The Words of the Zinsou Family

UPF-West African Unificationist Leader Knighted in Burkina Faso

Paterne Sosie Lin Zinsou
December 10, 2011
UPF Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso -- The conference hall of the National Archives of Ouagadougou was the venue for a ceremony on December 10 honoring Mr. Paterne Sosie Lin Zinsou, Sub-Regional Director of UPF-West Africa Zone 1, as Knight of the National Order of Burkina Faso.

The ceremony, organized by the office of the Great Chancellor of Burkina Faso Orders, took place during an international UPF forum on marriage and family. It was conducted in the presence of Honorable Professor Albert Ouedraogo, Minister of Secondary and Superior (University) Education, and Mrs. Delphine Zinsou Kwende, the High Commissioner of Benin in Burkina Faso representing the Benin Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, French-speaking, and all the citizens of Benin living abroad. The certicate was delievered by Mr. Jamano Lompo.

This award is the highest national distinction. It was given in recognition of Mr. Paterne Zinsou's service to Burkina Faso by promoting a culture of peace and non-violence and developing the Ambassadors for Peace foundation.

On behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the people of Benin, Ms. Kwende thanked Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore and his government for honoring a son of Benin. She also congratulated Mr. Zinsou for his numerous qualities and the visibility of his initiatives in Burkina Faso. She concluded by emphasizing the importance of character education, a theme that was much appreciated by all the participants in the conference. Leaders and representatives of the Benin Diaspora living in Burkina Faso expressed their happiness for their brother and their appreciation to the government of Burkina Faso.

Mr. Zinsou took the opportunity to present a "Crown of Peace Award'' to Mrs. Kwende.

Professor Ouedraogo noted that the people of Dahomey (former name of Benin) helped build the Empire of Upper Volta (former name of Burkina Faso). According to him, Mr. Zinsou deserved the award for all his services to Burkina Faso. He concluded by expressing his hopes that UPF-Burkina Faso will play an important role in promoting national peace and prosperity.

Then Mr. Zinsou went to the office of the Chancellor of Burkina Faso Orders, where he was presented with a certificate signed by the President. Accompanied by Mr. Harouna Noriguirema and Mrs. Mau Ilboubo Ngoma, Secretary General of UPF-Burkina Faso, he was received in audience by the Mossi Emperor and President of the Traditional and Custumary Kings of Burkina Faso, His Majesty the Moogho Naaba Baongo, who is also an Ambassador for Peace.

At an official banquet at the State House for all the awardees presided over by H.E. President Blaise Compaore, Mr. Zinsou was congratulated by the President, with whom he exchanged a few words. 

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