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Global Peace Festival 2007 Main Event Program

Michael G. Zablan
November 22, 2007

Ed's note: Below is an update of the main event of the Grand Peace Festival on December 12, 2007 at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila.

Universal Peace Federation
Global Peace Festival 2007
"One Family Under God"
December 12, 2007
Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila City

8:00 A.M. Marching Band Exhibition featuring Polytechnic University of the Philippines Brass Band and Trece Martirez Cavite Brass Band

9:00 A.M. Peace Cheering Competition of High School Cheering Squads representing 14 Divisions in the National Capital Region (DepEd)

2:00 P.M. Global Peace Parade: (To start from Baywalk Area to Quirino Grandstand)

Armed Forces of the Philippines Band
Colors/Flags of the Nations of the World
Representatives from the Political Sectors, Local Government and Barangay Leaders
Parade of Different Religious Organizations
Cavite Brass Band
International Professors and Educators Conference (IPEC) Delegates
Drum and Lyre with Cheering Squads and Representative Students from 14 Divisions of the National Capital Region (NCR)
Pure Love Rally by Youth Power Assembly (YPA) Delegates
PUP Brass Band
Mister and Miss University International Leading the Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace (CAP) and Youth Ambassador for Peace (YAP) Awardees
National Service Training Program (NSTP) Volunteers
Service for Peace (SFP) Volunteers
Martial Arts Federation for World Peace (MAFWP)
Dinagyang Festival Dancers
International and Cultural Families
DOT Lantern Competition Winners
3:00 P.M. Pre-Program Presentations
PUP Banda Kawayan - Rigodon de Honor
Dragon Dance - Cheering Squad Presentation
Bayanihan Dance Troupe - Martial Arts Demonstration
Dinagyang Festival - Philippine Marines Exhibition
Mister and Miss University International Video Presentation
Presentation and Recognition of International Families
Pure Love Pledge, Releasing of Balloons and Handing of 2M Signatures of Students in Support of Pure Love

5:00 P.M. Main Program

Universal Prayer for Prayer Selected Religious Leaders
National Anthem Armed Forces of the Philippines Band
Welcome Address Hon. Alfredo S. Lim, Mayor, City of Manila
Global Peace Festival 2007 Video Presentation
Message from the Hon. Jose C. De Venecia, Jr., Speaker of the House Speaker, House of Representatives
Special Remarks Dr. Martin Luther King III, President, Realizing the Dream Inc.
Introduction to the Keynote Speaker Dr. Christopher B.H. Kim, Regional Chair, Universal Peace Federation -- Asia
Global Peace Message Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Co-Chair, Universal Peace Federation, Founder, Global Peace Festival
Presidential Message Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, President of the Philippines
Presentation of Ambassador for Peace by: Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and Award to H.E. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Dr. Martin Luther King III
Pledge of Commitment Towards Building One Family Under God and Lighting of Peace Candles
Song for Peace Ms. Pops Fernandez and Jay-R
Mabuhay Cheers Dr. Michael G. Zablan, National Executive Director, UPF Philippines
Fireworks Display

8:00 P.M. Post-Program Entertainment

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