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First Quaterly National Meeting Of UM Leaders Of The Philippines Held March 5-6, 2007 In Tanay

Supaporn Zablan
March 6, 2007

Tanay - This is a fresh report of our national leaders meeting centering on our continental directors who were here and guided us for 2 days Mar 5-6, 2007. This is quite long report because it was compressed from 2 days meeting, all the points are very valuable reading and let us digest together the responsibilities to accomplish our role.

The 88 years old birthday celebration of TP was truly a turning point and tremendous HOPE that the unification movement can truly accomplish Godís vision to establish ideal kingdom of CIG centering on the True Children.

Now, Hyo Jin Nim starts his concert in Japan and is starting to be famous.

Hyun Jin Nim is a very charismatic and is a great influential leader that can move members and can guide with a very strong dream and vision. He is very serious and in a hurry to move forward. Now he is the official successor of TP's.

Kook Jin Nim is truly a strong filial son to TP's. He is truly an expert in business. Now the business report of our movement shows tremendous result. He is very serious to check in details; his right hand is former CIA, a very smart who went to check around and cut all unproductive business and leaders in charge who did not produce result. Sometime Father is very kind, try to embrace us even though we have much limitation in producing substantial result but true children are truly strict and moving forward to bring greater result to Godís providence.

Hyung Jin Nim is called as man of sincerity and devotion. He offered so much conditions in order to support TPs and push himself to the maximum. He cut his skin and put his blood on a bowl and used the blood to write a calligraphy which said "sincerity and devotion"; he made full 12,000 bows in 6 days to offer the success of TP's world speaking tours. He wanted to completely cut off a finger in order to express his commitment of offering his whole heart but his wife begged him not to do so.

After the TP's 88 years birthday celebration, our CD always went to attend HDH with True Father every morning while they are staying in Korea. Father looked very healthy, he looks shiny like moon. This is very spiritual for an 88 years old man.

From now to another 6 years until 2013 is the very final stage that we have to accomplish our responsibility; we really donít know when TP's will still stay and wait for us to fulfill our task. It is really an emergency. During the past True Parents birthday celebration, great VIP's joined, 10 congressmen and 7 representative of political parties from Nepal (including a communist party leader). The whole atmosphere has a very high standard with 4 first ladies and former Prime Ministers. True Parents were recognized as king of kings during the standard ceremony.

Nepal is very providential. True Father's 1st world tour Asia was in Nepal. At that time Nepal so much suffer with communist and Maoist group. But after Father arrive, 2 days after in the TV 7 political party and Maoist gather and sign peace resolution. 1 year and 2 month after, Nepal totally got peace and calm politically.

Centering on UPF, all the politicians came and joined including communist party leaders. Three times the UPF rally was shown live in TV programs. So almost all Nepali people know True Parents. Now 1,200 representatives from UN came to Nepal and make a plan in building new Nepal and new constitution. What a great blessing!!!! All this foundation truly came from True Parents.

This time daughter of Prime Minister represent her parents to offer big Mt. Everest picture that was painted by the most famous painter of Nepal.

Thailand ocean providence Ko Wai is a very successful project. Now we got additional 2 boats only after 2 years. The boats are very new and the engines are in very good condition. The price normally for each boat is around 5 to 7 millions baht. But we could buy it only 4.5 millions baht (around 6 million peso). There is very spiritual story behind but it will be too long to explain here. Now Ko Wai is one of the famous tourist spots. We have many regular tourists from Russia. We could earn up to $50,000 a month income from this resort. Now suddenly there is 1 owner of cruise boat that can accommodate 700 people, who want to offer her boat to Ko Wai to use as business without any payment first, whatever profit, we will divide 50% share with the owner of the boat. This is because the owner of boat trust and admire our continental director.

HJN choose model nation in each continent which HJN will focus to give support. In our Asia continent, it will be Philippines and Nepal.

In the meeting, our goals for the year 2007 for Philippines are:

Prepare for WCSF this July, 2007.
Strengthen and multiply Ambassador for peace activities.
Organize Blessing for the children of Ambassador for peace.
Strengthen family member for HDH activities, in the family and in the tribe.

Father said the family who keep this tradition will receive heavenly fortune and overcome any difficulties. Return every thing that belongs to public. Eventually everything will return to the dominion of God and to the accomplishment of Godís will. All leaders and member should master Korean language. Communication systems. Million peace rallies goal for 2008. Barangay federation for world peace which is the very great arm for accomplishment of rallies.

Last 12,000 rallies goals, in Philippines, we have accomplished 18,000 rallies within 9 days time. It is amazing but real. How did we do that? With the foundation of Dr. Mindo, regional director of Education department Region 3 she allowed us to go to every classroom. In each classroom teacher and students will gather, and then we read Father Speech then gave holy wine. Plus with our family member who are doing house to house blessing. This is really the country to harvest spiritual children, thatís why now our main activities for center and region are practice lecturesÖwe need more lecturers.

This time, CD recognized man and woman of the year, by denomination and election from the attendance. The CIG diamond ring award was given to 5 model leaders, Joshua Josol from Cavite , Dulce Buyayo from Baguio , Shirley Vergara of Tanay, Atty. Celso Talaba of UTS ASia and Danilo Delfin our successful family member who is strong in giving support financially for the providence.

Mrs. Kim give us example of 2 members who has different responsibilities to serve the providence. One assign in business selling jewelry, another one assign in center selling Godís words. After 20 years, Father remove 2 person from the position. Looking at the external standard, this is a miserable situation. But this is what we are as missionary, we are here to serve and forget, even DMN guidance to her close member, she mentioned that one day when the time that I need to leave Chung Pyung, please watch and protect me by not allowing me to get anything out from Chung Pyung. We are here truly to offer ourselves without any expectation in return.

The 2 members were removed after from their position; the one who sell jewelry cannot bring jewelry with him, but the one who sell Godís word, can always bring something with him. The one who sell Godís word and live with Godís word will always start a new beginning, because we sell Godís word, in return we gain people's hearts. We can always begin again, but for the one who sell jewelry, it will be difficult to start again without jewelry.

We as leaders and missionaries are very lucky, because our responsibility is to share Godís word, but more than teaching other, teach ourselves to live with it, once God can dwell in us, we will never be perished. If we are just lazy, just abusing our public mission and members then it will be even worst than taking public money.

Now our continental director want to conclude her public mission by founding ICEF (International Cultural and Educational Foundation) which will be remained as her legacy and offer as financial resources and support to each country. We conducting a lot of activities and spend a lot of money, nothing in return. Through ICEF, we can moving forward for cooperate fundraising. The fund will be used for our activities and welfare of our antique members whom one day has to retire and no financial foundation. In Phils, Supaporn Zablan is appointed secretary general. The International head office is in USA and is headed by Joy Pagaran-Theriot, a fruit of Bohol in 1981 blessed to American brother John Theriot.

Now another project that CD will give full support is to build bigger Octagon building (the main hall of Tanay) with the demand, the hall is too small, we will make an extension. However, CD will do this if we also take responsibilities in our part.

CD encouraged us to build a cultural center in Tanay, which will be the contribution from each region, build big houses that will represent each region. The houses will be used for accommodation of our members from each region. They can feel at home and in the same time Tanay should be own by us all.

One house should be able to accommodate around 100 people. Wow, big big houseÖ or may be many houses to establish village, like example a Muslim village, northern Visaya village. It is not easy but nothing far more than belief and conviction that we can do itÖ It will happen because we are the movement of UNITY.

God bless and more power!!!

Supaporn Zablan

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