The Words of the Zahora Family

Filipina In Hungary Makes Life More Significant: A Testimony

Leonita Zahora
March 12, 2008

(Ed's note: Below is a reply-letter of a Filipina sister now based in Hungary. She was one of the first fruits of Dumaguete City Center in Negros Oriental, Philippines and possessed a magnificent jolly and friendly spirit to touch anybody with her pride "provincial background". She got her black belt degree too in Tong Il Moo Do and contributed a lot in the pioneering years in the Visayas and Philippines as a whole. As a wife and mother, she finds a new rendezvous on where she can give more for the providence.)

Dearest Ethel and All brothers and sisters,

Yes, I agree with what you said "that we allow the difficulties to come in our life, and we let it dominate us", this if we allow it will become our habit, so we can make so many excuses. Actually, when I arrived here in Hungary 1997 I felt very much lonely, I have difficulty with the language, culture and so on... I was grateful in a way, that, that time our Eve national messiah couple was here, so, I could connect to them my heart.

That time they were the BFD of Hungary. But after few months there was a direction that national messiah must go to South America. So, they went, but they left to me their responsibility as the BFD. I was hesitating because of so many reasons personally but what touch me very much is when she said that "You are the only representative here from the daughter nation, you must take the responsibility given to you by your mother.”

I was so surprised with her word. So, anyway before they left I accept it, so, until now we are doing, of course, we are doing it without any financial support from the movement. My husband is working outside as an engineer so, in a way, we are grateful to Heavenly Father that his salary is enough for all of us. Before I got pregnant with my youngest now, I was working as a teacher privately and doing baby-sitting while the children are at school, part-time. But work outside is not my priority, I scheduled my time and days that I can do too our mission together with my husband.

From my salary, in working I could buy gift and ticket for visiting the families. Sometimes, my physical brother Carlito, who is now there in Japan; send money to me. I am so happy, but usually that money I always used for doing my mission or for witnessing. Sometimes I felt so bad that I cannot contribute to the Philippine providence if donations are asked. I just told it to Heavenly Father and say sorry... After that I am comforted. For example last year, during the birthday of my 2nd daughter, I invited so many Filipinos from the Filipino embassy community.

With the General Consulate and his staff, we celebrate the birthday in our Peace Embassy here. So, I used the possibility to read the Peace Messages to them and sharing the CIG Holy wine after. (I will send picture soon). So, many times too during weekend, instead of staying with my children only and husband, I always encourage Attila my husband saying, "how about visiting or inviting these and these families." For him is not so easy, but I always encouraged him, "by saying that if we don't make effort meeting brothers and sisters we cannot develop our relationship.

We are called as brothers and sisters under one True Parents but we don't know each other. So, anyway, he agreed with me. All these, it become our habit, even the children are missing it. If we cannot meet brothers and sisters, they are asking us when we can meet again. Also, I regularly connect to the Philippine embassy especially to the Consulate. They knew who we are, because if we have conferences we tried to invite them and gave them all the information about UPF and FFWPU.

Even one time, last year I gave the invitation to the Phil. Ambassador. He read it and said, "Oh Leonita, Why you didn't tell that you are member of this organization? I attended one of your conference in New York based from Philippines.” He was happy about it. Also because of my connection in the Philippine Embassy, the Consul trusted me, that every time there is a Filipino who has a problem that they cannot help, they send it to me in our small apartment and asked me and Attila if we can help.

Unfortunately, here in Hungary there are quite a lot of Fill Hungarian couples -- not Unificationists who have problems with their marriage. Me, and my husband become their counselor, we are doing it gratefully and of course, before they are introduced to us, the consul or the staff of the embassy introduced us from which organization we are belong. We could help them by sharing our family values. Glad to say, we help already few whose marriages is already almost ending -- up in divorce.

Thank you for the Principle too, we had, it is our common base as a Blessed family. With this we can already share our Blessing to the community. We actually start by making friendship and during Independence Day celebration in the Philippine Embassy, I let my children join the program participating in dancing and games. You know, 2nd generation children have lots of talents. We have just to let them explore and help them; even thru them we can do witnessing. Cheer up, Kuya Allan, that you do all the helps in the house. Keep up the good spirit:-)) actually, without the help of my husband too; I cannot do so many things in one time. I could manage my time because he helps me so much... he understands my heart that I want to invest spiritually. Sorry, for long response just, I want to share... Thanks Ethel. For All the Filipino sisters in Japan, mansei to all of you, if you can unite, you can do a lot. Not only unity but desire too and effort.

If we want to live for the sake of others, sacrifice is always there. But it is the way, how our True Parents live and the True Children too. God Bless you all.


PS. Just one more thing, when I arrived here there is one Korean missionary, he told me that “you are coming from far country, God send you here to share your motherly heart to Hungarian. He said that this is the meaning of our Blessing, whenever you have to go especially if you are a sister and you follow your husband, you have a mission to fulfill in that country and you have to find it and work for it. This I don't forget. 

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