The Words of the Adamson Family

Atlanta's Fourth Advanced ICC Seminar

Tony Adamson
July 25-28, 1988

Seminar participants and staff pose for a group photo.

The Southeast Region's fourth Advanced Divine Principle Seminar for ICC graduates was held July 25-28, 1988, at a retreat center in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the 25 participants had broken very busy schedules to attend, but all were very happy to take part. Included in the group were a minister running for mayor of his city, a retired university professor, and even a nuclear physicist!

Each minister had been inspired by the Korean ICC experience, which opened up great opportunities for dialogue between them and Unificationists. They all wanted very much to keep the spirit of ICC alive.

After an overview of the entire Principle by Rev. Tom Cutts, the liveliness of the question-and-answer periods revealed the ministers' deep interest in the Principle. As members, we are so thoroughly familiar with the Principle that we often forget that others need time to grasp many of the points. Yet it was amazing how much of the Principle these ministers were able to absorb.

One very sincere minister suddenly understood that the Second Advent was not cloud-borne. So many new concepts became clear to them that many began rethinking their entire understanding of Christian theology.

A High Level of Unity

Rev. Don Olson, the national president of the ICC Alumni Association and a graduate of the very first Korean ICC seminar, spoke on the power of the ICC to bring ministers together in a spirit of true love. He said that most of the alumni from the conferences are "till active around the country. He reported how often the ministers express that they never experienced such a high level of unity and harmony within their individual denominations, let alone in an interdenominational context, as they had on the ICC. Such a phenomenon must be the will of God, he said.

A presentation on Cain and Abel relationships was given by Rev. Jim Stephens, director of the ICC, who has a well-deserved reputation for clarity and candor. He spoke about the significance of Jacob's course as a model course in restoration and the first historical victory of an Abel figure. He explained that Unification Church members often have a much more difficult time relating with each other than with ministers of other faiths because we are going through a restoration process within our movement based on the Cain and Abel principle. Rev. Stephens gave personal testimony that at one time he felt so much anger and resentment toward another member that he walked around in circles for hours trying to digest it. He said that many members experience this type of suffering before experiencing the more mature levels of Cain/Abel unity.

Other ministers are always giving testimony about the quality of Unification Church members, but they don't understand how much struggle lies underneath it all!

Perhaps the most interesting presentation, an introduction to Father's life and ministry, was given by Rev. Chae Hee Lee, the regional director of the Atlanta region. He described Father as a man of great talents and gifts in many fields yet also as one dedicated to uncovering the real nature of human suffering and misery.

Rev. Lee explained how difficult it is at times to believe in what Rev. Moon sets out to do. He described his incredulity when Rev. Moon announced the International Highway Project at the 1981 ICUS in Seoul. It was explained that this road system would connect Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and China to Moscow. Another segment would run through Alaska, Canada, the United States, and on through South America to Argentina. When Rev. Moon was asked if he expected this project to be completed in his lifetime, he replied, "Of course!"

At the end of his speech, Rev. Lee invited the ministers to respond to Rev. Moon's challenge of world restoration: "If you agree, join with us!" 

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