The Words of the Zalban Family

Mrs. Zablan's Letter to Filipino Brothers and Sisters

Supaporn Zablan
May 12, 2006

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greeting from the Promised Land!

True Mother, Rev. Kwak represent Cain children and HJN representing Abel children started touring 120 country around the world.

On This May 29, 2006 we will be receiving them in the Philippines, our target guests are senators, congressman, media personnel, Mayors and other dignitaries. Active Barangay captains will be considered as well.

This will be a condition for mother and sons to support Father. The letter of invitation will be send out thru email very soon, in case you have someone prospect in your mind then you could help us to invite. The event will be taken place at Shangri-La Edsa. On May 29, 2006 (for official detail program will be given after), with 2,000 participants.

We try to book many hotels, but at that day, there are all fully booked, we know our budget will be big when we go for Shangri La Edsa which is the most expensive hotel. So we really have a hard time before we made final decision. With the best hotel, we just hope and pray that it help us in inviting dignitaries to come to our event.

Now come to the budget that we have, we will be using the commando fund, which is monthly support for our Japanese-Filipino family living in Japan. Normally these fund we allocated them for regular functions UTS, PR, HQ, and allowances of leaders and key members. So once again, may be allowance could not be given.

This fund is very far smaller than the budget that will be used in the event. So please exert your effort in supporting us financially.

Sometime we are truly in doubt on the way to shed our sacrifices, I truly understand your hearts. But I still want to remember how much Pilgrim group of people have sacrifice their lives in order to search for God's nation, and finally become the great America, Blessed Land.

Who can understand True Parents more than us, who have cling our life to work with True Parents sincerely even for quite sometime. We know our True Parents always have a great reasons that we didn't see at the moment, but when time passed then we realized and we saw it happened, and it absolutely for the greatness of the world as the whole.

Even only 40 faithful Pilgrims traveled with faith and died, remain only 11 persons who entered the land of America. With faith, they built the church, school and homes. With one faithful mind to build God's nation…become the great America.

True Parents lead us from nothings, 60 years after, so much indescribably victory happened. Now our world is not in peace, it is in the state of the most miserable, the most terrible sickness suddenly occur, war still have possibility to happen, the great countries of the world are very much on plan with war in order to stop their own conflict of interest. It is something so scarcely, nuclear war is what we are talking about. (I'm sorry, I cannot share everything in detail)

Our True Father knew this very clearly on their mind, that 's why it is not easy for him to rest and enjoy the victory that he had done. Let us unite in our mind, in our prayer, and in our action. We are the heavenly soldiers and can save our world. The sincerity we offer will always be a condition for God to claim the victory and He will return the best to us.

Thank you so much for your continuous support,

God Bless us all,
Supaporn Zablan

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