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Something related to DP/UT I like to share - Are all those Numbers in Our Solar System Just a Coincidence - Parallels between UT and numbers

Adrian de Groot
January 25, 2014

Are all those Numbers in Our Solar System Just a Coincidence?

Parallels between Unification Thought and numbers

Dear Unificationist or friend of the Unification Movement:

Or very simply said: Dear Brother or Sister,

As we should not hide our precious light of divine truth under a bushel, I feel likewise compelled to share some of my amazing guided findings with you, which may help you in your outreach and witnessing efforts, or in some other form may enrich you.

In 1995 I received my Ph.D. in musicology, but was unable to do anything with it. One university wrote me that I was one of 700 job applicants! Ouch; what an impossible predicament! I remember one day asking God what I should do with my Ph.D., and then I heard a very distinct voice: "One day you will do work in an area that is going to be a surprise, even to you!" Intuitively, I had always felt that there was indeed an area of knowledge I didn't know yet anything about, but which I would somehow come to know about and might even be good at.

To make a long story short, with further inspirations and guidance, this field turned out to be number theory, and after having done lots of research, which felt as natural as wearing an old well-fitting baseball glove, at some point I felt stuck with all the fascinating, yet disconnected data I had gathered (ca. 1200 pages in 6 months). Not knowing where to turn or what to do next, the same inner voice then simply said: "Everything is Principle, duh!" This woke me up, and more revelations and deep inspirations led to me to write a book called Number Theory in Light of Unification Thought for UTI's conference in Tokyo.

Indeed, the entire structure of numbers is Sung-Sang and Hyung-Sang as well as Yin/Yang, as explained in Divine Principle/UT. The Tokyo book was written in a hurry for a conference in Tokyo, but has since been rewritten for the general public under the title The Secret World of Numbers and was self-published in 2011 by and is available directly from them or via my website I hope to have an upgraded edition ready by spring 2014.

Dr. James Yorke, Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD wrote: "Here's a primer written by a mathematical artist who by just even simple arithmetic means has discovered a goldmine of beautiful hidden patterns in numbers that so far have gone unrecognized in broad daylight. A fascinating read for anyone into math and numbers."

A short synopsis of the first chapter of this book, hereby written from a Divine Principle/UT perspective, is attached for your enjoyment, while I'm also attaching a paper about the numbers in our solar system, which might fascinate you. The info in it is culled from different fascinating sources and is also a synopsis. Feel free to make copies of any of these two papers and give them to anyone interested. Feel free to email them to anyone.

I truly feel I didn't write this, as I was truly guided in my writing, so this is offered freely without any purpose of self-promotion. What I am really promoting here boldly is that numbers and Divine Principle/UT are in essence one and the same.

I wish you really well in your outreach efforts and in bringing about God's long desired Kingdom. Please forgive me for not having shared this with you earlier. I am so sorry, for I feel I should have.

With gratitude,

Adrian de Groot 

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