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Dr. Zablan's Sunday Service Report: GPF Mindanao

Supaporn “Sonia” Zablan
September 28, 2008

Hello everyone,

I will be writing the report regarding GPF Mindanao that Kuya Mike gave during Sunday Fellowship last September 28.

"Good morning brothers and sisters, did you enjoy the video of GPF Mindanao?... That was scary, we were advised by Gen. Cayton that the war was just in the next province. The troop of MILF already divided themselves into different stations and they were looking for foreigners who can give them international news and attention.

Philippine Information Agency said to us "Are you crazy?” Dr. Salvador strongly advised us to postpone the event.. Along the way going to the event in Cagayan de Oro, we needed to pass Lanao Del Norte where we can see the houses that were burned by the Muslim rebels. Initially, Ate Shirley went ahead to check the GPF preparation. She said that we cannot cancel the event because everything was already prepared.

In Tubod, 4000 students marched during the opening ceremony forming the acronym for GPF in their Field Demonstration. There were 8,000 students who joined in the cultural presentation and Parade. Each one of the students spent for their uniform. Normally their “baon” everyday is only 50 centavos, that's why this is a big sacrifice for them to contribute for their own uniform to join the event. To prepare for the peace village activity, the Government spent more than $200,000.

Looking at this preparation, we cannot stop but to continue and build up many spiritual conditions -- chain fasting, vigil prayer. At the end, it was a tremendous victory.

Thinking of gathering 100,000 people at the capital ground, even with just one bomb, it would be a big problem. Or even though that would not be an actual bomb, even if just one person would shout "bomb", that could already create a very difficult and uncontrollable event.

When we were there in the event, we could feel the longing heart of the people to seek for peace. If we would not push through with GPF, it means that Mindanao has no hope for peace -- that was the people’s reflection. That made us felt heavy.

However, government cooperated well in our event. More than 5,000 soldiers and policemen were scattered all around to protect the GPF Mindanao. The youngest governor in the Philippines. Hon. Khalid Q. Dimaporo, chairman for GPF Mindanao said in his speech during the ILC, "I did my best to bring peace in my land, to make the beautiful place for tourists to come but now the war is going on in my land". After the GPF convention was finished, he announced that he will double and triple his effort for the sake of Peace in Mindanao.

I really want to thank brothers and sisters who supported GPF Mindanao. GPF Mindanao is 1,000 times victory. Participants prepared so much in order to participate in GPF. There were 2 kids who collapsed because they did not eat anything. Most of them needed to open their piggy bank and get the money they have saved for 5 years, which was only enough for their transportation to come to Cagayan de Oro.

The ILC was participated by many of tribe leaders from indigenous groups. There were datus etc. They needed to cut wood and sell the lumber. They made full effort to earn transportation to come to Cagayan de Oro. When they were at the hotel, some of them had no more money left for registration, and they only waited in one corner. They were so simple, but when we asked them to pray, we could feel their longing heart and sincerity to contribute for peace.

Beside the transportation, they also prepared their costumes. Some had to spend around 3,000 pesos. In ILC, we could feel the atmosphere as if many nationalities were gathered there.

I felt God was watching this GPF event in Mindanao with tears; it has deep meaning than just a celebration. But it was the event that is pouring out the hope and desire for peace.

This Mindanao event was organized by the government -- it was not us. 2.5 million pesos was contributed by different groups of people. Banquets and meals during the ILC were supported meal by Sen. Manny Villar, Governor, Mayor. Each one of them supported the meal for all the participants.

3,000 youth leaders came out to join the clean-up, and this was organized by the youth leaders in the city. When they give their testimony, we could not hold out our tears.

That day, it was announced in the radio that there was typhoon signal no. 3 in Luzon, and it was signal number 1 in Manila. On September 20, there was a heavy rain. Everyday it was raining in CDO. But on that day Sept 21 GPF, it was very bright from morning to evening. Right after the peace concert where Jay-R, Billy Crowford, Iya Villania, Kris Lawrence performed, after the concert was finished, it was only then that the rain came down. It was just like God was holding it. The next day, there were floods all over Mindanao.

Every GPF, we can feel God's presence. That’s only 1 GPF in the Philippines. There are 11 more GPF to go before we finish this year of 2008. There is GPF in Baguio, Cabanatuan, Dumaguete, Roxas and others.

This is victory for God, True Parents and True Family. In Roxas, it seems GPF will grow even bigger than CDO. The governor, mayors and Senator Roxas are in full support. They prepare the event very well. This time we can even sell tickets for the audience to come and participate. The benefit will go back to the project in Roxas city. The Governor is now thinking of building GPF Monument now that can be finished during the GPF day in Roxas. We expected to gather 300,000 participants.”

All members, blessed families abroad, you are all invited to come and join us in GPF Manila on December 13, 2008. We are now organizing a Blessed Family Convention. Kuya Mike's idea is to invite Hyung Jin Nim to also come and he will be the speaker for this Blessed Family Convention. We will still need to get confirmation. One more significant thing we want to do during GPF Manila is the parade of International Blessed Families who will be joining parade and proclaim to the world the beautiful international marriage blessing. The couples will be walking together in their own national costumes. For example, for a Japanese sister blessed to a Filipino brother, the sister will be wearing a kimono while the brother will wear a Barong Tagalog. This parade will capture the eyes of media and this is one vision of Hyun Jin Nim toward Global Peace Festival.

So please come and join us in making this GPF Manila the most victorious event for God, True Parents and True Family... Aju.

P.S. If you are planning to come and you want us to a room at the Manila Hotel, we will book in advance so that we can have big discount. Last year, Manila Hotel: 1 room per night was at $100 and that was already good for the whole family. Please let us know. The one who will help to facilitate and communicate with you in whatever questions you have regarding the Blessed Family Convention is Kuya Edgar Nacorda and Marvie Nituma. You can find their email address on the space for cc of this email. Thank you so much for your full support

Respectfully yours,

Supaporn “Sonia” Zablan
Blessed Family Department - Philippines 

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