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Mini-GPF In Yamanashi - GPF Mobilization at Yamanashi-Ken sponsored by FJMGP

Ronnie de los Santos
September 14, 2008

In behalf of the Mini GPF-Yamanashi Chapter committee and the FJMGP officers and staffs. I would like to share with you what happened in the last September 14, 2008 Yamanashi Mini-GPF.

Ate Jen Yamaguchi was a sole Filipina FJMGP member in Yamanashi. So in the beginning it seems that it was so difficult for her to conduct mini GPF in her place. But because of her determination and dedication to contribute in the upcoming GPF Japan 2008, together with a few of her non member friends, they visited every Filipina living in her area to invite them in the coming affair. It was not so easy for them to immediately give their confirmation for so many reasons, like for example they need to ask first permission to their Japanese husbands and some say that they have work even on Sunday.

Anyway, the day of the event had come and to her surprise, the mini auditorium was filled with guests, Filipinos and Japanese as well, at least a hundred in number. Angelita Obara, FJMGP President gave an orientation about the organization and at the same time welcomed the guests. After that we had the Video Presentation taken from the GPF-Philippines 2007 event and all were amazed on the grandeur of the celebration specially upon seeing the different prominent personalities attending the festival.

The Program was full of surprises for we had so many intermission number, like the Aloha Dance Group, the Yamaguchi children who performed piano and flute presentation and of course the sparring partner of the FJMGP which is the Tong-Il MO DO Association whose dedication and performance is always amazing, headed by soon to be Master, Mr. Robert Alcamfor together with him were Mr. Joel Arias, Mr. Isaiah Florentino, Mr. Arnold Heramis and his two wonderful kids and the small but terrible tita Angie Obara demonstrated their skills in Martial Arts.

The 1st speaker was Mr. Koji Matsuda who is the Executive Director of the GPF Exhibition and Secretary General of the YFWP (Youth Federation for World Peace) talked about the past and recent activities of the Service for Peace and the Global Peace Festival in the Philippines and other countries through a PowerPoint presentation by which pave a way for him to invite all the guest to participate at the upcoming November 15 GPF Japan in Tokyo.

The 2nd speaker was Mr. Reuben G. Cruz, President of the Filipino Japanese Blessed Family Association (FJBFA)East Region and adviser to the FJMGP. discussed about the role of the Family in building a world of peace and gave his own personal testimony on how to make the Family a true school of love.

The 3rd speaker came from the audience, He is Mr. Mazaaki Nozawa, an Engineer who gave his reflection and opinion regarding the ideas of the Global Peace Festival. Everyone gave their affirmation to support the Nov15 GPF-Japan event. The program was concluded by a community singing of the GPF theme song and gift giving for children. After the program, everyone were invited to a grand dinner.

Ate Jen Jen's friends helped her prepare so many Filipino foods. While everyone is enjoying the meal, ate Jen approached every table and gave thanks to all of us. Everybody enjoyed their meal and after some group discussion, all gave their final greetings and went home inspired.

The FJMGP-GPF Yamanashi Chapter wants to give their gratitude to following persons. Thanks for the big support!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cernardo
2. Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Delos Santos
3. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Panuncia
4. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Heramis
5. Mr. Rommel Tayag
6. Mr. Nilo Ibasco
7. Ms. Remia Martin
8. Ms. Liza Nacorda
9. Ms. Tessie Reynes
10. Ms. Barbara Yokoyama
11. Mrs. Rowena Kobayashi 

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