The Words of the Yuen Family

2nd Gen Tony Yuen Dies In Bus Crash -- Tiffony Maldanado Badly Injured

Edy Iversen
August 14, 2010

Dear American Family,

Yesterday while our second generation group was returning from a Harp workshop in Holland and the bus driver (not a church member) feel asleep and one of our beloved 2nd generation was killed instantly, Tony Yuen, the son of Jacky and Emiko Juan who was a model second gen, MFT graduate and had just recently in 2009 been blessed to a lovely Korean sister.

Also, severely injured was the beautiful daughter of Juan and Junko Maldanado Tiffony Maldanado who is lying in a hospital in Lille, France fighting for her life and has a 50/50 change of survival and may have serious brain damage if she does. This is utterly devastating for our small French church and we are asking for the prayer support for these two families, and that God can save the life of Tiffony and she will not have brain damage.

Please can you forward this email to all our wonderful prayer warriors and brothers and sisters in America and ask them to pray for these two precious second generation and their families.

In just a few days Hyung Jin Nim will come to Europe and the Little Angels as well and I cannot help but believe this is some indemnity for these upcoming events.

Thank you for your prayers.

Edy Iversen
International Public Relations

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