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Report for 2012 Global Peace Festival Foundation Philippines

Supaporn Zablan
January 7, 2013

Hi all,

Happy new year!! I would like to share a brief report from Kuya Mike during Sunday fellowship yesterday.

2012 had been the great year for Global Peace Festival Foundation Philippines (GPFF). We can summarize major success as the following:

AllLight Village Projects

Cardinal Rosales become the Chairman of AllLight Village Projects.

We organized "A charity banquet" at Manila Hotel headed by Cardinal Rosales for a fundraising event which reached 3,000,000 peso initial donation received. San Miguel Corporation donated 1 village as initial and there will be other villages to follow:)

AllLight Village has reached out to get support from different local governments such as Nueva Ecija, Butuan and Laguna.

Our VIPs, which was initiated by Gen. Magsino donated 1 village and was followed by Tita Baby Ortiz who donated 1 village as well.

Global ALS -- Alternative Learning System (education for the least, the less, and the loss)

The operation expenses and the salary of the teachers of ALS which were initially funded by GPFF are now funded by local government and DepEd.

IPEC (International Professor and Educator Conference)

4th IPEC had given tremendous results and networks. We had reached certain degree of acceptance and trust in the local government. Malabon City deposited 3.4 million peso as budget for the training of the teachers in the whole city of Malabon for character education. IPEC was organized by GPFF in partnership with PUP, Ched, and DepEd. The event had been successful.

4 more important group had launched during IPEC. The induction was lead by the speaker Joe de Venecia.

A. Global Peace Woman, the officers are former congresswoman, governors, and woman NGO founders.

B. Global Peace Educator Council, the officers are private Colleges and University Deans.

C. Global Peace Youth Counsel, the officers are from BSP, GSP, and Red Cross Youth

D. Global Peace Interfaith

TLP (True Love Power -- which will be the organization school -- based just like Boy Scout)

Dr. Bores, the Regional Director of DepEd Region 3, got so inspired from GPFF Convention in Atlanta that she organized all superintendents and supervisors of DepEd region 3 to implement Character -- based Education. There is memorandum for all schools in Central Luzon to organize a provincial office for TLP and there will be Global Peace Camp by division. The first National Peace Camp will be held in Zambales and the Global Peace Camp will be in Nueva Ecija. Every March will be the Global Peace Festival Month in the school calendar to celebrate its activities.


25 brothers and sisters were petitioned to work for Seafood Factory in Alaska's government and are expected to leave by February.

Hyun Jin Nim always think of ways to connect people's mind to God's heart. He had invested more than 10 years in order to find the best strategies to inspire the heart of top leaders in the community and lead them to fulfill God 's dream. He made plans and initiate cultural alignment that is why we work and think hard on how to reach and breakthrough in bringing great people to God's providence and create one family under God.

Wishing you all victory for 2013!

Happy new year everyone!

God Bless,

Supaporn Zablan 

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