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Conference in Benin to Focus on Building a Continent of Peace

Paterne Zinsou
May 9, 2014

Cotonou, Benin -- A West Africa Leadership Conference and Africa Day celebration in Cotonou, Benin May 24-25, 2014 will address the theme "Building a Continent of Peace through True Family Values, Good Citizenship, Good Governance and Good Interfaith Cooperation."

The conference will give special attention to the ideal of building a "continent of peace" through good families, good citizenship, good governance and interfaith cooperation.

A highly selective group of delegates from around Africa will be in attendance, including former heads of state, parliamentarians and other government leaders, religious leaders, women leaders and civic leaders. Special awards will be presented to former and current heads of state and the African Union Commission.

This commemorative conference, organized by UPF in cooperation with NGOs named "Fondation Marjolaine" and "African Network for Peace, Solidarity, Integration and the Promotion of Excellency," is sponsored by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, French-speaking Countries and Beninese living Outside. 

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