The Words of the Zablan Family

Concern About The Division Of The Church

Supaporn Zablan
December 23, 2009

Hi all,

I'm glad to see many concern parties are actively participate in giving out your free idea. Some might concern about the division of the church. I will not answer for all, I just want to express my simple and honest feelings that I don't feel at all the division.

I see this move as a very great opportunity for our church to improve forward, has clearer mission, clearer mindset, more focus on what we are about to do. What we need to do now is put our plan and our portion into action to accomplish the final goal.

No question at all about Messiah, absolutely True Parents, no question at all the successor of True Parents, Hyung Jin Nim and supported by other True Children who are moving up seriously in front line in order to fulfill the dream of God and True Parents. How many church we will have, only one absolutely. I don't understand what is the division all about?, If I have attended Hyun Jin Nim in Manila Hotel, then separate church, no way! If some leader are attended GPC, they automatic will lose position in the church, then I will be worry about the church, we don't have much capable man power, if we need to remove them, we should think twice and trice.

The movement is growing up, we are moving forward on what we see and it tend to be near to our strength, we used to trouble shooting all the work load, church, PR, affiliate organization, membership, old and new, regular, active, non-active, full time, VIP, all are mixed up. Including budget and man power, all combine as one as Unification movement activities. In the practice side, it is really hard, the expectation so high. I think we are moving up in the better, and clearer way, little by little by some of the incident.

I think we should not worry too much, some concern might go too far beyond, some judgment go too weird and even go unethical. Everything will go better, there is no such things as separate group, separate belief, if there will be conflict, then it is just little different ideas and opinions that I truly believe it still can be figure out in short while, may be not exactly now, next month, it might take little longer but it is part of development and for the better of all.

Respectfully yours,
Supaporn "Sonia" Zablan 

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