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Launching Ceremony of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in Benin (Emmanuel Allognon - April 17, 2016 pdf)

Benin holds first Tribal Messiahship Blessing of 2016 (Emmanuel Allognon - April 30, 2016 pdf)

Benin's Kick-off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for Fulfillment of Vision 2020 (Emmanuel Allognon - October 30, 2016 pdf)

Education and blessing programs in Cotonou, Benin (Emmanuel Allognon - February 23, 2017 pdf)

UPF Benin has started an Education Program for Ambassadors for Peace (Emmanuel Allognon - February 25, 2017 pdf)

King of Cana, (Danhome) Benin becomes Ambassador for Peace (Emmanuel Allognon - February 26, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Benin holds three events for the UN International Women’s Day 2017 (Emmanuel Allognon - March 11, 2017 pdf)

Beninese members' national peace campaign to renew families and society (Emmanuel Allognon - May 2017 pdf)

11 African nations attend 2017 Chung Pyung African Tour Special Benin Event (Emmanuel Allognon - October 18, 2017 pdf)

UPF Benin's Interreligious Seminar in the conference room of Comè Town Hall (Emmanuel Allognon - October 28, 2017 pdf)

Benin's First Blessing Festival for Religious Leaders held in Comè (Emmanuel Allognon - November 18, 2017 pdf)

Benin has 7 Couples Who Completed their 430 Couple Tribal Messiah Blessing (Emmanuel Allognon - December 3, 2017 pdf)

Antoine and Valentine Kpohin Bless 28 couples in Zogbodomey, Benin (Emmanuel Allognon - December 10, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Benin Awards Six Ambassadors for Peace at the Rivera Hotel in Cotonou (Emmanuel Allognon - December 13, 2017 pdf)

Benin's Inauguration of International Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) (Emmanuel Allognon - December 16, 2017 pdf)

FFWPU Benin Introduces New Victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs (Emmanuel Allognon - January 7, 2018 pdf)

Benin's Heavenly Tribal Messiah Team's Blessing Ceremony in Kpable Village (Emmanuel Allognon - January 22, 2018 pdf)

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