The Words of the van der Stok Family

The first three months in South Africa were not easy

Susan and Wouter van der Stok
January 13, 1971
Bellville, South Africa

Dear Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi,

Thank you very much for your Christmas greetings and good wishes for the Yew Year. We here from this southern point of Africa wish you and all our brothers and sisters in Korea a very successful 1971 which may see great strides forward in our homeland, Korea and all over the world of the new dispensation.

In your letter of 17th July 1970 you asked us for the history of the Family in our country and pictures, and w, now enclose three of the many letters we have written to Teddy and Pauline in Holland (Who sent us out as missionaries to this great land) as part of the history of the church in South Africa as well as photographs of the first South African Center and the first members, my life Susan, her 14-year old brother Johan and myself.

We arrived back in Johannesburg on 22-7-1970 and arrived in Cape Town three days later. The first three months were not easy and spent mainly by translating Miss Kim's book of the Divine Principles into the African language (which is somewhat similar to the Dutch language), and the 1965 Master's Speeches and giving lectures to family and friends. Since early November 1970 we moved into our first Center and started printing handbills (two specimens attached) and witnessing on the streets. Over 15,000 handbills have so far been distributed by Johan and myself and the first people have arrived for lectures: two days ago five people, and last week three, who were all interested and promised to call again to hear the second chapter. Over thirty hardboard notices with the Unified Family name and red emblem have been spiked to trees along Cape Town's main roads and all this is already having a marked effect: we are becoming known fast.

There is so much work to be done that we wish some more members would come in fast to help us!

Our heartfelt prayers for an early victory of Father's Work in Korea and love in our True Parents' Name,

Susan and Wouter van der Stok
(South African Family) 

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