The Words of the Zablan Family

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Michael G. Zablan
September 25, 2007

Dear brothers and sisters,

It has been 5 years since we have established the Family Times Online as the official website of the Unification Movement Philippines. As we know, the Philippines is recognized as the second daughter nation in this Cheon Il Guk era. Hence, it plays a very providential role not only for this country but for the entire world.

In this regard, it is just wise enough to document, report, record, compile and preserve our historical undertakings during this time as we attend our True Parents and contribute as well for the success of the Providence.

The efforts of our Family Times Online administration and staff to make a new version of the website, the design and template, the various and broadened sections of reports and sharing including the aesthetic gallery in it using the rich information technology are indeed inviting all of us to share our experiences from our tribal activities, local to regional center activities, departmental and affiliate-group activities to this website so that we can share our God-centered motive, efforts and sacrifices with our brothers and sister worldwide, inform our friends, and educate our donors and sponsors, too.

We do witnessing, we educate our family and tribe, our friends and our fellowmen through conducting seminars and workshops; we do various Peace Rallies and other community-oriented activities not only in the national level but also in the regions and local centers. However, our brothers and sisters worldwide are thirsty to know what is going on in our nation and even in the local areas. Hence, let us make this new website updated with all our reports to make everyone well-informed about our successes and challenges. I hope that this website can become an avenue for everyone to communicate in a responsible and matured manner. And as we do so, may we can all uphold our dignity and identity as blessed central families.

To the readers and guests browsing our website, we hope you will learn more the various programs, projects and activities of the Unification Movement in the Philippines and the world.

To the contributors, writers and our volunteer staff, thank you and good luck in this new challenge and undertaking.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

(Sgd) Michael G. Zablan
President-UM Philippines

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