The Words of the Zablan Family

Our Prayers are with Japan and our Blessed Central Families

Mike Zablan
March 15, 2011

Dear Blessed Central Families in Japan,

God Bless the Mother Nation! God Bless the Blessed Central Families.

Me and my family turned on the TV to know what is happening in Japan after hearing some news. Just seeing the reality on the TV screen, there was no word to utter except those lines above, as tears just rolled down naturally.

How to fathom such a devastating phenomena? I closed my eyes with vivid thoughts and saw faces of Japanese leaders and members whom I know and the unmatched, unquestionable and great sacrifices of the Japanese members in supporting God's Providence and fulfilling True Parents' directions. For the second time, there was no other right word to say except for;

'God bless Japan and God bless the Central Blessed Families!'

Dear Filipino and Japanese CBFs, please take extra consideration taking care of yourselves and families, most especially during this time of unexpected natural calamities. You have always served as a strong pillar of God's Providence in the Philippines. You will always be remembered by this nation. In my heart I truly want to thank all of you for your undying love and commitment for God, True Parents and the building of Cheon I'll Guk in the Philippines.

Mother Nation! Eok Mansei! Blessed Central Families! Eok Mansei!

With Great Love and Exciting Memories,

Michael G. Zablan and Family 

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