The Words of the van der Stok Family

Testimony from Berkeley

Elke Klaiwater (van der Stok)
New Age Frontiers - August 15, 1963

Dear Family:

Before accepting the Divine Principles I did not know why I wanted to come to California. I had everything in Colorado I wanted. So no one could understand why I wanted to move to California, including myself. Now, as I look back I can see a whole new picture of my life. I have been like a lost orphan, always searching for something. I did not know what it was. Sometimes I would walk aimlessly through the streets and through the campus searching.

When Edwin Ang introduced me into the Divine Principles, I was overjoyed and felt that I found something which I must never loose again. This was something so precious that I was afraid that some could take it away. Maybe this was just a wonderful heavenly dream; but no, everything was so logical and clear, it had to be true.

Our dear Father has given to us all this great privilege to follow our Lord. Why should there be anyone who would rather be bad than good if they could choose? Through personal experiences with the spirit world I became even more convinced of the great power of this message. We should be very grateful that our eyes have been opened.

Last Sunday I went to another Pentecostal church and talked to one girl, we both were attracted to each other right away. She was very enthusiastic about the message and wanted to know more about it. So our meetings are slowly but surely getting larger.

God is truly working, and opening doors for me which had been closed before. I found a Buddhist discussion group, they discuss all religions and are more open-minded than most churches.

Since Pauline and Gordon have moved, Edwin and I have visited many churches together. This is excellent training for me. Oh! how I wish the day was twice as long so we could do more for our Lord. The time is so short that we have to make use of every minute to reach all the people.

Let us do our very best while we strive toward our goal with assured anticipation. We thank our Lord and Miss Kim for leading the way so we can follow and do our share in this great restoration of mankind.

Love, Elke 

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