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Leadership Turnover Ceremony In La Union

Froilan, Matbagan, Cesar de Loza and Felix Sanchez
June 20, 2007

La Union - Regional Director Cesar de Loza, 26 years old and a newly ordained minister from the FFWPU was designated to lead the La Union Providence for Restoration by the National Leader of UM Philippines. La Union Center started in 1992 thru the efforts of a TIMD Instructor Mr. Thomas Sagayo and Prof. Allan C. Cadano who was a college intructor in NPCMTS in San Fernando City at the time.

A week after his ordination as minister last June 2, 2007, Min. De Loza was brought to La Union by elders Mr. and Mrs Felix and Augie Sanchez together with the former La Union Regional Leader Mr. Froilan L. Matbagan Jr. They arrive in San Fernando City on June 10.

On June 12, when Philippines was celebrating its Independence day, La Union also made the turn-over ceremony which officially launched and start the newly designated Regional Director Cesar de Loza in La Union Providence.

The turn-over ceremony was graced by the Regional Executive Director Mr. and Mrs. Alfon and Dulce Buyayo from Baguio City, Mr. and Mrs. Serge and Alma Degamo of Tagudin Center, Elders Mr. and Mrs. Felix and Augie Sanchez of the Fil Vision Trading of Bauang, La Union and the students and home members of La Union.

Mr. Froilan L. Matbagan together with his wife and son Hiedi and Young Mike Alllen Matbagan, acted as the MC during the program and shared the backgrounder about La Union to the new installed regional director.

The Executive Director Mrs. Dulce Buyayo shared her first challenge to the newly installed leader to double their membership in the area within the first 40 days of his leadership in the province.

Dir. de Loza gave his acceptance speech mentioning to do his best in leading the City of San Fernando and the Provicne of La Union in terms of the Providence. De Loza who was blessed to Regina Canedo, joined the UM Philippine in year 2001. He grew up in Quezon City and finished a course in there.

After the turn-over ceremony, the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Romeo and Eva Lopez was also awarded the 2nd gen scholarship by the LiSO Foundation Inc. The grant was handed by the Executive Director Felix Sanchez of the Foundation. Jong Lopez the kid will be going to grade one this school year.

The turn-over ceremony was closed by its mansei cheers and its documentary pause of the new leader and his members in La Union.

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