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In Memoriam: Professor Noel Dossou Yovo

Paterne Zinsou
May 23, 2011
Sub Regional Leader, UPF-Africa Region 1

Professor Noel Dossou Yovo

Cotonou, Benin -- Professor Noel Dossou Yovo, the first person appointed an Ambassador for Peace in Benin, passed away on May 5. He was an emeritus university professor, President of the Professors World Peace Academy of Benin, and a member of the Presiding Council and the Board of UPF-Benin.

Professor Dossou Yovo participated in several international events, meetings, and leadership conferences in Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, the United States, and Korea. With his wife he made the challenging trip by bus to Abuja, capital of Nigeria, to meet Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon in 1993.

Professor Dossou Yovo wrote many articles, including an essay for the Peace King book and publications of the Professors World Peace Academy. A Seunghwa memorial ceremony was held for him on May 20.

The accompanying photo shows Prof. Dossou Yovo giving an Ambassador for Peace certificate to the representative of H.E. Mr. Robert Dossou, President of the Constitutional Court of Benin. 

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