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La Union Conducts Peace Rally with Korean Peace Ambassador

Cesar de Loza
September 2, 2007

La Union - La Union Family Federation in the name of the Universal Peace Federation with the Fil Vision and the Live for the Sake of Others Foundation as co-sponsors, conducted a Peace rally last August 15, 2007 held in in Sudipen, La Union. Northwestern Luzon Executive Director Dulce Buyayo and REgional Leaders of FFWPU of La union and Tagudin Mr. Cesar de Loza and Mr. and Mrs. Serge and Alma Pang oden-Degamo, respectively, and with the Gen. Manager of Fil Vision in Bauaung, La Union Mr. Felix Sanchez, the peace rally was smoothly organized with the visiting Korean missionary and Peace Ambassador Rev. Hon. Tae Jo Seo as the key ntoe speaker.

The participants in the event were the officers of municipalities in Sudipen and the different barangay chairmen with their ABC (Association of Barangay Councils) President. The Municipality of Sudipen welcome the guests through their Vice-Mayor. who spoke in behalf of the Mayor of Sudipen who could not come due to his hectic schedules. One of the pastors in Sudipen gave the opening prayer at the start of the program. Executive Director Dulce Buyayo gave the opening remarks while the Vice Mayor gave the welcome address.

Peace Ambassador Tae Jo Seo delivered the peace message based from the Peace messages of Rev and Mrs Sun Myung Moon. He also did the same in Baguio and after La Union they were bound to Pangasinan as well.

After the peace message, the holy wine ceremony was conducted with the participants receiving the holy wine. The FFWPU and UPF staff coordinated in the ceremony.

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