The Words of the Zablan Family

Official Announcement About Atty. Celso Talaba's Situation

Michael G. Zablan
May 12, 2009

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Philippines
32 Samar Avenue, South Triangle, Diliman
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1103

Dear Rev. and Mrs. Funami, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Cruz, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Mariano and brothers and sisters,

Warm greetings from the Philippines!

May the love of God and our beloved True Parents be with you and your families at all times.

First of all, we would like to make an apology for not making an official announcement about the serious health condition of our elder brother Atty. Celso C. Talaba. It was upon the request of Kuya Celso for us not to disclose first his health situation to brothers and sisters.

According to his doctor's diagnosis, he is suffering from a cancer in the area above his kidney which resulted to renal failure. We also sought a second opinion but the findings were still the same. Although the doctors said that it is not one hundred percent sure, they are saying that the cancer is already on its 4th stage. He has already developed nodules around his pelvic area. He was asked to immediately choose between undergoing an operation or chemotherapy which he both ruled out. Right now, he has already started to undergo a natural healing therapy with the use of natural medicine through the help of Dr. Atoie Arboleda, a naturopathy medical doctor. Dr. Arboleda is a medical expert who has many documented cases of cancer patients who were able to win the battle against the disease. He has a record of treating cancer patients whose conditions are more serious than that of Kuya Celso. He is very positive that our dear brother can also be healed in a few months.

HQ is taking full responsibility for the medical expenses of Kuya Celso. However, we would also appreciate if brothers and sisters would want to extend their donations directly to his family. Atty. Talaba is one of the greatest and most brilliant leaders that our movement has ever had. He has a very important mission in the Providence.

We are encouraging all brothers and sisters to pray for his speedy recovery. With the prayer support of his immediate family and the entire Unification Movement Family, we are sure that we can move heaven to save the precious life of Kuya Celso.

Thank you very much and we hope that we can be together in offering our Jeong Seong for the quick recovery of our Kuya Celso.

Thank you for your hard work and sincere devotion. We are praying that God and True Parents will bless you and your families all the more.

Respectfully yours,

Michael G. Zablan
National Leader

An Appeal for Prayer and Jeongseong Support

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The situation of our Atty. Dr. Celso C. Talaba or Kuya Soc to most of us needs our immediate prayers and conditions of unity at this special time.

We hope that the treatment on Kuya Soc will bring immediate and successful result that will prolong his life for the greater fulfillment og God's Kingdom. Let us do our best to pray and or offer conditions for Kuya Soc's treatments to be successful.

I have known Kuya Soc as a man of goodwill, good heart and humbling selfless service. Having worked with him for many years before especially at UP CARP - WHD and at Hqs, I can attest to his goodness and selflessness. Kuya Celso is a certified lawyer, education doctor, broker, church minister, prolific writer, President of the International Professors Leadership Conference, UTS, SHIAF and adviser to our different UM-affiliated organizations. He has used all his massive academic and intellectual potential for True Parents and the Philippine Movement for many years. Our UM Philippines needs him very much.. He is always behind the scene humbly doing his responsibility of guiding and helping our leaders succeed safely, to grow and multiply God's blessings for our country and God's providence in the world in great ways.

Let us pray for those who have given so much for God, True Parents in our beloved country that good health, safety, security, success and great heavenly fortune will be theirs. That their great patriotism and love for God and True Parents in the midst of great difficulty and suffering will keep them healthy and really blessed even more forever and ever.

For the greater glory of God, True Parents, True Children, our Second Generation members, our blessed leaders and elders, brothers and sisters, let us pray for his immediate healing and longer life. It would be highly appreciated if as brothers and sisters we could extend our donations directly to his family

Let us follow our Philippine National Leader, Rev. Dr. Michael Zablan's call for "offering our Jeong Seong for the quick recovery of our Kuya Celso."

Let our unity and determination to shine as one nation wherever we are become even more strong and substantial at this time of great internal necessity in order to prolong the life of our very dear Kuya Celso.

In prayer with the rest of all our blessed Filipino-Japanese families here in Kyushu and Okinawa islands of Japan,

Raffy Ablong 

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