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Anett Zeqo
March 12, 2009
131st Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop: In Chung Pyung

After long time of preparation my husband and I were able to attend the Chung Pyung 40-day workshop. There were many trials before our trip here, concerning money and visas etc., but, in the end it all worked out smoothly.

We received the blessing in 2005, and I can see how our characters complete that of each other. Yet, here during the workshop there were many conflicts between us.

I realized the position and responsibility of a blessed wife during this time. Either husband or wife should sacrifice him or herself in order for the blessing to work. I suppose, at the beginning the wife should sacrifice herself in order to establish the foundation for a blessed family. I received very harsh criticism from my husband, but it helped me to change my character.

On Feb. 12, 2009, we were suddenly gathered in the hall for Dae Mo Nim’s words and in her speech, questions that I had were all answered.

Before her speech, I prayed to Heavenly Father during the Holy Song Session, about my life, my heart and my character. I had reached a point where I knew I had to change my way of thinking. Yet, I didn’t know how to change and what to do after liquidating these old thoughts. I really wanted to know my path and the way for the future.

Among her beautiful Words, she said, ‘Not only understand the Divine Principle intellectually, but put it into your heart and practice it. You must live your life according to True Love, make a determination not to do evil deeds, check your daily life; how you lived the day and was it better compared to yesterday,’ she also added, ‘Practice my words and don’t think that these words don’t concern you. These words are given to you individually.’

I felt so liberated after the speech and made me think more carefully about it as well, the meaning and of its depth.

I had several prayers, thoughts that liberated my heart, gave me new inspirations.

With my experiences here, slowly I started to change my attitude towards life. There will be always some difficulties, but they should not cause much worries and fears. Rather to keep faith, be grateful because Heavenly Father really helps me go through a lot of things, as I already experienced many times.

I would like to stay here more and really wish to come back again.

Anett Zeqo
400 million couples, Albania 

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