The Words of the de la Cruz Family

Cavite Blessed Families with 2nd gen conquer Mount Pico de Loro

Bernard de la Cruz
April 27, 2008

Cavite- Some Filipino blessed families based in Cavite organized a new thrill with a motive to refresh themselves in goal-hitting. They made a thrill in reaching a peak of a stiffy mountain nearby their province, the peak of Mt. Pico de Loro in Cavite.

Bernard de la Cruz, Mario Guy, Raul Custodio and other blessed families gathered last April 26 and 27 with their grown-up blessed children and were so excited to the mountain climbing adventure. It was a family time, an ecological nurturing and at the same time a spiritual conquest of hitting a goal amidst risk, limitations, with their simple gadgets and gears.

Pico de Loro is just 664 meters above sea level. It it took us 3 hours to climb from jump off point. From the peak you can see the 360-degree view of Laguna and its lake, Corregidor and Batangas. The mountain was named after the peak of a bird called loro since it looks like a peak of the bird.

The team numbering 15 people were the following families with their 2nd gen: Custodio Family-Raul, Yea Mi, Kookie, Hyo Gang; Guy Family-Mario, Chung hyeon, Chosun; Amangan Family-Joel, Hyun jae, Mae jin; Pocong Family-George, Jones will; de la Cruz Family - Bernard, Cathy and Eric Rodas. It was lead by Bernard and Mario who made the first pilot climb last April 7 this year.

The Trek From Trece Martires at around 1:00PM, we ride in L300 van to DENR post and left the L300 van in DENR paying P30 for parking fee; walk in a highway for about 5 minutes to jump off point. The start trek upwards clicked at 2:30p.m. to Camp 1 for about 30 minutes. And take a rest in Camp 1 for 15 minutes then proceeded to Alibangbang Park for another 30 minutes; rest for another 15 minutes, then proceeded to camp site for 1 hour and thirty minutes walk. The climb here was quite difficult. The trail sometimes is steep. We arrive in at around 5:30p.m. and started to fix our tents and prepare for dinner. In the campsite you can see the peak and Batangas area, you are like in a balcony of the world.

When we arrived some other groups arrived earlier and settled there for the night. In my estimate there were around 20 tents around the area. I saw one tent on the peak but I heard they went down because of strong wind. We woke up at around 5:30 and prepare for breakfast. At around 800 a.m. we started the climb toward the peak. We arrived after around 20 minutes. In the peak you will enjoy the 360-degree view of Laguna, Batangas, Cavite and Corregidor.

You can see the rock standing tall on the opposite side of the main peak. It is another challege for a mountainer to climb. Last year a Fil-Am lady tried to climb the rock but failed she fell and landed on the bamboo trees down below. Her body was taken by the marine rescuer after 3 hours. Luckily she survived the fall.

Another point of interest going to Pico de Loro is the passing on and through a magnetic field. You can feel the strong pull even you if you are riding the car. The vehicle will slow down and we have to change to 3rd gear or 2nd gear though the land is almost flat.

And just nearby is a white sand beach located where mariners called it the Boracay of Cavite. The nature is just so good for everyone to harmonize and be at peace.

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