which the other partner does not wish to participate.) In the latter case the participating member should not try to control or bully their partner, or come with a photograph without the partner's consent. They should receive the Foundation Day Blessing alone, and later through their genuine love and care win the heart of their partner.


A Blessing held before Foundation Day to allow new people to be able to participate in the Foundation Day Blessing.

All the 5 conditions must be fulfilled if not before then after Foundation Day.


The Holy Wine ceremony is for everyone. You can go as a family. You need to fill out the "Holy Wine Ceremony Participant's Card" for your family. Your blessed children should fill out their own Family Participant's Card."

Each individual participant over 16 years old should fill out the "Cheon Il Guk Resolution Form For A New Beginning." (Younger children can also do it if they wish as it is totally private and some young teens may feel liberated from doing so. No names need to be written on the envelope.) Otherwise they are automatically forgiven through the holy wine. You do not need to put your name on the paper, or on the envelope. Just seal the envelope and put it on the altar. The papers will be burned (possibly in the nation, but not confirmed yet.) The contents are just between you and God, so keep it honest and sincere.

The Holy Wine must be taken between certain dates. The national leader can do it as often as is necessary and may also travel to other parts of the nation to hold the ceremony within the 2 weeks allotted time. If, for some unusual reason some member can't make it within those 2 weeks, the leader may drop some holy wine on their photo during the ceremony.


(New directions) The Special Grace Form is only to be filled out for one specific situation -- that is ñ in the case of where a second generation got legally married to a first generation. In this case they need to produce the marriage certificate (proof of their legal marriage) and then they will be accepted as a first generation couple. Their children, born after the blessing will be second generation. Any children born or in the womb before will be Jacob's children.

For ALL other cases: first or second generation who have fallen, or made any kind of mistakes to do with the fall, or misuse of money, or violations of heart need only fill out the Cheon Il Guk Resolution Form For A New Beginning.


One leader asked "how about if you have some couples that are really struggling with each other and at the point of divorce, should they attend or not?

The answer was that, if at all possible, they should go ahead and do the ceremony, even if they end up not being able to stay together. As we don't really understand yet what kind of grace or spiritual help this blessing may bring it is better to go ahead rather than stay away.


Now that we understand about the total forgiveness that is coming, no matter what kind of sins have been committed, totally private, with no need for names on the papers, or envelopes, Pres. An asked that we reach out to all X-members in our nation, not forgetting one, and our spiritual children abroad. Don't push them, but at least let them know what it happening. 

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