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My Reflections About Global Peace Festival, Philippines

Ho Jee Yuan
December 13, 2007

I was extremely lucky and honored to have the chance to participate in this year Global Peace Festival in Philippines from 9-13 Dec 2007. Before I flew to Manila, my family members were trying to ask me to reconsider about my plan to join GPF, because they are worried about my safety in Philippines. However I believed that this is a rare opportunity and will sure be an eye-opener to me, so I insisted to continue the trip.

Indeed I was glad that I made my way to Manila. This precious experience had broadened my mind and makes my will to participate in peace-building movements much firmer and stronger. I must strive harder to promote peace and spread the concept of one world family with people. Thanks to W-CARP Malaysia and MMUI for giving me this meaningful opportunity!!

The 2nd day in Philippines, we got up early in the morning to participate in Manila Bay Coastline clean-up. It's early in the morning, but we were still very excited and energetic as soon as we reached the venue. The reason is we were surprised to see so many young people waking up so early together with us to carry out something meaningful. We mingled around with the local students well.

After that, we were also given a chance to deliver a short speech. We were so excited at that moment as the local students are so participative and supportive. And we also gave a powerful speech in order to energize and encourage the youth. From the speeches given by the VIP, I have also learnt something. We as youth must take ownership to change our environment and teamwork is extremely essential to carry out anything. So we had a good teamwork and it was a productive cleaning session.

In the afternoon, we went to a MRT Station to promote Global Peace Festival. We had a hard time there as most of the people were in a hurry and they were not interested in our introduction. However, we kept on trying until we managed to catch the attention of the crowd.

Both Karn and I were striving very hard in order to create a better publicity for GPF. After listening to some inspiring speeches in the morning, I really hope I can do and contribute more for our world. So we were giving our very best until we almost lose our voice. We enjoyed the whole session despite it was a tiring one.

We went for a TV interview with NBN in Monday morning (10th Dec) to promote MMUI and also GPF! It was a nice interview as the hosts are very kind and friendly to us. It appeared to be a very good experience to us.

Right after that, we went to Camachili, Pampanga for Aeta Community Service Project with volunteers from Service for Peace. We met many lovely and innocent children there. They are not as lucky as us who have an opportunity to go to school and enjoy a comfortable life.

There are no electricity or water supply in their housing area. No bathroom or toilet can be found too and normally they wash in the river. Although the children were naughty, they are smart and diligent. I can see many hopes on them when I look into their eyes. So if they could have a better life condition and receive regular education,

I believe they can be very capable and also a peace-maker to our world. I taught the children based on the materials provided. It's about good grooming and courtesy, however the kids were hyper active and it was not easy to catch their attention. So I began to have more interaction with the kids and started to ask them about their ambition and dream. I gave them opportunity to come forward and speak out. I was happy as some of the children wish to be doctors, teachers and also policeman.

Through this activity I hope they can be clear with their dreams and work hard to achieve them. Having a dream is important and can be a big motivation for people to work hard. I believe owning our own dream is necessary. After that we played with the kids and ended the 1st day program. On the next day we led the kids to river bank and bathed them. We taught them how to shampoo their hair and shower their body with soap, and also the correct way to brush their teeth. There were lots of fun and all of us enjoyed it because it was a meaningful lesson to the native children. I will always pray for the AETA community and hope they will continue to practice what we have taught them.

During our stay in Aeta community, we were also briefed about the history and system that is practiced by them. One of the new things that I discovered is the tribal leader in the community was selected based on the capability of solving the conflicts and arguments in the community, but not based on other criteria. In my opinion, I am happy and agree with the system as there are too many conflicts in our world now. Conflicts arise among countries, races, organization, parties and of course human. These conflicts can be a very huge obstacle for us to stand together as one world family. So we desperately need leaders who can resolve the current conflicts but not those who could only create more conflicts.

During the College and University Student Assembly (CUSA), we were given an opportunity to share with the youth from all around the world about MMUI and Collegiate Ambassador for Peace (CAP). Despite the very short time was allocated for the preparation, we tried our best so that some impacts could be created by our sharing. We were satisfied with our performance and the happiest thing was we managed to meet lots of student leaders and discuss about the peace-building movements in our own countries. I believed with the network that has been built, we will be able to spread the concept of culture of heart and build one family under God.

The peace parade and main event of Global Peace Festival is certainly a great opportunity to promote peace to the public. For those people who has yet expose to our peace-building movements and activities before this, Global Peace Festival has given them a clear picture of an ideal world that we should live in, with true love and happy family. The more I meet people from all around the world, the happier I become as I really can feel there is no barrier between us that was initially composed by the differences of nationality, religion, language, skin color and others. I enjoy the brotherhood and sisterhood that bond us together; I am feeling comfortable most of the time being with people that I have met during Global Peace Festival.

The most memorable part during my participation in GPF Philippines is having the opportunity of listening to 4 speeches delivered by Dr Hyun Jin Moon. After his speeches, I have a very clear direction which is to take the ownership to create one family under God with true love.

And with the 4 core values which promoted by W-CARP which include Living for the sake of others, Dream Big, Teamwork and Ownership, we could surely achieve that soon. I am willing to take the big responsibility and spread the message with everyone no matter how much hardship I have to go through.

After I am returned from the Philippines, I realized that we are very lucky to live in such a comfortable condition, with basic facilities and yet some of us are still complaining and demand for more enjoyments. After the coastline clean-up and the service project in the Aeta Community, I have the strong feeling that we as youth should contribute more to help the needy. And I do not think that I could do much by my own, so I am going to share my experiences during GPF with people beside me and will ask them to join us in service projects.

The reason is through service projects; we could have different perspective towards life, different point of views and go through certain transformation. I am happy to see my self-changes (transformation) after I joined W-CARP, MMUI and also GPF. Hence I will continue to contribute and participate in such meaningful activities in the future.

Global Peace Festival 2007 Philippines is an important event that has successfully created many impacts to us and our world. I am happy to be part of it!!

Prepared by,

Ho Jee Yuan

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