The Words of the Zalban Family

Deep Appreciation and Recognition

Michael G. Zablan
April 23, 2006

To : All Leaders, Blessed Central Families, Brothers and Sisters
Re : Deep Appreciation and Recognition

Dear Leaders, Families, Brothers and Sisters

Greetings from the Philippines! May the grace of the Cosmic Parents and the Parents of Heaven and Earth be with you always.

We would like to acknowledge and express our deepest gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous and untiring financial support for the Philippine providence of restoring God's sovereignty. Truly our nation has a very important providential role in establishing world peace and in building a Cheon-il-guk nation. Last March 29 and April 3, 2006, we hurdled the impossibility of fulfilling our goal of 50,000 audience both in the URS Tanay and the Araneta Coliseum Rally. Such success was due to God's Blessing and the collective efforts not only of our local members who were mobilized but most especially efforts of our members abroad who offered their financial commitment of support in defraying the expenses of the said event.

In line with this, we would like to recognize the Samaritan's heart of the following members in supporting the last UPF rally in the Philippines, to wit:

1. Leila Balilahon Graney
2. Merly Barlaan
3. Julie Gadon Drozdenko
4. Nathaniel Nitro
5. Joy Theriot

We would like to appeal from you to continue offering your regular monthly pledge. In this way, our dreams and aspirations to build a cheon-il-guk nation will be realized as fast as the wink of an eye. Let us aim high for we may not reach the moon but surely we will all land together in the star.

Thank you very much for your contributions to God's Providence. Eog Mansei!

Very truly yours for the Greater Good,
Michael G. Zablan
National Leader

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