The Words of the Zablan Family


Supaporn Zablan
October 4, 2009

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have been hearing many UP and DOWN situation of Baguio region for the past 10 years. Start from kuya Jimmy and ate Shirly couple, Tita Donna couple, ate Weeny, and somebody else, and now ate Dulcie couple.

All of them have great victory in their mission area even before or after leaving Baguio. Only in Baguio that they will be persecuted and some sort of kick out and I see this as questionable.

In mentioning about how to be a leader of heart or parental love, only successful leader can exactly see and give comment. In giving comment on leader just by based on True Father guidance but no practical experience with achievement can never give a valid advice. Just like many graduate students of Business and Administration but not all of them can give advice on how to become manager unless they are already has some level of success in their own management.

The role of Abel is very difficult, because True Parents has laid very high standard that whatever we try to do, we always felt that it is not enough when it come to the standard that True Parents have set. But at least the leaders are still trying hard, out of super difficult circumstances. Especially in Baguio, with leadership of ate Dulcie couple right now, they are the super mabait, never complaint and we can see the result of what they are doing

The mindset of Cain is to kill Abel. There are all kind of reasons to blame leaders... This is common human nature with Satan‘s blood. It happened not only inside the church but every where. Sorry to be frank... but it is true... How many leaders we sent there to Baguio?, always end up with kick out. When we stop sending, because we allow the one who complaint the most take charge... so much difficulty situation happened, much corruption, much complaint and much criticism until the request for HQ to send new leader again, again, and again...

Satan is really existing... we should always aware on this, we should not blame leader of parental love and heart, many of members there are much older than ate Dulcie, I wish to see someone stand as the parent of this couple, a true brother or sister who willing to protect and receive the blame of problem even on their behalf, give them full support in needs and in spirit as your own children or your own brother or sister that have commit to work in front line. Baguio has great potential with so much capable members there, but if this situation keeps on repeating on this way, where is the hope?

Sorry to be frank and someone might get hurt, but this is my personal opinion and observation.

Respectfully yours,

Supaporn “Sonia” Zablan
Blessed Family Department

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