The Words of the Adesanya Family

I am really interested in studying the Divine Principle

Prince Ade. Adesanya
April 14, 1971

To: Editor of The Way of the World,

I was exceedingly happy when I received your letter dated 10th instant, the contents which were carefully gone through. I also received a parcel containing the following books:-

1. Divine Principle and its Application

2. The Way of the World

3. The International Wedding of 777 Couples

I am happy to see in your letter that my intensions to come to your end to study the Activities of your Association met with your favorable approval and also ur recommendation to the German Headquarters of the Association for the Study, you mentioned in your letter that if I am to come to Korea you will pay my expense for staying in Korea I Lope the same will happen if I am to go to Germans.

I enclosed herewith a copy of my letter to the Headquarters and will be happy to hear your remark about same.

As I have said in my first letter I am really interested in studying the Truth and the Divine Principle 01 your Association. I hope to hear from you as soon as mine is received.

In the Name of Our True God,
Prince Ade. Adesanya 

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