The Words of the Yuen Family

Attending the Seunghwa of our dear Brother Mr. Tony Yuen

Geros Kunkel
August 30, 2010

On Saturday the 21st of August 2010 the local Cemetery of Les Ulis was filled with Brothers and Sisters from All over France and several people from other parts of Europe. We came together to be with our dear brother Tony Yuen who passed to the spiritual world in a tragic Bus accident just 8 days before on his way home from staffing at one of our European HARP Workshops, where he was team leader and inspiration to many of his younger brothers and sisters. Especially many young people came, people who knew Tony, were his friends, had grown up with him or just who felt moved by the passing of our dear Blessed Brother, who was called to the Spirit world at such a young age

Sitting in the hall, before the ceremony started I was praying, waiting for Tony's body to be brought in, thinking about all the encounters I have had with Tony, where our life courses met. On STF, at the Blessing, in Chung Pyung, etc… Some memories clear, some rather vague. Tears came as I felt the pain Tony's family and all of us were feeling about this tragic loss. Then Tony was brought in and the program started. As it was all in French, I was not able to understand all. There was Music, testimonies and a slide show with pictures of Tony's life.

Ritatsu Thomas from the UK and Daniel Badosa gave two moving testimonies and tributes to Tony in English, sharing especially from their experiences being with Tony on STF, sharing a spiritual course together. As the ceremony came to a conclusion I felt my heart lighten up. I think Tony was there and was happy as we gathered to wish him off. I believe he lived a life without regret and has no resentment. He is with God now and although we cannot understand why he had to go this way and for what, it was not in vain. The Ceremony was sad but also joyful as we honored his life and offering.

The Ceremony concluded as we lighted incense one by one, before Tony was carried to the final resting place. At the grave Rafael Guignard spoke a prayer before his body was lowered to the ground, where we all could one last time offer our respects. As I came to his grave, I threw flower pedals in the open grave and gave a last bow. As my eyes were still somewhat wet with tears, my glasses slipped of my nose and fell into Tony's grave. At first an embarrassing moment, until the helpers from the funeral home came and climbed down to get my glasses, turned into one last personal memory with Tony.

After this the ceremony was concluded, we still had some time to share amongst ourselves, as bit by bit people left. The funeral home expressed their gratitude towards us for coming there, they usually don't allow ceremonies on Saturday but made an exception for us and were deeply moved by our presence, the spirit of the event and the many young people who came. The mayor of Les Ulis also came and was moved. Let us be grateful to our True Parents who are guiding us in the Seunghwa Ceremony, as we send people off to the spirit world to be united with God for their eternal life. In this way we wish Tony, that he may be united with our heavenly parents until we meet again.


Geros Kunkel 

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