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Blessed Couple's True Love Story 2009

Supaporn “Sonia” Zablan
March 26, 2009

Attachments: Blessed Couples Camping (pdf)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Kindly be informed about the Couples’ Seminar this coming April 23-25, 2009.

Blessed Couples’ True Love Story 2009

Theme: "Eternal Love for the Citizens of Peace Nation"

Date: April 23-25, 2009 (Please see attached Tentative Program of the Seminar)

Requirement: Blessed Couples who started family. Strictly, both Husband and Wife must attend together. Children are not allowed to join the seminar.

Registration Fee: Php 2,500 per couple, money back guarantee if they find the seminar not satisfactory. This fee includes food, accommodation in Tanay, and kits for the seminar. The payment of registration can be submitted at HQ or Tanay Training Center on or before April 23, and seminar kits will be given upon registration.

Preparation: Tent for 2 person, or material to put up tent on your own style, Jacket, Clothes for 3 days 2 nights. Warm blankets and beddings. (Those couple who has their own Kubo in Tanay may use Kubo for their accommodation. However, each Kubo will be allowed only for one couple.

Transportation: HQ will provide Vans to fetch participants from HQ to Tanay; however, it is also possible for others to go directly to Tanay.

Confirmation of Attendance: Kindly confirm your participation before April 15. Please send directly your confirmation to my email. Please also inform us your size for us to prepare your special T-Shirt. We may not be able to provide t-shirts for those couples who will give their confirmations after the deadline.

P.S. Dr. Yong emphasized that all leaders’ couples must attend this seminar. However, other family members who are interested to participate in this seminar are also welcome.

Please don't hesitate to give your suggestions to make our program more memorable. Thank you so much.

Respectfully yours,

Supaporn “Sonia” Zablan
Blessed Family Department - Philippines 

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