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A Sharing from Sunday Fellowship Messages

Supaporn Zablan
September 10, 2007

Hello everybody,

Greetings from the Philippines!

Let me share with you some report updates on Philippines providence. Most of the reports are sharing of inspiration messages, we have made during the last September 9, 2007, Sunday fellowship at the UM-HQ in Quezon City. Last Sunday, the message was delivered by Dr. Edgar Tanate, and a report was given by Prof. Joseph Navalta on the past month's activities.

Dr. Tanate delivered his message on what is the role of Blessed Central Family? In the course of his service he said that in the family of many children, one might feel lack of love or received less love so how much more when we are in the big family of True Parents. Do you really feel personally that True Parents love you from the bottom of your heart? Let's check the moment of truth!! Our physical parents send us to school, take care of us, work very hard, and have done a lot of sacrifice for us. How then can we explain that the True Parents' love is greater than that of our physical parents?

Human is both physical and spiritual; we have spiritual background that depend on our ancestors. Do you think, we have much good ancestor or otherwise? Do you think our destiny is to have fortune or misfortune? Our physical parents cannot help us to get rid of misfortune that was handed down to us by ancestors from generation to generation. Example the Japanese study on family tree based on 10,000 families, that if the parents are adulterous, the eldest son in the family destined to die before he can reach the age of 40 and if the eldest is daughter, she is destined to become a single mother, by being widowed or divorce. This is just one example of how misfortune can be passed from the ancestors on to their descendants.

He went on to share that we might think after we joined the Unification movement, our life became miserable, but I think if we did not join, still we will have a miserable life. Why do I have the confidence to say? When I joined, I had a very difficult and miserable situation, but I realized that it was just the beginning, later the cloud of struggle and difficulties passed, my life become better. Even better than the group of my classmate, my circle of friends who became doctors, military officer and other careers all recognized that I have a better life.

Going back to his main point, he asked, what is the role of Blessed Family? The restoration is accomplished on different levels that start from individual, family, tribe, societal, national, and world. The individual and family levels are directly under our control and that easy for us to do. However, it is difficult to sustain good individual and good family from generation to generation, because if the society is evil, it is a constant threat to our family well-being.

What kind of love should we give to our children? Should we give them the same kind of love that our physical parents gave to us? By giving food, shelter, clothing? Or should we love them by helping them take away misfortune and prepare them the higher level of society?

He concluded by stating that the greatest love that we can give our children is when we join mobilization, to restore our society to possess true love. Blessed Family should be a model family. Model in giving tithes, form tribal witnessing, and support all missionary work of our movement. Even if we have to overcome many obstacles, if husband and wife unite together totally, fortune will naturally follow. But if we fail to restore our barangay, society and world, Satan will use tribe, society and world to go against us and destroy us. These were the short but main point of my note from the message of Dr. Edgar Tanate; he gave us lots of funny examples and quotes from Father's words.

After his message, Prof. Joseph Navalta reported on his activities on the past months. He shared how people in all walks of life in the Philippines are opening their hearts and minds to the Unification Movement and True Parents. He started with his trip to Northern Mindanao under the Executive Director Mrs. Grace Mayo.

The seminar was on the foundation of last year UPF Seminar in Cagayan De Oro where 7 pastors from Oroquita City attended including the Parish Priest of the Aglipayan church. Because of their inspiration they organized the same seminar in Oroquita for around 70 people (Priest, pastors, Deped educators, and government officials, etc). The venue was the Aglipayan church. It was the UPF's first seminar in Oroquita and they are eagerly anticipate for the next seminar very soon.

After Oroquita, the next seminar was in Tubod, the capital of Lanao del Norte. The Mayor of the town gathered his heads of officers, chief of police, members of the Sangguining Bayan among other with some representatives from the Muslim faith. The participants were surprised and felt that this kind of seminar should have been given more attention and delivered to a wider audience for the UPF Principle of Peace. They realize is what they need for their municipality.

Professor Navalta also noted how our movement is growing in Northern Mindanao. CDO under its new leader Gerry Balao has 9 fulltime members. Iligan, Exec. Directors center has 11, Butuan under brother Eric has 8 new fulltime. And Mr. Nonoy Goltia has 9 fulltime members.

Prof. Navalta reflected how even if he has given the same lectures for years it doesn't make him tired because of the way people are responding very positively now. Gone are the days that we are misunderstood and persecuted. It's the era to totally proclaim with confidence and testify for Divine Principle and True Parents.

Then he reported his activities in Central Luzon under its Exec. Director Joy Remigio. In Carronglaan, Ms. Remigio's hometown, around 120 people came led by their mayor, vice mayor, heads of officer, teachers, parents, etc. The Mayor became ambassador for peace and asked how he can help UPF.

In Cabanatuan city, the City Hall auditorium has filled with government employers and teachers. Mayor Vergara also received an Ambassador for Peace. One of our movement old friend Atty. Sampoles (former VP of Araullo University) is the adviser of the Mayor. He expressed with confidence that we have the Mayor's support, and said, "I can invite him to future International Seminars".

In Lacson Colleges Foundation, the owner called all his staff to listen to the Peace Seminar. He said UPF is welcome in his school. Then in the afternoon, the tour brought us to Palayan City. The Hall was beautiful and very new. Around 50 of the leaders of the city came and listened to the lectures. Their regret is that not so many people could join because of short notice. But they promise a next time with bigger audience.

Prof. Navalta concluded his inspiring reports with words that our message is accepted everywhere he goes and speaks. They all welcome on message of peace and unity. Their hearts are touch and begin to recognize who our True Parents as the leader who can bring us together and unto the bright future of peace and prosperity.

God bless everyone,

Supaporn Zablan

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