The Words of the Zablan Family

Frustration About Hyun Jin Nim / Philippine Situation

Supaporn Zablan
January 5, 2010

I can understand your frustration on this situation. I'm glad that many members are offering prayer condition for this.

For me, I felt unqualified or improper to directly involve into this problem. Even how much we want to claim ourselves to be a devoted member of Unification movement, the most position we can be is may be an adopted child. For any of the adopted children who dare to criticize, intervene, judge, make opinion, or gossip about any member of the true family, for me it is very unethical, impolite, disrespect, or many words more...

For us to pray, to do condition for this situation that is going to be the best things to do by now, but to be on side and to criticize, make judgment, that is consider too far beyond from what we should do. I have fully respect to the True Family, and I have fully trusted to anyone of them. There might be sound confusion situation that is going on, and I strong believe that everything will go better in time.

I strongly feel that this situation that happen now are just a hidden problems that happen also among members from bottom that are now bursting out on top, that 's why this is not anyone else problem but ourselves as well.

With this situation, I only felt so grateful in whatever things that I have right now, and I'm happy moving forward. Especially I'm free from the heavy position and I have my chance to do what I wish to do.

Thanks for reading, I hope I won't made someone feel so bad. Sorry if we have limitation and I have hurt someone before or now. Have a great Year 2010, cheer to all.

Respectfully yours,
Supaporn "Sonia" Zablan 

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