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UM Philippines Leadership Appointments

Michael G. Zablan
January 10, 2008

Below is a list from UM Phil HQ released after the announcement was done recently by the National Leader Mike Zabaln. The newly appointed leaders are set to take their missions effective on the start of year 2008. Those not mentioned were retained in their old posts.

New Leadership Appointments

Mr. Noel Dacanay Executive Director, Southern Mindanao
Mr. Eric Layno Regional Leader, Butuan City
Mr. Rey Estoce Regional Leader, Naga
Mr. Cirilo Lim Regional Leader, Albay
Mr. Robert Sunga Regional Leader, San Pablo City
Mr. Paul Uba Regional Leader, Laoag
M. Eric Remigio Regional Leader, Cabanatuan
Ms. Joy Gadon-Sugita Regional Leader, Zamboanga
Rev. Alexander Basabe IW for Southern Luzon
Mr. Joshua Josol IW for Northern Luzon
Dr. Edgar Tanate IW for Northern Mindanao
Mr. Prince Acosta IW for Southern Mindanao
Mr. Randy Ame IW for Visayas
Mr. Julius Malicdem National HQ Administrator, YFWP President
Mr. Richell Jalipa National HQ Asst. Administrator
Mr. Rizalino Alzate National HQ Asst. Administrator
Ms. Jocelyn Remigio Secretary to Atty. Joey Lina, BFWP
Dr. Jaime O. Vergara BFWP Secretary General
Mr. Roland Alcayaga SFP Executive Director
Ms. Salvacion Beltran Sun Hwa International Academy Principal
Ms. Caroline N. Alzate PTARP Secretary General, TLPi National Coordinator
Ms. Mary Grace Bejec Head, Witnessing and Mobilization (Bataan)
Mr. Nonoy Gultia Head, Witnessing and Mobilization (Bukidnon)

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